18 December 2015

Open Source Live Writer

I just downloaded the Open Source Live Writer to my laptop.  I was super impressed that it knew how to integrate with Blogger.  I am going to update my desktop when I get home.  The only drawback I see is that there isn’t a spot to enter tags or categories.  There also is no spell checker at the moment, so forgive me if I mistype something. 

Finally made it to Friday.  It’s been a brutally long week.  I am anxious to go home to the furry family.  Bear has raised my level of concern with some of his behavior.  I can tell you he isn’t getting any younger or healthier as the days go on.  I worry about all of them but since he is the most likley one to go next, he is on my mind more so than any of the others.  Speaking of which I got a phone call at lunch time reminding me that I need to bring Momma back for bloodwork.  She is pretty well back to normal, I can’t say for sure that her kidneys are but I don’t think it’s worth my time or money to get bloodwork done.  I need more medicine for her and I think that will be a huge problem, so I may have to reclutantly give in and get the blood work done, hopefully not. 

I haven’t been getting alerts from the post office but apparently I have mail.  I checked on a couple of Amazon orders and one was delivered today and the other one delivered yesterday.  Looks like I will be stopping by after work tonight.  I need to go in tomorrow because they are holding Bear’s pee pads hostage along with some medication for me. 

Not sure about where you are but all I keep hearing about is Star Wars and how you shouldn’t spoil it.  I really don’t care about it.  I understand the movie has a large following and that is all well and good but honestly I am ready to hear about something else.  It’s only a movie for us average folks.  If you made it well then it’s more like gold to you and I get that. 

There is a retirement party for a few folks that are leaving us.  Most people are there or have already left for the day.  I am eager to leave and since things are calm I am going to try to sneak out early, not sure how well it will work or how early I want to risk leaving. 

I saw a Chiropractor that was on one of the dating sites, he is looking for someone to date.  Sadly I am a bit too old.  I had to do a double take he looked like a guy I used to work with and had a mad crush on.  Not the same person.  Anyway I sent him a message telling him how cute he was and he responded with a thank you.  He never looked at my profiile so I presume that means he is not interested in me.  I made a mistake and told him I was 45 when I am actually 44, see you know he was cute because I was flustered and couldn’t remember my own age.  I honestly get like that where I get tounge tied.

Yesterday we had a vendor out that has been here before.  I got some vibrations from him last time.  This time I got the same feelings back.  I was going to go balls out and just ask him, but my logic kicked in and said do some research on him first.  Glad I listened to that because he is straight and has a girlfriend according to facebook.  Phew, dodge a bullet and some awkwardness.  I am in fact desperate for a companion but it doesn’t mean I am going to settle, I have standards and I won’t go against them because if I do then I would be settleing. 

Next week this place will be a ghost town, I think maybe 10 people here total.  There is a ton of people off and I can only imagine that the commute to and from next week will be very easy.  I look forward to that.  I don’t look forward to 3 long days of boredom but it pays the bills. 

Have a good weekend and I will talk with you all again soon!

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