14 July 2017

Fired–not me

This week started out to be a rough one.  Monday my only good and true friend at work was fired.  It was an abrupt move by her manager because he thought she was after his job.  She posed a true threat but had no interest in his job.  She is very much in the angry and bitter stage and I have spoken with her most every night and what starts out to be a 30 minute conversation goes on for hours and hours.  Last night she called and we talked up till 11p and that is only because her phone battery was about to go dead. 

Last night I learned some horrible things that affect me.  Apparently the lesbian bitch that I was friends with after our falling out, she cornered my friend and was asking questions about me.  I have every reason to believe that she told everyone my business, from the fact that I was gay, who I had crushes on in the office and other details of my personal life.  One thing that was blown way out of proportion was the one guy that I really like who I think is repressing his sexual feelings and identifies as straight.  Him and I had a falling out too but not over sexuality but over the fact that he didn’t consider me a friend.  Anyway, she talked with him and told him how I wanted to be with him and that I thought he was gay and was covering it up.  I never said I wanted to be with him, I said I’d tap that.  However, he’s straight and a co-worker so even if he told me he was available I wouldn’t touch him.  I am highly embarrassed at the thought of who knows what.  Through all of this I found that another person that I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back.  I am not happy about that at all.  It just reinforces that no one at work is truly your friend, they will use you in order to climb the corporate ladder or to gossip about you behind your back.  Fuck ‘em all right in the ass and I don’t mean that in a good or pleasurable way. 

My boss sent me a gift card to a Chinese place, because I have gone above and beyond.  He knows that I am under a mountain of stress and I am dealing with things pretty well, though I do have my moments.  Problem is I am super picky about my Chinese food due to an allergic reaction I had once.  I won’t be using his gift card but I do appreciate the gesture of kindness.  I have it listed for sale on a gift card website and when it’s all said and done I will get $14 for a $20 card.  Not terrible and it’s not like I need the money but I would rather the card be used by someone who will actually enjoy the food. 

In other news as it relates to the job, I feel so awkward like I forgot to pay a bill.  I have an abundance of left over money and I have paid all the bills.  I checked and double checked.  There is the matter that my pay went up but also I got a bonus and there was 10 hours of overtime on this check, so that explains it all.  I have been able to save $1,000.00 and I still have plenty left over to spend.  I am some what overjoyed by this, but hope that something doesn’t come along and rob me of my money, which seems to happen when I get ahead.  Saving money is something that I was really good at as a child but in adulthood it’s a different story.  Somewhere the line shifted and my brother who was the spender became the saver and I became the spender.  I hope this pattern continues and that I can build up a nice nest egg or emergency fund.  There are things that I want that I could spend the money on, but they aren’t essential to live.  If you guess another writing instrument you would be correct.  There is also an updated Radar Detector to better protect me on the road, but the one I have has done a decent job.  Wants are great but needs are much more important and I’ve learned that the hard way, time and time again. 

Thursday & Friday were my days off.  I was supposed to go to the doctor but he cancelled.  I found myself with an abundance of time on my hands.  I did get in some naps.  However, I had to or chose to stay tuned to my phone and monitor email from work.  There were a couple things that came up and I ended up working a bit yesterday and a bit today.  I had plans to visit the buffet on Thursday but scrapped them to stay close to home.  I have plans to go tomorrow and have gassed up Mr. Car in preparation for our trip.

The first order of business tomorrow will be getting Mr. Bear to the vet for his blood work.  He is not going to be a happy camper about that.  I won’t be either but at least I have the cash to pay for the service now, instead of having to charge it and pay later.  I need to get some cat litter and pick up some greeting cards.  Might throw in a haircut for good measure.  Not that I need it but it feels good to be pampered even if it’s just a bit. 

Got my blood drawn this morning, that was not fun at all.  They were right on top of a vein, they had to pull back and aim the needle a bit higher and then advance.  It fucking hurt.  When that was done I asked the technician if I could practice on her.  She was totally serious and said yes, I will give you a crash course if you want it.  I declined.  I am sure there is nothing to it, just like giving fluids to my cats.  It’s just something about needles that I don’t like.  Headed off to breakfast and induced myself into a sugar coma with Blueberry Pancakes.

This evening, I went out for Mexican food.  It was okay but not what I really wanted.  I had a hard time deciding on what it was that I actually wanted and I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just aimed the car in a general direction and that is how I decided. 

I am thankful for the weekend, because there won’t be any email traffic from work and I am not on-call this weekend.  I switched with my boss and I will be on-call for part of next week and the weekend.  It will be our patch weekend so that means I will be getting up super early next Sunday to do testing.  There is also plenty of work piled up and waiting for me when I return.  I had thoughts of going in tomorrow to get a jump on things, but that would mean no buffet trip.  I can’t let this job be all consuming, I have to get away so I quickly talked myself out of that idea.  It will all get done, just not necessarily when others want it done.  I am only 1 person and doing the work of 2 people, but only collecting 1 paycheck.  No sense in stressing or burning myself out, because in the end I will be the one suffering.  I was surprised that I didn’t get any push back from my boss with the bit of work I had to do on Thursday and Friday.  He was thankful and appreciative.  I also got to keep some of my PTO which is good for me, never know when you will need it. 

Finally, the eye doctor called and they can’t get silicone nose pads for my glasses.  I figured out the problem, they ordered the frame too large, so it’s not tight enough to fit my head and therefore the glasses slip.  So we are into the doctors remake.  I found 6 pairs of frames that I like, they were reluctant to order all of them but most of them are coming.  I found out that they order them and what I don’t like they have to send back and they may or may not get credit for them, some pairs might also be nonreturnable and they will be forced to stock them and try to sell them.  I don’t feel bad, with all of the money I pump into that place, plus waiting my time having to make several return trips, phone calls and time to research new frames, I feel like this is the least they can do for me.  The frames should all be in by next Saturday and then I get to go and try to make a decision.  I suck at that, paralyzed by choice.  I’m sure it will all work out fine.

Next week is going to be hard going back to 5 days when the past two weeks have been 3 day weeks.  Not to fret, I have my next doctors appointment in September just after my birthday so there will be 2 more days waiting for me.  Plus there is a holiday which will be nice.  I am more happier about the thought that it will bring us closer to Thanksgiving. 

While there is stress at work, over all I am doing well and the kids help with that a whole lot.  They also keep me on my toes when I am home with them.  Coming to the basement is about the only relief I can get when I am home.  If I am upstairs someone is clamoring for my attention and usually it’s more than 1 at a time.  I hope that I can find some good TV or a good movie to watch.  Laughter is always enjoyable.

So that’s how things are in my world as of now.  I hope things in your world are going well.  This heat has been exhausting and the gas prices were low for a while then they just went back up out of the blue on Wednesday.  Looking forward to getting some bread pudding and to an enjoyable drive tomorrow.  Take good care of yourself and we shall talk again soon. 

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