18 July 2017

Only Tuesday

I’ve been so busy that I would have thought today was Friday.  I’ve accomplished a lot because Monday I was left alone and Tuesday I opted out of bullshit meetings.  I did a good job making up for taking 2 days off.  There are still other things lingering and I will get a shot at them tomorrow. 

Worked with our new guy on an issue today.  I remember not so long ago when it was me that was the new guy.  Anyway, I found out he can’t compose an email that is in my opinion world class to convey feedback on an issue.  He wrote something up while I was watching, maybe he was nervous.  Anyway, it got the point across but it didn’t make him seem like he was fairly well educated.  He’s got a degree, I never went to college and I can write letters and emails that show I am intelligent.  I guess that is a skill that only some people have. 

Did some research over the weekend and found out that I can temporarily change themes on my infotainment system, it’s nice but once you turn the car off it knows enough to go back to factory default.  I thought I stumbled on something awesome but turns out if you want to make the change permeant you need an OBDI cable and software on a laptop to make that happen.  If you don’t know what your doing you will royally fuck up your car and that won’t be pretty.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my trip back home from the buffet on Saturday and how enjoyable that was.  That is typical activity that me and my late partner would engage in.  Only he would pick a road we wouldn’t have any idea where it came out and then the fun would start.  I didn’t like that game terribly much and even though only one time we got majorly lost, he still managed to get us back home.  That was without GPS and/or a map.  Pretty impressive.  He would get upset when he got lost because he saw it as a mind game.  Me I use GPS so there is no getting lost unless the GPS is fucked.  That’s happened to me but again I have always made it back home.

Speaking of travel, the car seems to be broken in now.  I am getting excellent fuel economy and it’s more responsive or so it seems.  Maybe it’s just the heat.  The AC works like a dream.  I set it at 62 and just drive, it’s like a freezer and I love every minute of it.  I am weird like that but working in a computer room screwed with my internal thermostat and I am not ever going to recover.   

Blood work came back on Big Boy and now his thyroid is way low.  The minimum is a .8 and he didn’t even register that.  So we have to cut his pills in half, oh joy a new task for me.  Then he goes back in a month and gets blood work done, we shall see what happens from there.  He lost a pound so the vet is concerned about that.  If it’s due to activity that is fine but otherwise something is amiss.  I told her how he climbs up on the couch.  Now if I am home he makes me get him down but when I am gone he can get down on his own, he just choses not to unless it’s an emergency.  Like he has to use the bathroom.  I am so proud of him and I love him so much, he’s been through hell and back.  I hope we have a long life together and that he doesn’t drain my wallet much more in the process. 

Got my blood work results and the doctor said it looks good.  However, I need to loose weight and/or cut back in my carbs.  If that doesn’t happen then he is going to up the medicine.  Yeah ok whatever.  I’ll see you in 3 months and let you make the call on what to do then.  Meanwhile, I am living my life and eating what I want.  I’ll try to make a concerted effort but don’t hold your breath.  The lady at the hospital that was registering me told me that I could get rid of diabetes because I have type II so it’s reversible.  I’d love to but there are way too many sugary things that I enjoy one of which is pasta. 

Well it’s about time to go climb the stairs and spend time with the furry family.  Then off to bed and up and at it again tomorrow.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat … makes you wonder how some people managed to ever get out of the shower.  Think about it. 

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