16 February 2013

Take a hint

I can’t believe Wednesday was the last time I published anything.  Thursday & Friday were really busy and stressful days at work.  However, they are over with now and we are in the weekend!  1st day of 3 days.  Extra Nice!

I slept in a little bit, still was up early.  I fetched the mail and once again there was no prescription from the doctor.  I was surprised to see some medicine show up.  It was only stuff I take for Cholesterol but at least he responded to the request from the pharmacy.  More on that in a moment.

Thursday I found out that one of my friends got a job in the building.  We went out for lunch.  It was so good to meet up and also to get out of the building.  However, my friend is so much more happier in their job than I am in mine.  I am so jealous.  I remember when I landed a good job and just fell in love with the place.  I’d like to move up a couple floors and work the same place as my pal but they aren’t hiring right now.  I am thinking of planting a seed by sending a cold resume.  Not sure if it’s the jealousy or just the way I see people treated but I am getting anxious to move on. 

Speaking of moving on, I found out that one of the guys who helped save my job is leaving the company.  I don’t blame him but it is such a shock.  He works at one of the remote facilities but I always looked forward to visiting.  From the time I met him last year I just knew he was a solid guy.  No I am not attracted to him, if that is what your thinking.  He helped me out BIG TIME and I will never forget that. 

Thursday night I got an idea to check out a local doctor and see if they are open on Monday.  Sure enough they are.  However, no room for a new patient.  Darn.  I explained how I wanted to get established as a patient but that I didn’t want to take time off work to do it.  Then I found out they have hours until 7pm on Thursdays.  Really?  That is so unheard of, I jumped at the chance.  So in two weeks I will have a new doctor.  Yup, he is that full.  I’ve seen him before at the doc in the box and he’s asked me to come to him but I really didn’t want to switch.  I will be headed there Monday to pick up some paperwork to fill out.

I can only presume that I have become a burden to my present doctor and hence we have the difficulty going back and forth.  I’m not getting what I want and he is wasting my time and money.  So it’s time to cut the cord and move on.  I should have done this while I was on unemployment.  I thought about it but just didn’t want to deal with it then.  I mean my priority was finding a job.

Unless I am wrong this new Dr. has only him.  There are no partners, nurse practioners, etc.  So when you call for an appointment you are going to see a Dr.  That is nice!  Now if he is responsive to requests from the pharmacy and gives me prescriptions for the long term stuff I need, I will be extra happy. 

I’ve thought about writing a letter to my present doctor telling him that I am firing him but the more I thought about it why waste time.  I am not so certain that I want my new Dr. to get my old records either.  I am thinking of just cutting ties and making this a clean – fresh start. 

I have polished up my Health History making sure that all of my medication is current.  I take this form with me when I go to the dentist or if I ever have to see a new doctor.  Sometimes I ‘ve even taken it to the doc in the box.  Everyone just loves how organized I am.  Some places can’t keep it, they have to enter the information in the computer and then return the form.  I think that is silly but whatever, as long as they have the information that is all that matters to me.

Here at home, all is quiet except for my partner.  He has been screaming at his computer off and on.  He is easily frustrated.  So far we are getting along pretty well.  Sure beats last weekend!

So I picked up Turbo Tax for us last week.  I also go on-line to their website and plug in my figures just to get an idea of what I am in for.  Well it’s going to get worse but thus far I owe a whole bunch of money, just like last year.  What killed me was the dipping into my 401k.  It’s how I paid for my Bankruptcy as well as paid bills up until I filed.  Plus since we are in a Civil Union in for our state taxes, we have to file as married.  That will only make things worse, but hopefully there is a happy ending to all of this.  Seems like there is always something or someone that is there to take your money.  It’s always an unplanned expense.  I remember my grandpa telling me that as a kid and telling me how important it was to save my money.  Yeah, I used to be a saver and now I am a spender.  It’s just difficult to hold on to anything with Medical Bills, Vet Bills, Insurance, PO Box Rent and now Taxes.  I’m sure there will be more to add to the list.

Oh yeah, my car insurance is due next month as well.  Just got that bill in the mail.  They made a mistake and I’ve gotten it corrected so I am waiting for a revised bill.  They took off one of my discounts that I am entitled to.  My rates didn’t skyrocket because I filed bankruptcy like they did with my renters insurance.  I hope in 6 months I don’t get a surprise in the mail.  I did shopping for car insurance when I looked for a new Renters Insurance Policy and everyone was quoting me rates like I was a teenager.  $800 to $900 for 6 months.  Just because I filed Bankruptcy doesn’t mean I am a bad driver.  In fact with less stress on my shoulders about how to pay my bills, it should make me a better driver. 

It’s also getting close to the end of our current promotion for Cable & Internet.  They didn’t have anything new they could put us on.  I have to go back before the end of the month.  I’m thinking of doing that on Monday, provided they aren’t closed.  I think I will tell them how Direct TV & Dish quoted me better prices for TV to see if they are willing to at least bend the rates for that.  TV is the most expensive between the two.  I don’t get how they can charge so much for their services.  Perhaps because they are the only cable company in town and they act like it! 

It’s only 10pm and I am ready to call it a day.  I didn’t accomplish much.  I have no desire to do anything.  I just want to relax and totally unwind.  Not that ever happens but it is sure nice to try.  Tomorrow will be a mega cleaning day.  Who knows what else we will venture into.  Right now the kids want in my room and I’ve been closing the door since we can’t seem to keep that one cat that sprays out of my room.  He just loves to pee on everything.  It’s bad enough it happens in the house, but the bedroom is just a little too close for comfort.  That is a smell that takes lots of time, cleaning and candles to get rid of.  Once it’s gone you don’t want it back.  Sort of like getting sprayed by a skunk, not that I have ever experienced that. 

I hope that all is well in your world and I will talk with you peeps later.  Enjoy the weekend!

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Jude said...

I don't think it can hurt to send a resume upstairs, why not? :-)

Good luck with the new doctor Jer, could be just what you needed.

Owing money for taxes SUCKS, I hope you don't get hit too hard.

We're on a holiday today too, ours is Family Day. Love long weekends!!