26 July 2017

Hormonal Dilemma

If you have any advice I am interested in hear from you.  Part of my job entails working with employee photos.  I like to look at them before I post them where they need to go, just to make sure everything matches up.  The other day I discovered this blond bombshell 21 year old guy with blue eyes and he is absolutely all I have thought about off and on since I saw him.  I have followed him on some social media but he doesn’t necessarily know it’s me.  One of the apps is SnapChat.  You’d think since I am tech savvy I would know how to use this app and you would be wrong.  I know how to watch other peoples videos and have no interest in posting one of my own.  Well I discovered Snap Chat has a chat feature.  Chats are deleted but you do have an option to save them.  He is far away from me and the chances we will both be in the same city are slim to none.  Based on my detective work odds are fairly high that he is gay.  I’d like to be friends and let him know that I think he’s fucking gorgeous.  I just can’t seem to let him go and admire from a far.  Plus having a friend, if he will be just that is nice. 

I saw an issue that he logged the other day, I pounced all over the ticket.  We have video phones and I spoke with him very briefly on the phone.  It’s a wonder I didn’t fain or get tonged tied.  We had a normal conversation.  I was just beside myself.  I didn’t need to call him, I could have emailed him but I figured that calling would be better.  It was a challenge of sorts, plus I wanted to hear what he sounded like. 

What I don’t want to happen here is to come out to the wrong person or hit him up for friendship and have him spin this into harassment.  I am not looking to loose my job all because of him.  I am looking at both sides of the picture and thinking before I make a move.  Ah, damn hormones. 

Work is busy as ever and my boss sees how much I am taking on, he’s worried about burnout and that I will jump ship.  Right now there is not a chance in hell that I would jump ship, I am happy from an employment perspective.  I wish I could find the same happiness in my personal life and then I would be complete!  It’s like I told someone the other day, the grass may be greener on the other side but that is because it’s fertilized with bullshit. 

I promised the kids that we would watch Suits together.  They are all a little miffed at me because I didn’t have time for them last night.  Between a personal call and work, damn the evening was swallowed up fast.  It’s hard to comprehend that today is Wednesday.  Time in general seems to be slipping away from me.  I really want to find someone to make memories with.  A friend asked me the other day what are we to do since were single, what is the answer.  My response, masturbation.  Yeah it’s true it helps, it might not be the cure all but it is good to let your feelings out and to have a little pleasure in the process.  I mean you have to take care of yourself in so many different ways, this is just one of them. 

Off to wait for Harvey and Mike to appear on screen.  I really would love it if Mike would show as much skin or even more than Harvey has.  I am very much in to this show because of Mike, who is played by Patrick J. Adams.  He’s one sexy mofo.  On that note, I’m out. 

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