07 February 2013

Repetitive Task–Repetitive oh you get it

I’ve got two tasks going and they require me to do the same thing over and over again.  The first is adding users to the new system.  I’m typing different names but everyone has the same lame one time password.  The other task is erasing hard drives.  I can’t believe I am almost done.  I told the recycling place I had 19, I think I miscounted because we have less.  That should make them happy.

Last night was the first night all week that I had to myself and I spent it in front of my computer.  I had my Momma cat with me, she loves to sit next to me while I work.  She knows when it’s about time for me to get to bed, so she starts throwing a fit.  Who says cats aren’t smart.  She is a persistent woman, you can tell her to go away and she will for about a second, then it’s back to throwing a fit. 

Anyway, last night I was back doing detective work.  I really have a big time crush on one of the pharmacy people at my local Walgreens.  I know his first name but that is it.  It’s been a mystery to find him on-line but last night I did it.  I was so happy, like a school girl.  One more person for me to track down.  That is a waiter that used to work at Applebee’s back in 2007.  He is proving to be a mystery to find.  Not everyone has a presence on-line.  I just hope I can find him.  Another person I’m trying to track down is an old classmate.  He was a year behind me and he just seems to have vanished into thin air.  I had a crush on him.  It’s kind of interesting what time and aging does to a person they either get better looking or they don’t.  This guy had blond hair, blue eyes and was the all American jock type.  Unless he picked up a habit eating Krispy Kreme I can’t imagine he would be hard on the eyes. 

I was watching a video last night on my computer and noticed that the play back was kind of crappy.  I rebooted and same results no matter what I played.  I’m thinking my video card is going south on me.  It’s been kind of flaky but I am hesitant to spend money to replace it, unless I have to.  Right now I need every penny I can get my hands on.

Speaking of which tonight is bill pay night.  I’ve got to fork over almost $200 to the Postal Service for PO BOX rent.  We have what I consider a Medium Sized box.  If we went a zip code or two away from us, it would cost far less.  However, we have had the same address for years and really don’t want to go through the pain of telling everyone a new address.  That rent is for six months and every time there is a rate increase in postage it affects the amount we have to pay.  I think it started at like $85 for a year back when we first moved in.  Just shows you how inflation has crept up on us.

Last night I had left over Ravioli and a piece of Fried Chicken along with Garlic Bread.  Tonight’s meal will be Tuna Salad on Bread.  I sure hope it’s good.  Friday instead of going out we are going to have Chili.  It’s been a very long time since we have stayed home on a Friday night and it sounds so good to me, I can’t wait. 

Last week was super stressful.  This week has been super busy.  I’m still ready to waste away in Margaretville.  Too bad I don’t drink.  :)  I just hope that I can get to bed at a decent hour and also get some extra sleep over the weekend.  Seems like I am able to recharge on the weekend and then the week hits and I’m drained again.  It’s a tough life if you don’t weaken!

No traffic delays this morning, made it to work with plenty of time to spare, got a normal parking spot.  Last night was kind of nice but it felt weird walking in this wall to my car.  The guy in front of me showed up as I was getting in my car and he scared the crap out of me.

Wow, were having a food day here at the office.  People are grazing like cows.  It’s been that way all day long.  Then they wonder why they are fat.  We also got a couple new people.  I of course didn’t have much advance notice and had to get them up and going like yesterday.  It was a little bit of pressure but I made it through.  I wonder how long they will last.  We seem to go through people like water around here.  I think they are too hard on them!

I hear we have some investors coming in the next couple weeks.  Someone is going shopping for me to decorate my office.  I was asked what I like.  I couldn’t say Men so I said Baseball – Hockey.  It didn’t occur to me to say computers or technology.  That would be super awesome.  Not sure what I will wind up with but it should be interesting.  I just hope I like it.  Right now everything is sterile white and the place looks bare.  I’ve got a couple thing on the wall but I don’t want to bring too much here because it’s a bitch to lug it all back home again.

Well I guess I’ve had my break.  It’s time to go back to the salt mine.  I hope your Thursday is going well.  Talk with you peeps later.


Jude said...

You don't have home mail delivery to a mailbox on your doorstep there? Wow that's expensive to rent a box!

I'm glad your week isn't as stressful as last week was, but you do sound busy. At least that makes the days go by faster, thankfully.

Enjoy your weekend my friend!

RAD said...

hope is well w u! Just checkin in--hope you are not working to hard in the salt mine... XXOO