24 December 2015

Christmas Eve


Christmas Fireplace



All is quiet and all is calm here.  Yesterday I got a call at work from the person in charge and was told that we could leave 2 hours early.  I was so thankful for that.  It gave me an opportunity to stop at the post office and get Bear’s pee pads.  Then I came home and took care of the kids and lounged on the couch for the majority of the evening.  When I had enough I just went to bed.  Rather boring and uneventful.

Television is becoming quite the challenge for me now.  It’s tough to find something that I want to watch.  Most of the things that are on Amazon & Netflix that interest me I have seen.  I did watch a documentary this morning about ‘The Killing Squad’ a group of Army Soliders who killed innocent civilians in Afganistan.  It was horrible because the person that blew the whistle got punished as if he was a criminal.  He didn’t do anything but bring the event to light.  Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to open your mouth even if that is doing the right thing.  I think this would have been a non event had he not said anything.  However, he would have had to live with himself and I can understand the guilt that would be associated with that. 

On to something better, we can talk about the presents I have thus far.  I got a $10 Cheesecake Gift Card, a bag of Cat shaped Pasta and a Daily Cat Calendar.  I am interested in what tomorrow brings, my guess is a gift card to a resturant or two.  I’m still giving cash because it’s easier and then they can spend it on whatever they want. 

Last night I got the information on Christmas Dinner, I am so not happy.  It’s fucking standing rib roast.  I feel like stopping at McDonald’s before I go over and then when I get there telling them that I am stuffed.  Yes that would be rude but I am not looking forward to eating fatty meat.  I can only hope they do a better job of trimming the fat away.  There just won’t be a whole lot for me to enjoy but I will eat and put up a brave front.  Might stop some place when I am done.  Were not eating until 3p and that means that the food won’t be ready to be served until 4p….they are never, ever on time.  Not to sound ungreatful but there are just a few things that rub me wrong.  I appreciate the effort they are going to try to make my holiday enjoyable. 

Since we got Christmas Eve off, I decided to hit up the upscale grocery store.  I have some Christmas Cookies, BBQ and a premade Turkey Dinner that will be my supper.  Not to mention I had a super hot bagger boy, I could have taken him home no wrapping necessary!

I had a bout of insomnia last night and not sure why other than the holiday approaching.  I did eventually fall back asleep.  Then I also made up for the lost sleep or so I think by napping after my morning grocery shopping.  Ms. Gator laid on top of me as if I would get away.  I even moved from my chair to the couch and she followed and got back up on me.  She just loves her daddy.  I don’t think she knows how much she grates on my nerves.  I don’t mind her being around me it’s the insessant meowing that drives me crazy.  Marvin was so funny, I was watching TV just before I past out and he was already in a napping mode.  His neck disappeared and that means he is going to sleep.  My cell phone was on the bed next to him.  I got an email message, which caused an alert.  He just gave a dirty look to the phone.  Then it kept happening and he was pissed and wanted to eat the phone.  He started sniffing it and pawing at it, that is when I grabbed it from him and put it in airplane mode.  I told him it won’t bother us anymore.  It took a little bit but he settled down and his neck disappeared and soon he was in slumber land.  

Yesterday, I got a call from the doctor yesterday and they are finally going to refill my sleeping medicine.  However, they required me to make an appointment for next month and they want to do a physical.  Oh joy.  I am toying with the idea of switching doctors, this guy isn’t all that responsive and I am ready to kick him to the curb.  I am going to do some surfing and see what I can find, if there isn’t anyone else that is mroe attractive (hours, location, etc.) then I will just stay put.  I remember what I went through the last time I went doctor shopping and it was not a fun or cheap experience. 

There is much to do around here it’s just that I lack the energy to do it.  Since I got the other UPS going I had to figure out where to put it.  I split the load on my main unit, I have yet to test it but it should work.  Hopefully I am right.  Dinner time is approaching and I am so looking forward to Turkey.  I also found the other thing that I have been looking for that is Creamed Chipped Beef, it’s made by Bob Evans.  I am so excited about that, it made the whole day – well that plus the cute guy at the grocery store. 

Saturday I found that the bargain theater will be showing the movie that I want to see, so I am going to head there and see it on the cheap.  Then afterward I will be close to all of the good places to eat, so I can get some grub.  Sounds like an okay day to me. 

I have reached out to a few guys on one of the dating apps.  They are all younger than me and I don’t expect a single reply but it feels good to have made a move.  The dating game appears to be all about risk … if you have the balls to talk to someone or make the first move then you never know it could all work in your favor and be a match or it could turn into a disaster.  Perhaps next year will be my year and then I will be able to find the guy of my dreams and delete all of those apps. 

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and I hope that you are surrounded with the people that you love, good food and that you have a good time and make some memories for years to come.  Be safe and have a godo time!  Talk with you all again soon.

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