23 July 2017

Sad Sunday

Today has been the day from hell.  It started with me staying up way too late, going to bed and getting woken up by a Thunderstorm.  I got back to sleep and then the phone started ringing, it was a weather warning.  Duh, I already knew.  The storm was pretty brutal to our area.  The power went off several times, that causes all of the UPS’ in the house to chirp and that wakes me up as well, because the perceived quiet I have is just that perceived.  It’s 100% deafening silence when the power is out.  You can hear a pin drop, it’s that quiet [remember the old MCI commercial's, that was their slogan]. 

As a result of the above I slept in way too late.  I needed to be up early to do patch testing at work.  Of course there was a problem and when I rolled out of bed at 10:30a I got to deal with it.  Whereas if I would have gotten up early that part would have occupied less of my time. 

By now it’s 11a and I am headed out, work problems resolved.  Then on to Cracker Barrel where I encountered a very long wait line.  I didn’t need that either but it is what it is.  When I was almost finished with my breakfast, my phone went off and of course it was work.  New problem someone needed to install iTunes and there was a client waiting.  I had to woof the rest of my food down and then leave as fast as I could. 

I arrived home by now it’s 12:05p, I fought hard to resolve the iTunes install thing, it was our Anti-Virus that was blocking it.  Turns out the computer was in the wrong OU [Organizational Unit] or bucket for simpler terms.  Getting it moved wasn’t working out like it was supposed to.  In Active Directory it’s quick, but for our AV to sync up with AD that is what takes so much time.  I got a message that all was working, so I left home.  I knew in my bones that I should stay and I waited as long as I could before I decided it was safe to leave.  Presto less than a mile from home and the phone is going ape shit.  I kept on going, I needed my groceries.  From the parking lot of the grocery store I was talking with the Help Desk guy on-call and we did a work around to get things back to working order. 

The grocery store parking lot was oddly empty and it just didn’t make sense to me.  I thought well maybe it’s the heat and people are just staying away.  Nope they had no power.  They were open but you could only buy non-perishable items, nothing frozen or freshly prepared.  Fuck!  I had to go to a 2nd grocery store and pay a higher price, but I got everything I needed, except a good dose of sanity. 

Once I was home I had to kick it in to high gear and get the groceries put away and start on house cleaning.  Then finish up laundry, holy fuck it was 3p and I was t-totally exhausted.  Sweating like no tomorrow and thirsty as hell.  I wanted to jump in the shower but took time to get next to naked and cool down.  That caused me to spend time with Big Boy and the family.  Then I got sleepy and by 4p I was out cold.  Woke up 45 minutes later and back into high gear we went. 

I’m happy to report that everything but the claw trimming got done.  I can get the bulk of the family but Ruth will have to wait until next week.  It felt like today was one of those days where everything I touched turned to shit.  I didn’t want to chance it and thought it was best to delay it by 1 week. 

On the MAN front.  Yesterday I saw a hottie waiter, I’m following him on social media.  I’ve never seen him in person.  Oh my he’s all that and a bag of chips.  The cons here are he’s younger like in his early 20’s younger and he’s into drugs, I see that based on social media.  If I didn’t have that inside knowledge I would have asked him out – if nothing else just to be friends.

The cashier at Cracker Barrel was someone I have a crush on but I didn’t have the time to ask him out, he’s also younger but I am not certain how young.  He’s in management but that doesn’t mean anything.

The 2nd grocery store I saw a guy that used to work at the store I normally go to.  I’m following him on social media as well.  He’s straight but he’s all grown up now, got some killer muscles and he’s an accountant.  If it wasn’t for the straight thing I would be all over that, he’s some grade A 100% beef.

At least I have some fresh hot new porn to watch to quell my sexual desires.

Now it’s time to soak my foot.  It’s my right foot that is out of the blue bothering me again.  I had the issue solved by using muscle confusion and wearing different shoes each day.  That worked for quite a while.  I need to hit up the Podiatrist but that will require $ and I am in savings not spending mode.  If it gets too bad, it won’t matter but for now I am trying what I know to deal with the issue.  All of the stress in my life doesn’t help and it actually feels like a muscle cramp in my foot, so it could all be attributed to the extra stress.  Got to make a sandwich for work and get ready for Manic Monday.  It will no doubt be crazy.

Here’s to what I hope is a great week ahead for all of us!  Take care and be well.

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