03 July 2017

Lazy last day

Well it’s almost the last day, technically that will be tomorrow.  So I got to sleep in late, which was very enjoyable but then again I was up late.  My back is still bothering me and my body is crying out for a massage.  Not sure if I will give into that but it is under consideration. 

I had breakfast at home, got a shower and of course took care of feeding the little fuzzy creatures.  Big Boy sure loves his couch and he clings to it like a baby clings to it’s mother.  Hey if he is comfortable and happy, what more can I ask for, outside of healthier? 

Took a spin to the upscale grocery store, bought Black Cherry Sparking Water.  I was looking for NY Seltzer, which is really good but I haven’t seen it in years.  I had a chilled can of this water later and it’s crap.  I’m taking it to the BBQ tomorrow just to get rid of it.  It’s worse tasting than beer and I enjoy the first drink of a frosty cold beer.  I was wearing my US Flag Pride shirt, where all of the colors are made up of the pride rainbow (before the flag was modified).  The assistant manager, looking all cute went out of his way to say hi to me.  I thought to myself, what do I have a fan?  I kept on moving and nothing more came of it. 

I hit up the pet food store next and was in an out in a flash.  They make spending money so easy, it’s quicker than the grocery store.  Then home to unload all of this stuff.  Then I grabbed a bottle of drinking water that was well chilled and I hit the open road.  A quick stop at the post office, despite not having an email I figured I would check.  Turns out my settlement for my car was waiting for me and I had to sign for it.  So I was really pleased as punch that I listened to the little voice that said, you must stop and check for mail.  Then I was on to the pie place.  All I could think about was Strawberry Hawaiian Supreme, which I found out is only carried in the month of May.  Fuck.  Not happy but what to do.  I ordered a slice of apple alamode.  It was okay but it was no Strawberry.  I had a patty melt and fries for lunch, which was really good.  They make their own bread, it was on marble rye.  No one makes a patty melt like this place.  To go I got a Carmel Silk Supreme and 4 Carmel Pecan Rolls to go.  There was $40 including my meal and soda.  It’s not cheap plus add in $20 worth of gas to go with it.  Now you see why I don’t run to this place every weekend.  Besides that if I did I would look more like the Michelin Man. 

On the way up and the way back I listened to Senator Warren reading me her audio book.  Man this lady has it together and gets where the little guy gets screwed by government, lobbyist and the system in general.  I really like her and for me that is a stretch because I don’t really like any politician, but from the way she speaks and her actions, it really sounds like she is the right person to be in charge of this country.  That of course is my opinion. 

There were a couple issues at work, but I deferred them until I get back on Wednesday.  That will be an overwhelming day and a day where I won’t be looking around wondering what can I do now. 

Much to my surprise I got an email response from the complaint I filed about my drivers license and they are sending me a new license, free of charge.  Wow I am very surprised.  Government doesn’t give away anything for free.  Even if they fuck it up, they charge you to fix it.  So I expect a new license hopefully by the end of next week. 

Once I got back home, I stopped to fill up my tank.  Thank God for Sam’s Club Gas.  They are way cheaper than retail.  Then I went to the upscale car wash, they have ‘hot wax’ and charge for it.  I look to them to wash my car but only sparingly because of the cost.  They used to have the hottest guys but now they are just average.  I did get to look at a nice rump so I was happy and my ride looks sparkling.  The tank is full and were ready to go to the BBQ tomorrow.

Finally I was able to walk in the door, the AC in the car was really doing a damn good job.  It was hot in my house compared to the car.  Big Boy was still on the couch and I decided that I was going to crash with him.  He slept between my legs.  Momma was on my chest until her fat ass daughter Insty came and demanded that real estate.  Then she moved to my waist and we eventually all passed out.  When I came to it was 2 hours later.  Wow, that was a nap. 

Had a TV Dinner for supper, some pie of course and fed the children.  Then I came down to finish up the laundry and play on the computer.  I figured I can finish things up tomorrow in the morning with cleaning the house and prepping for my return to work. 

I almost forgot, I got a call from the Doctors office.  Turns out he will be out of the office next week and we need to reschedule my appointment.  I was pissed.  We had this appointment for 3 months and just now he’s going to cancel.  Fuck that.  I tried to call back but was on terminal ignore (aka hold) and never spoke to a live person.  So I opted to handle things by computer.  I logged into the on-line portal and sent a message asking for an order for blood work in lieu of the appointment, then for someone to schedule an appointment again in 3 months.  We shall see what happens.  I mean the sole purpose of going to see him is so that he can get blood work done.  For that privilege I get to shell out a $25 co-pay and spend my time and gas.  I’m still taking the 2 days off that I have scheduled.  I can hit up the buffet and then get my blood drawn the next day. 

Tomorrow is the big holiday.  I hope that it’s safe and fun.  I won’t be near any fireworks, unless you count the ones that my neighbors have been shooting off since last Thursday.  I would rather watch them on TV, from the comfort of my air conditioned home, instead of out in the hot muggy weather with all of the bugs and creepy people. 

Well off to play on the PC and place an Amazon order.  Hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you again soon. 

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