11 February 2013

Roll-a-coaster Weekend

How was your weekend?  Did you get to relax?  I got some relaxation time but not nearly as much as I wanted.

Friday night my partner fell out of bed, so I had to help him up.  That was a not fun challenge.  But we got it accomplished.

Saturday I was busy washing all of his bed clothes.  We met a friend for lunch and had a few laughs.  That sure felt good.  I don’t laugh nearly as much as I used to.  There is one thing I wish would change. 

It was a late night for me Saturday.  I told my partner if you fall out of bed, grab a cover and just sleep there.  I wish I never said that.  I went into wake him up on Sunday and he fell face first out of bed in the middle of the night.  He broke his CPAP mask.  I wound up calling an Ambulance.  He wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out.  There was a HUGE waste of time.

It was about 1pm when I called, the ambulance was at the house pretty quick.  Soon after came all of the muscle help they needed.  They put him on a form of a backboard and then carefully got him to the stretcher in the living room.  The cats scattered like mice.  However, a couple of them were under the table watching.


I had things to accomplish for the day and going to the hospital wasn’t one of them.  So I followed the ambulance and sat at the hospital for about 2 hours.  I finally couldn’t take the waiting any more I had to get the hell out of there. 

I went to grab a bite to eat.  Visited the grocery store and then came home, to put away the grocery's and feed the kids.  I got my laundry going.  I got the house clean, the trash out and was just about to sit down to call and check on him, when he called.  He said that they were about ready to release him.

He went in naked, so I had to bring him clothes to come home in.  I grabbed some clothes and dashed off to the hospital for another hour and a half.  Then finally they decided to let him go. 

No surprise to me but he has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  He gets them frequently.  So I had to stop and get his RX filled.  He wanted it right away. 

Yeah, I almost skipped the good part.  I found out at the hosptial that he hasn’t had medication for 4 days.  He was just too lazy.  WTF!  His blood sugar was 459.  They said his blood was like Caro Syrup.  Yeah, I guess so.  No wonder he is dizzy and thirsty.  I told him you better get back on your medicine.  Then he told me how he is tired of dropping it and having to pick it up.  I said we can sit down together and you tell me what goes where, I will put them out and you won’t have that trouble anymore.  He liked that idea but have we done it yet, nope. 

He is really starting to become quite the burden.  He tells me that he hopes I don’t leave him.  The thought has crossed my mind more than once, but our love is too strong so I will be staying put.  Right now I’m the glue that holds all of the place together and w/o me everything will fall apart.  I hate being in this position. 

Laundry is way behind.  I will be finishing up mine and starting his tonight.  The dishes are done though, so there is a bright side.  Plus when I went to the store I picked up all of the fixings that we need for chili.  Now Chef Boyardee will be able to whip us up a good meal.  The only problem is we are out of room in the fridge, so it will need a little cleaning before we can put the leftovers in it. 

I just hope with all my heart and soul that he doesn’t up and die on me.  He started telling me yesterday that it was time for him to go.  I said nope, you still have things to accomplish, you can’t die yet.  I understand the desire to be free of this world but you’ve got to stick around and keep me company.

He’s jealous of my job because it seems to get lots more of my time than he does.  I think it’s equal but when one of them screams I always come running.  I’m not jealous at all I am fucking exhausted.  I need a vacation, a nap and a good stiff drink.  A nice hot guy would just be the icing on the cake that I so desperately need.

Well, I guess I should go back to work since it’s Monday morning.  I am chewing through my to do list and pretty happy about that.  Just hope that 5pm gets here really soon.  I want to have the opportunity to relax with the kids and maybe even get in bed early. 

Last night I watched a Yanni concert, that felt good.  I will probably finish it up tonight, after I see what Mr. TiVo has waiting for me. 

Here’s to hoping this is a better week – no stress, no nagging, no hospitals, no trauma or drama.  Just a good old fashioned come to work and go home kind of week.  No problems, please!

Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Trauma and drama, wow you had your fill of that! Sorry to hear he's having such a hard time of it all, and yes it's easy to see how you are the one to hold it all together. He really needs to let you help organize his meds and I hope he will do that.