12 February 2013

Sound Sleep

Happy FAT Tuesday!  I got a good nights sleep, something I’ve been trying for a while.  I think coming upstairs early and trying to make it to bed at a normal time helped.  I didn’t make my goal of 9pm but 9:30.  By 10 I was out and by 10:30 I was up and helping clumsy (my partner) pick himself up. 

Speaking of clumsy, he put his medication out but didn’t take it.  Last night I gave him his pills to be sure they went down the hatch.  He is responsible for the morning.  Hopefully he takes them.

I was happy when I left because he was in bed and not on the floor.  One of these times he is going to fall, hit his head and do some damage.  I suggested wearing shoes in the house but he said that would hinder his ability to move.  I was thinking it would give him some traction and that would prevent falls. 

My hope is that things get better, I still need him and he needs me.  However, I don’t want him to become a burden on me.  I know that will happen eventually but I am not ready for it now.

Last night I paid his bills, which is something that I did while he was in the hospital with his stroke back in 2000.  It’s a lot easier today, you just login to the bank tell them who you want to pay, how much and when you want the check mailed out.  They take care of the rest.  Back in 2000 it was writing out the check and mailing it yourself.  This way postage is free, plus his bank sends a cashiers check for no additional cost.  That is kind of cool.  That way the person or company your paying knows the check won’t bounce.

Today is recycle equipment day.  I came in early and thus far no recycler.  They have until 3:30 this afternoon.  If we get close to that time frame I will be calling them.  My guess is that they will come just when I get ready for lunch.

Despite having a good nights sleep I am still tired and have a very STRONG desire to go back to bed.  Jumper was mad at me last night.  I trimmed his claws and I cut one way too short, so he bled a little bit.  Poor thing I felt so bad.  However, this morning he was all over me.  So I guess were buds again.  Just wait until tonight, when I have to give him his medicine. 

Before leaving the house this morning I started the last load of laundry.  Hoping that it would help me claim some of my night back and allow me the ability to relax.  I haven’t had a night all to myself in a very long time.  I don’t think it’s asking too much but we will have to wait and see how the night goes. 

Work is kind of boring right now, but that is perfectly okay.  I’ve been way too busy and some down time will be good for me and my body.  It does make for a long day but there are other minor things that I have to do and I will enjoy them, so no worries.

Back to looking busy.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Does he dislike taking his meds for some reason? Surely he'd be much better off taking them.... it makes me sad to know this. :(