22 February 2013

Ghost Town

So I watched the news, they said if you don’t have to go out then stay home.  Sounds like good advice but the world doesn’t stop just because snow and ice came to town.  I left the house a little earlier than normal, made it here in record time again.  7:45.  I watched Shep689’s video and then came in. 

The roads aren’t bad but it’s smart to go slow.  Not turtle slow but speed limit slow.  Today isn’t a day for doing 70.  I was the first person here.  Shortly after me came one other person.  I have a feeling that it will just be the two of us for the day.

Normally I leave at 5 but since I got here at 8 I think I will try to go home early.  The biggest part of the crew here lives out in the boonies and that is why we are so short on people. 

I don’t feel the greatest but I am here.  Mostly because I want to prove myself and also because if I stay at home I will get pestered with buzzing sounds of my phone.  Now that I am here at the office everything is so very quiet. 

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, grabbed a water and to my office I went.  I could use this time to get caught up on things but I like goofing off way too much!

So we are supposed to go out for supper tonight. Last nights supper was a bust.  Raw chicken.  It cooked according to the directions but our oven is off so you have to raise the temperature.  My other half forgets about this all the time.  Thankfully he made brownies so supper was Brownies & Ice Cream.  Diabetics Delight as I called it. 

Jumper hasn’t slept with me for two nights in a row.  I pulled him out from his hiding place last night and begged him but he wouldn’t hear of it.  Tonight I’m not taking no for an answer, I will carry him to bed.  I have to have my snuggle buddy.  His sister was all to happy to fill in for him.  The only problem is she wakes up in the middle of the night and she wants you to be awake too so she serenades me with meows until I wake up.  One good yell of shutup works and if that doesn’t there is the old standby to hit her with a pillow.  Both act as sort of a snooze button, so she is quiet but only for a while, then she sounds off again like an alarm clock.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night – way too much worry.

So we made it to Friday again.  Be safe and I’m actually going to try to work.  Shocker I know.  That’s why they are paying me, plus it will help take my mind off things.  Talk with you peeps later.


Jude said...

You're probably one of the few who went to work anyway and that puts you in a positive light with the boss. :)

I hope the drive home isn't too bad for you, be safe!

. said...

Hey Jeremy...hope you made it through the bad weather. That's not fun at all. And it's been rainy since Friday here and Friday night and Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be nice again soon. It's at least the weekend now!!