10 February 2013

Z Weekend

Well we finally made it to another weekend! :)  I came home to find that the cat pissed in my bed, it was soaked.  Time to do laundry.  The one night when all I wanted to do was relax – watch TV and chill.  Nope got to do laundry.  So it was a late night.  Then my partner fell trying to get into bed.  Not exactly sure what happened there.  Anyway, he’s making all of this commotion to get my attention.  I went in and helped him up as best I could.  He finally got in bed.  Suddenly I found myself totally awake.  What to do?  Bring up Netflix and search for Tina Turner.  Yeah, I really like her a lot.  I watched a concert she did overseas in some stadium that was packed beyond full.  Pretty good show.  Then I fell asleep. 

This morning I figured out why I had so much trouble last night.  I forgot to take my sleeping pills.  If I forget them then I am screwed.  I am running low on them and my doctor is dragging his feet in writing me a new prescription.  I just sent in what will be the 4th letter asking for medicine.  I pretty much told him to get his act together because I can’t wait much longer.  All of my long term meds have to be filled through a mail order pharmacy, the rules of the insurance company.  Not my choice.  If I had my way I would be picking them up from a local pharmacy.  Short term stuff can go local.  Otherwise, you get 3 fills at a local pharmacy and if you refuse to mail order, the insurance won’t pay a penny for it and your stuck with the full cost.  I guess they have to give an incentive for people to comply.

Anyway, I woke up this morning as I said and went to ask my partner what time he wanted to do lunch.  He had an accident in the middle of the night and now I am doing his bed clothes.  I haven’t got to start my regular laundry and this has put me way behind.  I am so exhausted and beyond wanting to care but I do.

The partner has been in a crabby mood all day.  We did meet a friend for lunch.  Which was payment for me working on her computer some 3 years ago.  Yeah, I’ve been bugging her ever since to get together and she always has an excuse.  Finally I put my food down and told her we need to do this and today.  That and the fact that her other plans fell through are what made it happen.

While I was waiting for Mr. Fancy Pants to get dressed, I popped over to Walgreens to get some more Sudafed.  Turns out I was refused because I was already at my monthly allotment.  Huh – there is a monthly allotment?  Yup.  So I called my allergist straight away (do I sound British now?) and was very surprised he called in a script for me.  I’ve got a 30 day supply with 3 refills.  Insurance won’t cover it, which is no surprise.  It’s not that expensive anyway.  I asked for a 90 day supply so I wouldn’t have to make a monthly trip but I guess the government would spaz out or something.  I’m thankful to have what I do.

This evening after a short nap, I went to Office Max.  Picked up Turbo Tax, yes it’s that time of year again.  Jude – do you have to file Income Tax in Canada?  Just curious.  I got some copy paper and checked out a hot young sales guy.  He was doing some inventory and I was staring at his ass.  It was rather obvious and he didn’t seem to mind.  My main purpose of the trip was to get things for the office.  Then it was back home.

Time to work on my partners computer.  I got everything but his e-mail back to working order.  Silly me I didn’t export everything to a PST before we whacked his mail.  I thought my on line backup service would come to my aid but nope.  Outlook is picky – otherwise I would probably be able to salvage his mail.  We were arguing so that didn’t help.  He told me that he would fix it, so I’m happy with that.  Finally off the hook, phew what a project!

Work well it’s work.  Friday I got thrown my ultimate challenge that I knew would eventually come.  They wanted me to design a web site.  Yeah, I’m not a web programmer and I straight up told them that.  I said I can get quotes or we can use the people you used last time but this is not something I can do.  I figured that would get me fired but thus far nope.  Then I was talking with a co worker about the implementation of the new system and the training needs.  Since I have NEVER done this before, he gave me an idea of what we would need.  I feel like I was setup and here’s why.  I sent out an e-mail (forgot to copy in the boss man) and asked if I should order equipment and asked where the training was.  Holy crap, one person forwarded that e-mail on to my boss and then he pounced all over me telling me that I have to copy him in on every e-mail with this project.  I refuse to do that, if you want to micro-manage then you need a different employee.  You give me a job to do, let me do it  So the fine details of what we need, where this is happening and who is coming will all be ironed out on Monday.  Yeah, I’ve got a stack of e-mails that say we will talk Monday or we will talk tomorrow and that day never comes.  The person who I was talking to that has all the answers is going to work things out with the boss man.  I don’t think I will be involved but then again I could be wrong. 

