02 July 2017


I kept thinking about the SUV that I saw on-line and I had to go see it in person.  I even took photos.  I really wanted to get inside and as luck would have it the thing was unlocked.  So I climbed on in.  I determined there was no navigation and that it had an onboard modem.  So that you can remote start it from an app on your phone.  The drivers seat didn’t go as far back as I would have liked it to.  I really want it but I don’t want to settle for something that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that I want.  I spent so much time out that I managed to get a sunburn on my neck.  I guess I am a red neck now. 

The heat inside that vehicle was overwhelming.  It sucked the life right out of me.  Once I got back to my car, I knew I needed food and there would be no buffet today.  I went to the place where I asked a waiter out and he said yes, then quit a couple weeks later.  I’ve never heard from him and thought he might have come back to work.  Turns out the place is out of business, or it appeared as so.  That was disappointing, I was all set for fried chicken.  I stopped in another place that was close by for Mexican Food.  It was okay, I started to feel better once I was able to get food in me.  If I didn’t act quick I knew things would turn ugly fast. 

Back home with the children.  Big Boy is on the couch once again.  I never even saw him get up there.  I need to see that with my own eyes.  I will bet anything it’s quite a show.  I know he is still proud of his accomplishment and frankly so am I.

I opted to look at the dealer I bought my car from, but via the internet.  Turns out they have what I want but only in Ruby Red or Black.  I don’t want black.  Ruby Red would be okay, but Blue is my passion.  Okay so I thought about going there tomorrow.  Then I dug deep and got all the figures and did the math.  The price of the car with my discount (estimated), the balance of my loan for the car I have now, plus estimating what I would get for my trade, my payments would come close to triple what they are now.  It would be up around $500 to $600 per month.  If I am paying all that money each month the name plate needs to say BMW or AUDI and that’s not happening.  I could probably swing it but things are comfortable now and I should just be happy with what I have.  Besides that I feel like it’s finally broken in.  I know all of the hang ups – like the clock doesn’t keep time, the infotainment systems wigs out and has to be reset, the transmission is different and requires a little heavier foot.  It has served me well to this point, despite the difficulties I have had.  So as much as I want, I should stay put for now.  Perhaps when the time is right or I just can’t take the pressure I will be able to find the right Blue vehicle for me. 

In case you didn’t know, I think this is true for all of the US but certainly for my state and the state the borders mine.  Car Dealers aren’t allowed to be open on Sunday.  Consequently a lot of people get there looks in on Sunday, so there is no sales person bothering them.  I was just extra lucky in that vehicle I was interested in was unlocked.  I tried a few more doors just for giggles and those cars were locked up tight as a drum.  Car dealers like other businesses have video surveillance, the perimeter of the dealership has to be 100% secure by state law, so it’s tough as nails if you loose your mind and decide that you are going to try to steal a car while the dealership is closed.  I know my actions may look suspicious but if you look at all of the video you will see I was just looking or kicking the tires.  The only thing I didn’t do was open the hood and kind of wish I would have.  Ah well. 

2 more days left and then it will be back to work.  My back was bothering me yesterday, so I got out my shiatsu massager it felt good.  Today I am very sore.  I am long overdue for a real massage but don’t really want to endure the pain.  Sort of like the BBQ that I will be going to on Tuesday.  All we are going to do is eat burgers and talk about the neighbors dogs that have died along with my friends dogs that have died.  It’s the same fucking thing each and every time I go over there.  Could be Christmas, could be Independence Day, could be a random day in the month of May.  The story is the same and frankly I am tired of the same old thing.

I went out for breakfast and did my grocery shopping today, I was up early.  I did try to take a nap and managed to finally get my brain to calm down enough that I passed out for a 1/2 hour.  I will be up late tonight and then will try to fall back to my normal schedule tomorrow so it’s not such a shock come Wednesday morning. 

Tomorrows activities will include breakfast out, cat food shopping and maybe a trip to the upscale grocery store as a treat.  The usual trip to the post office for mail and I think that will be it for my running.  Then I have to clean up after the children and myself so that I am not strapped doing all of the work last minute.  After that it will be finishing up laundry and lounging.  Gosh that lounging part is so much fun, I could be lazy for a long time. 

I hope your day was enjoyable and life is treating you well.  Come back to continue to hear about the musings in my world.  Take care and best wishes for a great week ahead. 

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