03 August 2017

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Good Day Ladies & Gentlemen … I hope all is well in your world, the temperatures are at an acceptable level and that the sun is shining brightly.  It’s been a long week and thankfully after today it will all come to a much needed close.  I am so ready for the weekend.  I need sleep and just like money & orgasms I can’t seem to get enough. 

The biggest even thus far of the week is when I some how stupidly decided to go against my own rule and help a motorist.  Looking back now things could have gone all kinds of wrong and hell it’s quite possible I could be dead.  However, nothing happened so quick sigh of relief.  I was motoring to work and I saw on the opposite side of the freeway a motorist who had crashed into the cable barrier.  I didn’t witness an accident I saw the result of what happened.  I sprung into action without a thought and flipped my car around by getting off at the next exit.  I came upon the scene and there was a disheveled woman who had to be in her 30’s looking much like a hooker.  I stopped next to her car and she was walking away from me, she turned around and saw me and we started a conversation.  She asked for a ride and I unwittingly agreed.  She was in my car before I knew what happened.  She tried to get me to take her some place far away but I told her I was on my way to work and that was no where in the direction she was headed.  I said I can take you to the nearest gas station and that’s it.  I told her I was running behind and I was by a couple minutes but if things went quickly I knew it wouldn’t cause a problem.  Were pulling away and I happened to look up and I saw the police had made it to the scene.  I told her and she said you need to keep on going.  Then she said she had warrants and she couldn’t be anywhere near that car.  I responded are you shitting me?  Nope she was straight up for real.  I told her the next stop for you is the gas station and then your out.  She called a friend to come pick her up and had to do some pleading.  When she exited the car she asked if I was going to call the cops.  I told her no I will not call the cops. 

I kept my word to her and didn’t call but I go back to the scene of the accident and talk with them.  Turns out they saw me leaving and they wanted to talk with me.  I explained what happened and rather than thanking me they admonished me for helping her leave the scene of an accident.  Huh?  I told them the only thing that brought me back was the fact she disclosed she had warrants and I didn’t want to be mixed up with that.  I was asked to never do this again and trust me I will not.  New policy no helping anyone unless I know them and even then I will be cautious.  The police said that I committed at least 1 if not 2 felonies.  Yeah okay go pour on the drama to try to scare me.  It worked slightly. 

I thought I was helping someone escape from being hit by a car, I mean walking on the freeway that is a dangerous feat.  You could end up part of the pavement in no time.  So I was in fear of her safety and was doing a favor.  I figured she would make arrangements to deal with what happened once she was safe.  Once she told me she was on the run from the law, that changed my opinion but by then it was too late. 

As if my story would change the police asked me 3 times to describe her and 3 times where I took her.  As if I was going to lie to them.  I understand that people lie to the police all the time.  People lie to me in my job all the time and I am circumspect at best most of the time but I don’t ask people the same question 3 times.  They told me I could go and once I got that, I stopped talking and started moving.  I didn’t want them to change their mind. 

As an after thought I told my story to a couple attorneys and they said that it would have been a bullshit arrest, they could have made my life uncomfortable but there is no way I would have ever been convicted.  Yeah if they chose to make my life uncomfortable I suspect that everything would have spiraled out of control.  Thankfully nothing came of it. 

I still wonder if they got her, I suspect they did but in all fairness I told them she had a ride on the way so they might want to speed up their action.  I wonder what she was wanted for.  I wonder if she was drunk or high and that is what caused this 1 vehicle accident.  I have a lot of questions but I know there is no point on lamenting on this as it will serve no purpose and drive me nuts. 

Speaking of nuts, I have not heard from the cute guy at work and I suspect he won’t bother to take me up on my offer to talk.  I really wish I was closer in proximity to him I think there is at least a good chance we could be friends.  I think of him all the time and of course am still following him on social media.  I love to see his posts, they help make up for the stress of life. 

The vet emailed with Momma’s blood results.  All is well but they did get a wonky reading on her potassium and her blood sugar.  They are offering to retest for free but I really don’t want to take her back, mostly because of fear that they will find something and that will either cost more money or cause me to make a choice.  She is happy and acting her normal goofy self, so why upset the apple cart? 

My friend called last night and wanted to carry on a conversation for hours, I was in no mood and cut things short.  Were getting together for dinner over the weekend.  Why call me now and talk for hours so that when we meet in person we won’t have anything to talk about.  It’s easier to cut to the chase and ask me if I want to get together and we can go from there.  He is a bit on the strange side but I like him and he is special to me.  It’s been a long standing friendship that built from us being co-workers, so it’s something I am quite proud of.

On to work I mean I need to get going so that I can start my day.  It’s crazy busy here.  Now it’s also time to start training the new guy and he is apparently allergic to overtime, because he doesn’t get paid for it.  Which is not my fault.  I really have my doubts about this guy and if he will cut the mustard.  He can’t write an email to save his own life.  He didn’t know what an RDP session was or how to establish one, yet he is supposed to have years of experience from Sprint.  Uh they must let them use coloring books and crayons all day because he clearly doesn’t know how to pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.  I have to work with him, so there is no choice in the matter but I suspect he will either make it or break it soon enough.  I just don’t want to waist my time it’s far too valuable. 

Here’s to a great day ahead.  Talk with you peeps again soon.  Until then, be well.

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