The longer I stay the more I see people get shit on and get raw deals.  The more I want to leave.  I figure it is only a matter of time before it happens to me.  I’ve always looked since I was there.  Thus far I don’t see anything that appealing.  Plus I honestly don’t want to change jobs but the man I work for is a loose cannon and you just never know when he is going to blow up at you.  I hate those kind of working conditions.  Maybe I am in a foul mood or just have a sour taste in my mouth.  I don’t want to do anything rash just yet.  However, I am keeping my eyes open and if I spot a good opportunity I’m going for it.  I mean what do I have to loose?  They reject me or tell me no – that’s not a huge problem right now.  So long as I have a job I’m okay.  I guess I feel under appreciated, there is no positive feedback but when you make a mistake you never hear the end of it.  C’mon we all make mistakes, that’s just our nature as humans.  Get over it already.

Plans for Sunday.  Cleaning the house, laundry (big surprise) and goofing off on the computer.  As well as the dreaded grocery store.  I am looking forward to watching Shameless.  A new episode is on Sunday night.  I wish that show was on more often and I didn’t have to wait an entire week to find out what is going to happen next.  It’s been a long time since I have obsessed over a show as much as this.  Pretty interesting.  If you have Showtime, check it out me thinks you will like it.

I finally got around to publishing all of the comments.  Sorry Jude that it’s taken me so long.  Nice to see my blogger buddy RAD stop by.  I miss all of the connections I used to have.  Thanks Google!  Yes that was sarcasm. 

Well the buzzer hopefully will be sounding soon so I can wind down for the night.  I feel like today was a waste of a day but at least I had time off and for that I am truly thankful.  So glad that next week will be a 3 day weekend.  Yup, were closed for Presidents Day.  That will be extra sweet!  I think we should be closed for a week – let everyone do what they want and not bother them, but that clearly is a hallucination on my part. 

I hope that your having a great weekend and that your comfortable.  I see the folks on the East coast got quite the snow storm, talk about a holiday.  Wish we would have something like that here, then I would have the perfect excuse to work from home as would everyone else.  I don’t know that it would last for a week but I wouldn’t mind trying.  It’s been a very long time since we have seen snow like that.  The weather is very strange.

Ok so one more thing before I go.  Friday I was sitting in my office.  Working in a major city I hear sirens all day long.  You get used to it after a while.  It was close to quitting time.  I heard this array of sirens and looked out my window.  It was a police officer and he was clearly after a car in front of him.  They were at a red light.  As soon as the light changed the fool went as fast as he could  - the wrong way down a one way street.  Then zipped through traffic and the cop was hot on his tail.  It was like COPS right before my very eyes.  I was in such shock and awe from what I saw.  It took me a minute to realize what happened.  I can understand the desire to flee from the law but if your dumb enough to try it then your dumb enough to go to jail.  If they want you, pull over chances are things won’t be nearly as bad as you think plus you will avoid a felony charge of fleeing and eluding.  That’s is an automatic go to jail charge in every state in the US.

So now I’m done yacking.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

No worry on publishing the comments, I understand. :)

Yes we have to file income tax just like you guys do.....here it's called Revenue Canada. I should have all of my stuff in the mail just after the end of the month (my T4 from work being the biggest one) and then I can get 'er done and sent in. Every year I get a little something back, which I always put toward my house insurance payment.

So you went to Office Max "to get things for the office", did that include that guy's butt? hahahahaha Just kidding!

That sucks that it's such a production for you just to get your meds. I never heard of having to use a mail order pharmacy!

I'm glad your hubby seems to be okay after he fell. I can see why you worry over him so much. Poor guy. :(

Living and/or working in a big city we sure do see some odd things that you think you'd only see on TV shows, LOL I remember back in 1971 watching a "hands up against the wall" drug bust just outside where I worked downtown. Strange.

I hope you have a fairly restful Sunday Jer. Yes next weekend is a long weekend for me too, here it is "Family Day". Looking forward to it!