18 February 2013

To Do List = To Done It List

Made my self a To Do List and got it all done today.  That is a good feeling.  I visited my new doctors office to get the new patient forms.  Wow, what a joke.  They want me to sign a piece of paper saying that this is the only doctor that can prescribe something for me and if they find out another doctor prescribes something, they will call the police and prosecute.  Um excuse me but I think you have been gargling with Bong water again. 

I signed the paper but explained that I do see other doctors – i.e. a Dentist, Allergist and Eye Doctor.  All of which prescribe medications for me. 

They also have this rule about if you loose your prescription your just shit out of luck.  If your medicine is stolen they will reissue a prescription provided you have filed a police report.  They won’t call in a prescription before it’s due to be refilled.  In order to get some medication you will have to come in to the office each month. 

Yeah, I feel like I am going from the frying pan into the fire.  I will say I am a little concerned but with all of the meth labs and crazy people I can understand some of these rules.  As long as they take care of me and get me my long term meds I should be fine.  I am NOT terminating my relationship with my other Primary Doctor just yet.  I mean I could actually need him.  Fathom that!

My next ordeal was at the cable company.  The lady said unless you have your home phone service with us, we won’t give you any kind of break.  Then she said so what would you like to get rid of in order to lower your bill.  I wanted to tell her to turn it all off.  However, I just said oh, okay.  Thanks.  I went home and called up Customer Service.  I said Dish & Direct TV both can give me a better deal.  I don’t want to leave but if you can’t cut my rates then I will be gone.  Instantly I got more channels, faster internet and it all costs $10 less than what I am paying now.  It’s not major savings but it will help.  We are supposed to be a on a permanent rate so this shouldn’t change on us again.  I’m not certain how long we will keep it but we shall see.  Now we have HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz plus free HD (not that we will use it) as well as every sports channel they offer.  Like I would actually watch sports.  I just wanted to keep Showtime.  Nurse Jackie and Shameless are my two favorite shows. 

The funny thing is the guy on the phone did what the lady in person couldn’t do.  Plus he told me that he was going to send me a new modem.  I told him I would get one at the local office.  He tried to tell me that we needed to change modems because they just upgraded their network in the last 2 to 3 months.  Uh yeah our modem is only about 1 year old.  I knew for a fact we didn’t have to change.  I went and unplugged it…waited for 30 seconds.  Then plugged it back in.  Came back to my computer, did a speed test and viola 30mpbs.  Just like we are supposed to get.  We aren’t changing modems.  It’s like fixing something that isn’t broke. 

Speaking of which, I tried to drain the water heater.  Ever since our big water main break it’s just been strange.  Some places in the house you get instant HOT water.  Other places you have to wait.  During a shower the water starts off warm and then goes cold. I figured draining the thing would be the answer.  However, I didn’t read the book and didn’t know that you had to shut off the water.  Doh!  I flushed it out alright.  Then it took me about an hour before I could get the damn thing to light again.  It’s got an automatic pilot light and if you don’t follow the sequence to light it, you too could easily spend an hour.  After I RTFM I got it to work.  Imagine that!  What can I say I’m a typical man, who needs to read I can make it work.  :)

My next Segway Work.  It’s back tomorrow.  I did get a few e-mails today and had to answer a couple but most of the things people want I decided could and would wait until tomorrow.  We had a holiday, that means no work!  4 more days and it will be the weekend again!

Well, time to make my lunch and get ready for bed.  Oh fun times.  Plus my sleep schedule is all messed up, so going to bed early will be a real challenge but at least today I climbed out of bed at 10:30 which beats noon or 1 pm. 

Talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

Good luck with the new doctor, I hope this works out for you.

Good for you for waiting on most of your emails, you are right it's a day off!!

Enjoy the day!