24 February 2013

New Surfboard

Why is it that every time after I wash my hands I have to go to the bathroom?  That’s been something that has happened to me all of my life, kind of strange.

Friday I noticed that we had a package at the front door.  Neither of us was expecting anything so I was curious to know what it was.  Turns out it was from the cable company.  We got a new modem.  It’s a Motorola Surfboard.

I didn’t really want to hook it up but after looking I saw that it had more up to date specs than our old modem.  So I gave in and hooked it up.  Installation was simple, I mean they have it down to a science.  I visited a website, put in our account number and the MAC address (serial number) from the old modem.  Viola your done.  Last time it took me 2 hours to try this plus I had to call tech support.  Plus everything that I would need was included in the box from an Ethernet cable, to extra coax and even a splitter.  I was really impressed.

Now we are using our new Surfboard to catch all of the waves on the internet.  We get speeds of 50 to 75 mpbs, which we are only supposed to get 30 mpbs.  Turns out the cable company gives us a boost.  If they sense that your maxing out your connection they give you a bump so you have extra bandwidth.  No problems, everything just works like it’s supposed to. 

I can’t believe that today is Sunday.  Back to the old grind tomorrow.  How depressing.  No update on the next storm that is coming our way but hopefully it will get me some time off work, as I could use it.

Today was ho hum.  I stayed in bed a little too late.  My partner fell in the middle of the night, yes again!  Then I got Big Boy in bed with the rest of his family.  We all fell asleep and enjoyed a nice nap.  Big Boy was in 7th heaven, he hasn’t been on my bed in at least a year.  Since he started to get so big, he stopped climbing on furniture.  I’ve wanted to treat him for a very long time and felt really good about being able to do this. 

I put him back on the floor, we ventured out to get lunch and hit up the grocery store.  Turns out I had to do a quick run in and run out.  My partner was super sleepy.  So we didn’t get much, but I am at least set for breakfast and lunch. 

When we got home I went to cleaning and laundry.  Big Boy decided to make a mess on the floor.  I cleaned it up and cleaned him up, then a couple minutes later he made another one.  He is straining because I am seeing blood.  I am not overly concerned because there isn’t a lot of blood.  However, I’m sure the vet would like to see him.  I have my eye on him and I’m thinking he will be visiting the vet sooner rather than later.  I think we are very near a time to tap the fluid.  I could be wrong.  A lot depends upon how he acts.  Plus I have to break out the stethoscope and listen to how he sounds.

I was watching a movie this morning on Netflix about happiness.  I also saw a movie last night on YouTube that told me how porn could become addictive.  Anything can be come addictive. 

I’m sure I am leaving something out, but I am up against a time deadline and still have plenty more to accomplish before it’s time to call it a night.  I am so looking forward to Shameless, hopefully there will be some hot scenes with Ian in them.  Hard to believe the guy that plays that character is only 19.  He has a rocking’ body and as they say, I’d tap that!  No I am not watching the Oscars – that is boring to me.  I know I’m gay and should be interested, but I am not. 

Be well, stay safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Oh my goodness it's getting alarming how often he falls. :-(

That was a nice thing for you to do for Big Boy. I bet he loved it!

Gay or straight, meh the Oscars don't do much for me either. Besides, the Walking Dead was on and THAT is more fun to watch. :-)