01 July 2017

4 Day Weekend

I am thrilled the weekend is finally here.  It’s been a wickedly insane week.  Our new guy is okay.  I kind of figured that he might be black and in fact he is.  That is because the person who made the offer was black, that would be our big boss.  He’s dumb as a fucking brick (the big boss).  I am keeping an open mind about the new guy.  He doesn’t say much and right now he has a lot of information coming at him.  The plan is to have him fully functional in 4 weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be helping me out.  I think that when the news is broken to him about taking care of administrative work that he will likely go with the flow but it will be interesting to see if he stays or goes after that. 

Speaking of work, I had my review on Friday.  Overall it was a good review.  There was one thing that was memorialized in my review that I wish wasn’t there but outside of that no objections.  I got my usual bonus because I am a team player and go above & beyond.  Plus my standard 3% raise.  This is exactly what I expected, so I am very pleased.  Anything less would have been upsetting to me and I honestly thought I would have to fight for the bonus part.  More money is always welcome in my checkbook.  I do feel privileged and honored to work for a great organization and be apart of the team I am on.  Despite my differences with some of my co-workers. 

Our office is open on Monday but I took the day off.  I will stay tuned to email just in case there are any people that are abruptly let go, but I don’t anticipate that or anything else happening.  Provided that is the case then I will use my last floating holiday.  If I do have to do any type of work, I will have to use PTO because that you can take in increments, you can’t do that with a floating holiday.  Kind of makes sense to me. 

My Friday was capped off with Big Boy.  I came home to find him sitting proudly on the couch.  He finally figured out that he can jump, it’s either that or my late partner came back and hoisted him up on the couch.  I was so proud of him and in a state of shock.  I decided to feed him on the couch.  He made his usual mess, ate what he wanted from plate #1 and really chowed down on plate #2.  He was very happy.  I sat with him for the longest time but eventually I had to write a letter.  I let him stay, I mean if he got up there he is capable of getting down.  Right?  Nope, he demanded that I place him back on the ground.  Then he ran to what he uses for a litter box and went to the bathroom.  I think he is proud of himself and is pleased that I am proud as well.  He’s been through quite the ordeal and he keeps on going. 

I also got my renewed drivers licenses this week in the mail.  They really messed up how my address is listed and I filed a complaint about it.  It’s a cosmetic issue, the information is correct.  So I don’t think there will be a replacement issued. 

We are in Saturday now.  I got my eyeglasses adjusted this morning.  I voiced my displeasure with the frame and was told that they will do a remake for free, unless I chose a frame that was more expensive, then I would have to pay the difference.  I am thinking about the option but don’t know that I will take them up on the issue.  Much to my surprise they told me that a lot of guys are now requesting blue in frames, so they are meeting with reps to get more blue frames in.  I was told I can check back, which I may do.  They are also looking into getting me silicon nose pads, they don’t slip as much as the traditional nose pads.  They made an adjustment so hopefully these stay put on my face.  I am still searching for that pair of glasses that Kennedy (porn model from Corbin Fisher) wears.  That is like my ultimate pair of glasses and anything less than that isn’t cutting the mustard.  What can I say I am obsessed.

I have monitored my car battery for a week straight and it is fully charged and has remained that way, ever since it spent a little time on a trickle charger.  I have also had issues with the infotainment system and have had to do 2 master resets.  That is really frustrating, I am starting to get used to the car and trying to like it as much as I did when I drove away in it.  I did spend part of today looking at cars on the internet and almost made a move to an SUV.  I am still thinking about it.  I’ve had my present car for 6 months and the litigation issue is finished so I am free to trade.  I know that it’s out of my league but I looked at a new BMW.  That car has pretty much everything my car has, except for the engine.  The car costs significantly more but has a much better overall warranty.  I won’t commit to a purchase if I know that I won’t be able to make the payments.  I like the payments that I have and if I could keep them and move to something I like better, in blue then I would happily make the move. 

I spent the day napping and watching a Will & Grace Marathon.  It was good to see that show again.  I understand it’s getting a reboot and I look forward to watching new episodes. 

I went out this evening and got my head shaved or hair cut, however you wish to say it.  I of course had to buy new product.  I know I have so much product at home I could open my own supply outlet.  Hair Care items are another obsession of mine.  I just can’t say no.  Then I went out for BBQ.  It was awesome.  I tried to talk myself into getting frozen custard but I opted out. 

Thankfully I am not up against any deadlines at the moment, so I am taking today off.  Not doing laundry, didn’t go to the cat food store, just playing on the computer and lounging.  It feels great.  I just wish I could curl up with a great movie, finding something that I truly enjoy is a difficult task. 

Plan for the rest of the weekend … Going for pie (thinking about it), Going to the buffet, the usual weekend chores I have to do, and going to my friends house on Tuesday for a holiday meal.  I don’t want to go but they asked so why not.  I am still trying to talk myself into going, even though I know I could get better food at a fast food restaurant. 

Life right now is pretty good.  Next week for work, will only be 3 days and then I get 2 more off.  Then I go back and work 3 more days and get 4 days off.  Then it will be back to a 5 day work week.  So that is pretty sweet.  If I don’t do the pie thing this weekend I will for sure do it when I am off the following week.  That week will suck because I will have to get poked with a needle and so will Big Boy.  I don’t know about him but I certainly hate little pricks. 

Happy Summer, I hope all is going well for you.  Off to continue my chilling phase until I decide to pass out for the night.  Cheers!

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