19 February 2013


I am dragging a little bit this morning.  Last night I stayed up way too late but wasn’t tired at all.  11:30 is when I called it quits.  Wow I wish I was able to fall asleep right now.  I’ve got a mild ear ache as well. 

The commute this morning was just like a Monday morning.  Traffic was horrible.  Plus I also almost hit a woman who was crossing in front of me.  She had a cup of coffee in her hand and dropped the f bomb on me and she rattled on about something else.  Just get out of the way.  I didn’t react at all to her.  I’m pretty sure you are supposed to look both ways before crossing and clearly she didn’t.  There were tons of cars.  An after thought I should have put it in neutral and floored it when she was in front of me.  However, she probably would have thrown her coffee all over my car, but it sure would have been funny to see her reaction. 

Last night I went to check on the new channels that were added to our package.  I found out they weren’t added.  So I called it took about 5 minutes but they got it fixed.  I tested the internet again and it’s all good.  This is one of the many reasons why I hate making changes.  You have to call multiple times to get the same thing accomplished and if you don’t dumb it down enough it will cause you further problems.  Make me wonder if I said disconnect what would they do?  You laugh but when we first moved in we got free cable, they never turned it off from the last people that lived there.  No movie channels just basic but we took it for a couple months and then called to subscribe.  Movie channels require a converter box, which I hate.  The box is addressable and if the MAC address of the box isn’t in the system and provisioned correctly you won’t get movie channels or anything else for that matter. That’s what prevents people from stealing cable in my part of the woods.

I will say faster internet is really nice, especially for my addition to downloading porn.  Things used to take a bit to download and now they are done quick.  I had an update for my printer to apply last night and it downloaded pretty fast.  Too bad I was slow.  I kept seeing a screen telling me everything was up to date.  When what I had to do is select a printer and then click update.  I don’t know why but that trips me up every time. 

My Amazon Prime membership is working wonders for me.  I got some allergy medication for me and some candy.  The prices were cheap and no shipping to pay.  I also got Big Boy’s medicine but it wasn’t covered by Prime so I had to pay shipping.  Two bottles were $17 with shipping.  The local place charges $12 each plus tax.  I have been tempted to pick up a rechargeable can of air.  It’s a can that has a compressor built in.  You just plug it in to AC and it charges.  It’s the last can of compressed air that you will ever buy.  It goes for $85 but with Prime I can get it for less.  Nice to know.  I’m trying to hold back on my spending so maybe this is something I will get in the future.  I even searched and found car accessories on Prime blank keys, extra remotes and other things.  Interesting.

Not exactly sure why but I really wan to put my iPhone into a pink case.  I am super obsessed about it but I am fighting the desire.  I told my partner about it and said why do you think I have this desire.  He said because your gay.  Yeah, I will buy that. 

With having a day off, the whole week is kind of messed up.  I think today is Monday when it’s actually Tuesday.  I bet I won’t have any problems remembering Friday!  I am actually caught up at home.  Trash is out, dishes are done.  That is until tonight.  I’m sure there will be something to wash.

At the store yesterday I saw a Whole Frozen Chicken stuffed with Rice.  It cooks in a bag, looks yummy.  We got it and I think that is what is for supper tonight.  My guy just sent me a note that he is going to the dentist today and to the foot doctor tomorrow.  My he will be busy.  I just hope he is careful.  He still is a little unsteady and has issues with dizziness. I hope his medicine to help with dizziness is waiting in the mail.

Wow 10 minutes and lunch time will be here.  I hope that the afternoon is equally as quiet as the morning.  I got a lot done and just want to coast the rest of the day week.  Pay day is this week as well so I will get to give my money away to my creditors.  So sad.  I wish I could bank a couple paychecks that would make me feel better. 

I hope your day is going well.  We are under a Winter Storm Watch for the remainder of the week and I think Thursday we are going to get dumped on with snow.  Maybe a day or two home from work.  Not so bad.  I could go for that.  Now if I could just loose my phone in a snow blower accident all would be good!  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Hopefully your ear ache is gone today. Those hurt!

And I hope your hubby's appointments all go well without any mishaps!

Only 3 days and the weekend is here.....