08 July 2017


Ah the week is over and it’s once again the weekend!  That short lived two day break between 5 days of work.  There should be more weekends and holidays, but I think that is every working persons dream.

Today I visited my local Steak N Shake where I am a regular for breakfast on the weekends.  I figured I would get a couple Chicago Hot Dogs, my taste buds were all excited and then I learned they no longer have them.  Nuts.  So I ordered a burger and some chili instead.  I asked one of the waitresses where all of the cute cooks have gone.  The main guy I like is on nights.  There is a new blond twink that I have seen once, turns out he was just off today.  So now I know next Saturday that is where I should go if I am craving seeing a cute guy and when am I not? 

I hit up the eye glass place and they dropped the ball on my nose pads.  I did look at a couple of pairs of glasses.  I did some further inquiring and was given a couple websites to check out.  Since my craving is Blue, they said that Nike & Ray Ban are the best two brands where I would find the best selection.  Yeah okay.  Nike is my favorite and I’ve been with them ever since I was told I had to have glasses.  They are supposed to call me about the nose pads.  I really think that if you could get the damn things to stop slipping that I would be happier.  I do have some alternatives in mind that I would like to see in person before I decide to go with a remake.  It’s a one shot deal so I want to be sure I get it right.  Damn Kennedy (the porn model).  I am thirsty for his glasses and I have driven myself nuts and brought a lot of others along for the journey.  I watched some of his scenes today just to see if I could make out the brand name of his glasses.  The camera is close enough but they are just enough out of focus that you can’t tell.  My guess is by now they are no longer made but it would be nice to have a brand name so that I could look at what they have out today.  I can tell that it’s two words and the second word appears to start with a C or an E.  I looked at brand names on-line and can’t find anything.  I don’t give up and in this case that is working against me.  I will either figure it out or die trying. 

Got my check in the mail for my late partners unclaimed property.  That was a whopping $9 but I spent $2 on postage so was it really worth it?  Hey it’s money that was mine so yeah in my opinion it was worth it.  Might as well lay claim and get what your due.  It won’t buy a meal but it can certainly help in the grand scheme of things. 

I watched You Tube videos of Lilly Tomlin today, kind of fun.  Spent time with Big Boy and his siblings.  Then I got in one of my famous naps.  I read this article yesterday on social media that said it’s better for guys to sleep naked.  All sorts of health benefits.  Yeah, I don’t know about that.  They mostly talked about getting laid as a benefit and how being naked helps you be more comfortable and stay cool at night.  I’ve slept naked ever since I met my late partner.  Once and a while I will wear some underwear to bed but naked is actually very comfortable.  The part that sucks is if in the middle of the night there is some calamity and you have to exit your house or motel room, you will give the world a show.  Thus far I have been blessed and really don’t view it as a problem. 

I met up with my friend that lost his wife for dinner.  We went to our usual place, Maggiano’s Little Italy.  He was ogling all over our waitress and telling me all of the things he wanted to do to her.  I told him you can have her, she does nothing for me.  He smiled.  Then part way in to our meal this large family comes in and they have two twinks, oh my what do we have here?  I was staring at them often and so much I am surprised that I didn’t burn a hole in their clothes.  Very cute but I never said a word.  He has always been pretty verbal when it comes to women and sex.  I think a lot of things but don’t say them out loud, at least usually.  If I am all alone I’ll talk to myself but that about it.  Man or woman for that matter wasn’t meant to be alone, simple as that. 

He was quite the talker tonight and we overstayed our welcome.  Reservations were at 5 and we left at 9.  Yeah that is way longer than I wanted to commit to a meal.  I went into it knowing that he likes to talk and knew what to expect.  Once again he has stopped taking his anti-depressants.  He signed up for therapy.  So maybe that will help him.  I hope he gets a decent therapist.  I’ve suggested one thing that helped me, which was to write a final letter to your mate.  Then wait a couple days and read it out loud, as if your reading it to them.  It will evoke a lot of tears but it is healthy and will help in the healing process. He hasn’t taken my advice but I think this might be something that his therapist has him do.  I got the idea when I was in therapy and it was a tough task but I just remember how it helped bring some closure.  I wouldn’t say I am over his death but I have adjusted to living on my own and the huge amount of responsibilities that I have adapted to. 

When we were chatting my vibrator started going nuts.  Yes, I mean my phone.  Turns out there was an issue at work.  I am not on call so no worries.  However, I am on call starting on Monday so it is of concern to me.  I know there will be the aftermath that we will all have to deal with.  Ah well just another day at the office. 

I started my laundry and Momma is throwing a fit because I am not upstairs where I should be.  It’s way past bed time (on a normal night) and I guess I should go up and comply before she meows me to death.  Big Boy is once again on on the couch.  Everyone else is just waiting for me to climb the stairs. 

I have noticed that I am having issues with the car again.  It’s the clock and/or the infotainment system.  I can’t help but think that this all correlates back to the battery.  I’ve been living with it and just cussing about it.  I can go back to get it fixed but will they actually fix it?  I suspect the answer to that is no.  Otherwise, the car is doing really good.  Gas mileage is up around 39 and I even ventured into the 40 range for a couple days.  Some foolish acceleration took me back to 39 quickly.  I am getting used to the car and it’s quirks.  I just wish there wasn’t the hassle with the infotainment system and/or the clock.  One odd thing is that part of the infotainment system knows my phone is an iPhone and the other part doesn’t know at all.  I tried to invoke Siri and they said my phone wasn’t supported for that.  Really, I use that feature all of the time when I am not in the car.  I can convert to Car Play by Apple but my phone would have to physically be connected each and every time when I get in the car.  No thanks, I like the fact that it picks up Bluetooth on it’s own.  I don’t want to be bothered with having to hook up the phone each time, that is much more hassle than I think anyone should have to go through.  That is the one reason why I am eager to get rid of it.  But I think were staying together for a long time.  I am up to 13 thousand miles and I have kept up with all of the maintenance.  I think the regular car manufacturers should do what the luxury car manufacturers do and that is throw in basic maintenance, so you don’t pay for simple things like oil changes and tire rotations.  I mean ideally that is all you should have to do on a new car for a very long time.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day and then it’s back to the fun but only for 3 days.  My doctor agreed to send me an order for blood work, but it’s not here yet.  I am also waiting on my replacement Drivers License.  I really hate the fact that I am so prompt and conscientious of tasks that I have to do but other people aren’t.  I am very much apart of todays society in that I want things to happen instantly with no waiting or delay.  That is not how all of life is, which is kind of sad.

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