13 February 2013

Super Stretchy Man

Halo folks.  Today I turned into Super Stretchy Man.  I was pulled in more directions than I could keep track of.  First, I was asked to get send some files via e-mail.  I got creative and put them on the network.  The person who needed them could have easily gotten to them but they were lazy.  So I was asked to print them out and scan them from the copier to this persons email.  Really?  They were all PDF’s and that’s what the copier is going to make out of them.  Okay, so 5 reams of paper and 1 toner cartridge later I’m done.  I was scanning and printing for a couple hours.  Second, Boss man needed me.  I couldn’t answer his question but I did try and I offered a solution but he didn’t want it.  Third, I had someone calling me about a printer that didn’t work.  Something here had to have changed but of course everyone is telling me nothing changed.  Well a printer doesn’t just stop working for one person.  I deduced it down to a connectivity issue but since the person who was on the other end couldn’t give me an accurate picture I passed it on to a local vendor.  If you don’t have eyes your blind and since my eyes (the person) couldn’t tell me what I needed to know I had to move to plan B.

Now on to my doctor.  I got a phone call late yesterday afternoon to call the office.  I sent an URGENT letter to them to hopefully light a fire.  Apparently it worked.  I called back and they were closed.  So I had to wait until this morning.  I called and found out that they are mailing me one prescription and they said the insurance company denied the other one.  Well the other one is one of my sleeping medications.  I called the insurance company and they have no record of talking with my doctor, they also told me that there wouldn’t be an issue filling the medication.  I know the bottom line here is that the doctor doesn’t want to write the prescription because the insurance company sends us both letters saying that I am on duplicate therapy drugs.  I’ve been taking the drug for 5 plus years and see no reason to change.  I wrote the doctor another letter and sent it via fax to tell him that I didn’t appreciate being lifted to and that the insurance company has no record of talking to him or his office.  I told him to mail me the prescription and I would take care of getting it filled. Now I didn’t put this in the letter but if they were going to deny filling a medication, they would tell me in a letter after I sent in a prescription.  I am starting to think that sooner rather than later it might be time to go doctor shopping again.  I’ve already got a replacement picked out but don’t really want to make the switch, unless I have to. 

I am fairly low maintenance as a patient.  I get sick and need antibiotics from time to time.  Otherwise, it’s just a matter of refilling my long term prescriptions and everything is peachy.  I don’t bother the doctor or his office unless I need something.  I know that I am not my doctors only patient but I should receive much better Customer Service, I mean I have to pay cash for Office Visits and I believe in getting my monies worth.  :)

I didn’t take a bathroom break or eat lunch until 1:15 this afternoon.  I had to go to the bathroom so bad.  However, I was so busy that I chose not to stop.  I wanted to get done with printing and scanning.  My office is just starting to cool down from the printer running all morning. 

I’ve got a project to complete by the end of the week and I think I will be pushing it but I am going to try.  So glad Monday will be a holiday and I can hopefully relax.

Last night my partner stayed in bed like he was unable to get out of bed.  I had to bring him supper, water, pills and every damn thing else he wanted.  He drove me nuts.  Not to mention that when I was talking to him yesterday afternoon at lunch time, he managed to fall while we were on the phone.  He took a nap on the floor and it took him a couple hours to finally get up.  He had me worried sick.  I HATE it when things like that happen.  We both flip out when we can’t reach the other one via phone, regardless of the reason we both start thinking the worst has happened.  I guess that is true love.  It was a long night.  I was relaxed until I went to apply Windows Updates on my machine and waiting for them to install and get me my desktop back took forever.  I wasn’t able to launch my RC software to manage my Desktop at work, so I had to wait.  I wanted to get updates applied on it and get it restarted, which eventually happened. 

My hope is that tonight, yes tonight I will be able to relax and unwind.  Time will tell but I am going to try to make it happen, if I don’t forget.

So I told you that I renewed my subscription to Sirrius.  I’ve been listening to OutQ and starting to enjoy it.  Lance Bass has a show called Dirty Pop that is on when I drive home.  I miss my Derek & Romaine but he’s a good close 2nd.  Anyway last night I heard the most preposterous thing on his show.  Not sure who said it but, they were talking about Texting & Driving.  Someone said I think people should practice more often until they get it right.  Huh?  Some people can barley walk and breath.  Texting and Driving is just plain dumb.  It will get you or some innocent person injured or killed.  Practice driving and keeping your eyes on the road, that is what we need more of.  Lance’s show is pretty good but I wanted to scream when I heard that.  Why?  Because some idiiot will go try it again and again. 

The best thing to make my day yesterday is The Sword had some photos of Mason Wyler back in the day when he did some work for Hot House.  Man he was lookin’ fine! 

That’s all I got for now.  I guess I should get back to my project before the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking on my door.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Wow he fell again, poor guy! I know you must feel sometimes that you're pulled in many directions at home too, let alone just at work.

I just don't get how it all works in the U.S., here we don't pay for doctor office visits..... however it's not as easy here to get prescriptions without seeing the doctor first.

Yay for long weekends! Ours is "Family Day" on Monday. Enjoy your time off!