25 July 2017

Fee no more

Last night I reached out to one of my credit card companies because they charge an annual fee.  I’ve complained about this in the past and they just said call us when the next one shows up and we will waive it.  So I took them up on their offer and the guy on the other end of the phone said, oh I’m sorry there isn’t a way that I can waive that this year.  To which I responded, well if I close the account will that waive it?  Yep sure will.  Okay close the account.  He read me this long disclosure and basically once you say okay close it after that, then you can never re-open it again.  You can always reapply for a new card.  I said if there isn’t any other way you can fulfill my request then proceed.  He closed the account just like that.  Never mind that they have made money off of me, there was no plea of retention or please don’t close your account.  Nope just boom and done.  Fine, I don’t need ya I planned for this and have replacements in hand.  I looked at another account I have at the same place and there is a fee but they haven’t charged one in a long time.  I suppose that this could cause them to change their minds, but we will just repeat the same song and dance. 

That got me looking and thinking.  Discover Card has a pretty good option available for me as does AMEX.  I like Discover much more and am mulling things over in my mind. 

Yesterday was busy and today is just crazy insane.  I can’t wait to go home to my cats where life is simpler and there are far fewer distractions.  Hope it’s a good day for you. 

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