30 July 2017

Relax, Unwind and get ready for another week

It has been a hell of a week.  Lots of departures to process on Friday.  Thursday we got short handed, as in I was the only one around so I thought.  Issues just cropped up left and right, all of them urgent and all of them requiring immediate attention.  I was on fucking overload and was quite vocal.  Thankfully one of my co-workers was around and helped out after I called him.  It still was quite a mess to deal with.  I had one lady with an infected computer who refused to talk with me on the phone and refused to give me access to her machine.  I fixed her clock, I sent up an urgent request and got her machine yanked from the network 1 2 3.  Then top it all off, she left for the day.  Oh I was pissed.  I had other people calling me asking questions about my action and trying to debate that you can only change your password 1 time per day.  Fucking bullshit.  You can change your password as a user at least twice per day, if you have admin access you can change it as often as you like.  I just hate stupid people!

I worked late on Friday and my eyes were hurting, my thumb was aching from moussing so much and I could have given up at anytime but I wanted to see the task through for personal satisfaction and the fact that come Monday there is other shit to take care of and people will be bothering the piss out of me.  My work gets back logged because I am the only one that can do certain portions and that is nice but at the same time it creates a tremendous amount of pressure.  As if you didn’t pick up on that already.  <wink>

Saturday was a little bit of a morning challenge but I got everything done.  Momma got her blood drawn, she was such a good girl.  I got to pick up my new eye glasses and they look sharp! I finally got to the post office, first time all week long.  I also ordered a foot long hot long with chili and cheese, ate the whole damn thing and it was awesome!  Got served but a straight but cute as fuck young waiter.  Plus there was another hottie working that I had my eye on.  Then I worked in a nap and woke up and went out for pizza.  I wanted the drive more than the pizza.  Pizza honestly wasn’t appealing to me but it was good and I have left overs for supper on Monday & Tuesday. 

I fired off a letter to the top brass at the credit card company that I closed my account at.  I sent proof that I was promises in writing that they would waive the next annual fee but they neglected to do that.  Not sure that it will do any good at all but it sure did go a long way to make me feel good.

Decided to apply for a Discover Card and they surprisingly turned me down.  Not because my credit is bad but because I filed bankruptcy and they were one of my creditors.  AMEX holds the biggest grudge for this.  Hey I got in with Chase by sending a letter asking for an appeal and I am trying the same thing with Discover.  Not sure if the outcome will be the same but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  My credit score is on the rise.  One bureau has it at 690 and the other I am in the 700’s.  Makes me feel good, it’s been a lot of hard work and I honestly never saw myself back here again. 

The other observation I have made is that I am able to pay for more things now with cash, instead of charging them and paying the bill off when it comes.  I would much rather to the cash thing to avoid surprises down the line.  It’s how my grandfather lived, he hated credit but if it was necessary he wasn’t above getting a loan.  Grandma on the other hand used credit like it was going out of style but that’s because she wanted to spoil her grandsons and she really didn’t have the money.  I understand more today that I did when I was growing up.  I had some really awesome grandparents, even though my grandfather and I didn’t see eye to eye, primarily because of my sexuality. 

I stumbled on a porn scene that included one of my favorite starts.  I mean I just see him in action and my whole body melts.  I want him so bad.  I found out that he had a rent men profile and I looked him up.  Then I pressed the button that said call me and got his cell phone number.  A little detective work and I found his real name.  Then I went on a social media hunt for him.  What I really want is into his Twitter but like me he’s restricted his account.  I asked for access but not sure if he will grant it, I get it that it’s his personal life.  He lives in CA and if I wanted to engage him he escorts for $250 per hour.  Fuck that is a lot of money for companionship or sex.  You’d think he was an attorney or a CPA at those hourly rates.  Then again most escorts charge a large amount per hour.  I understand there are high risks in that profession but damn.  I’m glad he is in CA which is far away from me, otherwise there would be some temptation on my part.  Plus I honestly think that before it’s all said and done I will wind up in CA – it just sounds like a utopia to me and being gay is no big deal, which is another reason why it’s appealing to me.  Life just seems like it would be better for me out there.  Then again the grass on the other side always looks greener, that’s because it’s fertilized with bullshit. 

