06 February 2013

Wacky Wednesday

My evenings have not been my own.  Between my partners computer, work and the plumbing project, I’ve had little to no time to myself.  Thankfully I was able to take time to sleep.

My partners machine is all done from my perspective.  He needs some help installing some special software and hopefully beyond that I can call this done.  The machine moves now, like it’s supposed to.  He is still stuck in Windows Update Hell and that can take a while to get your machine caught up.

The plumbing project is finished last night.  We have made like 4 trips to the hardware store.  Who ever put the plumbing in did a really crappy job.  Not to mention now his vanity is starting to fall apart.  He’s got an idea on how to save it but since I hate his projects, I just pretended to listen and was off in outer space.  I pray we don’t have to do anything like that again.

Work well it’s busy around here.  I saved them a small fortune on equipment recycling.  I found a place that is actually going to pick everything up for free.  So I’m busy destroying drives and getting everything stacked up so when they show up next week, it’s just a matter of loading up and then they can go. 

Plus we are converting one of our on-line cloud based systems to a new system.  I take care of security and I have been creating user accounts.  It’s fun at first but quickly becomes tiresome.  You have to make sure everything is perfect and be able to concentrate. 

Then I have the every day problems that just wander in from everywhere.  So your wondering, with all of this work, how do you have time to blog?  Simple I’m making time.  Work stresses me out and we are entitled to 2 15 minute breaks each day that I never take, so blogging is covered under that. 

Had a hard time finding a parking place this morning.  There was traffic problems and I got in the garage later than normal.  Most of the normal spots were taken.  I had to park in between a wall.  It’s a legal parking space but not something I am too crazy about.  Every other open spot said reserved on it, so why take a chance.  Hopefully I don’t experience that again.

Shy Girl is back to being semi-friendly with me.  If I have food in my hand or I am about to feed her she is all ears but otherwise she runs hot and cold.  I think now that it’s over with she understands or so I hope.  I am not there to hurt her but I have to take care of her.  Big Boy is having some coughing spells but other than that, everyone is doing okay.  Which is good news. 

I’m in a contest to win a tablet, I am supposed to know today if I won or not.  I usually don’t have good luck at these things but I am keeping my fingers crossed, even if it does have Windows 8 on it. 

Back to work for me.  I hope all is well in your neighborhood.  Stay warm and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

"Even if it does have Windows 8 on it." HAHAHAHA! Good luck Jer, it would be nice if you won!

Glad to hear your furry babies are all doing well, that is ALWAYS good news.

Enjoy your day!