About my crush at work.  Fuck that kid has me really upside down.  I think about him non-stop as if he is an obsession.  Well he is.  I’ve got a huge crush on him.  So I decided to send him an email it was all above board and I was nice mentioning a little know benefit we get that they don’t talk about in orientation.  I worked in if he ever wanted to talk, had a question or if I could help him for him to reach out.  That was my subtle pickup line.  I know there is no chance in hell that we would ever physically meet much less have sex.  But I’d love to be friends with him.  I didn’t even get so much as a thank you back, which was disappointing.  I don’t expect that I will hear from him, but I did elect to go balls out and follow him on twitter.  He will be able to put 2 and 2 together and know it’s me.  There are no meaningful tweets but just in case one day he decided to write something I’ll know.  I am following him on Snapchat and Instagram.  I get a little giddy watching his snaps.  I realize I have to be careful because too much attention here has the ability to cause me major problems.  At the end of the day he’s just another blond hair blue eyed twink that I want.  I’ve seen many of them and he’s not worth adversely impacting my income.  

Sunday ah yes the one more day that everyone wants.  I really don’t want to go back tomorrow and I’ve got plenty of PTO to burn so I could easily take 1 full week off and be fine.  However, shit wouldn’t get done, plus I everything is better when I am working.  I got an email from Walgreens that they are going to switch up their rewards points and that I will loose a bunch of points if I don’t use them soon.  I stopped in today and got me a bottle of Focus Factor.  It’s a fancy multi-vitamin that purports to increase your focus and concentration.  I mean I don’t think anything short of a prescription can do that but hey I wanted to give it a whirl.  Turns out you have to take 4 pills per day.  Are you kidding me?  Nope 4 is the recommended dose for an adult [even though sometimes I act like a child].  90 pills was $40 but it was on sale for $10 off, plus I used points and got it down to $25.  I am going to try it but I don’t expect a miracle and I am only taking 2 pills per day.  I talked with a pharmacist before I checked out and was told either take your vitamin or take this but don’t do both.  The last thing I want is to wind up with vitamin poisoning or some other adverse reaction.   I’ll tell you how it goes, that is if I remember to. 

I put off the dreaded task of trimming claws until today.  Ruth was not happy and she expressed her usual displeasure and tried to kill me.  Her claws were way out of control and if she would have gotten me in the struggle to trim, I would have been seeking medical attention no question.  I mean if she ever gets me there will be medical attention required for me.  She was squirmy and didn’t want to sit still.  I got both front paws done [which is all that I do] and I went to put some flea medicine on her and she got away from me.  I didn’t bother to go after her again as it would only further elevate her anger and blood pressure.  Have you ever seen an animal angry, I mean to the point where they wanted to kill you?  That is where Ruth is when you try to hold her hostage.  Let her roam and give her an escape route, she’s fine she might hiss at you but it’s all good.  Trap her and your in for the fight of your life.  I thank God that my late partner had the welding gloves or I would have been a goner a long time ago.  No matter where she is if she sees me putting on those gloves, she knows what is going to follow and she hides quickly.  I mention it all week long but it never seems to have any effect.  I’ve learned there is a right way and a wrong way to approach her.  The right way is what I follow.  If you try to sneak up on her that will really get the venom flowing and she will be extra hyper.  She’s such a sweet girl I don’t understand why she gets so angry when it comes to trimming her claws.  Get her at the vet and she wants Daddy to protect her, she is a totally different cat.  Plus she will let them do what they need but I always warn them she’s a biter.  Glad I got her vaccinated earlier this year but I don’t plan on repeating the process this coming year.  What a girl.  She is a Marine of a cat.  I guess she thinks she is a lion when she is just a small but fat kitty.  Despite her poor attitude and anger, I still love her and we do have some good times together.  I just have to wait for forgiveness and by tomorrow morning this will all be a distant memory and life will be good again. 

I’ve got to tend to laundry, clean jewelry and get ready for what ever it is I am having for supper.  There is plenty of playing on the PC but my time gets gobbled up pretty quickly.  I did see a good movie last night on Amazon called ‘Do you take this man’  It had Mackenzie Astin in it and he’s one of my teen crushes and it just like something I would enjoy.  By the end it made me appreciate even more what I had with my late partner, I wasn’t crying but I was trying to.  I sure do miss him.  I don’t know if I will ever find someone that I click with like I did with him but I certainly hope so. 

Here’s hoping it’s a great week ahead and that nothing but good will happen this week.  I know it sounds like a fantasy but hey I can dream for no charge!  Take care. 

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