21 June 2017

The Kids Birthday–13 Years Old

All of mommas kids turned 13 today.  I can’t believe where the time has gone and how much I have been through with each of them.  I’m on my 3rd car since they were born, plus I am 13 years older.  Everyone seems happy which is a very good thing.

I am still waiting on the blood results to come back for Big Boy.  I just called the vet and they have no computers.  There was a power outage today, not sure how long power was out but I had to reset clocks.  My first clue was when I tried to move the camera while at work and nothing happened.  So I logged back in and the camera was in the home position and the time on one of the clocks was way off.  I suspect something may have fried or maybe they just need to reset everything.  I hope their PC repair person charges them like they charge me.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have results.  I’ll be calling again.

Passing time on my lunch break, I opted to check in on Facebook.  I found out that a guy that I grew up with and went to school with announced that he has cancer.  I was really taken back by that.  He is really buff and in top notch physical shape from what I can see.  He’s a jet setter and has done a lot of traveling working in sales for various companies.  Still were both the same age of 45 and I was stunned when I read that news.  I don’t know cancer of what or have any further details.  He is in the same state as my boss, so I reached out to my boss and asked him if he’s ever heard of the place where he’s going for treatment.  Apparently they are doing chemo and radiation.  That shit just sucks the life right out of you.  Your fine at first, maybe a little sick but then you start ramping up and you have good days and bad days.  He is single and I know he has friends most everywhere so I am hoping and reading into it that they will help him out.  A few weeks back he took a picture of a large cross and posted it, with the caption I am going to need this!  Yeah, now it makes sense. 

Processed our new hire for the open role that was created by the drama queen leaving.  The guy has a strange first name and it sounds French.  I hope there isn’t a language barrier even if he is on top of his game.  I have a lot of emotions about this.  Today we were all asked if we wanted to change hours.  Sure I’d love to but that would take time to adjust, confuse the kids and no doubt I would be sleepy.  Rather than deal with it I just said I’ll keep what I have.  If I change my mind later, I will voice a concern and I am sure that there is some flexibility.  The guy starts on Monday but we won’t get to talk to him until late in the afternoon on Tuesday or early Wednesday. 

So that’s life in the big city for me.  I am headed up stairs to pick up Big Boy and relax on the couch.  He is driving me nuts with his picky taste buds.  One minute he is all over a can of food and the next he wants something new.  I can’t tell you how many cans I went through last night but it was abnormally high.  He knows how to work me and I think he takes pride in that.  He also got a bath last night and was a very good boy.  So proud of him and that he is pulling through like a champ.  I hope that things settle down and we can go back to a state of normal for both of our sakes. 

Okay 2 more days and then it’s the weekend.  Plus I got approved to take the 3rd of July off.  That is so sweet and I will cherish that time.  Sounds like I will be going for pie, lets hope I have money then if Mr. Bear hasn’t tapped my wallet. 

Hope all is well and that your staying cool in this the first day of Summer 2017!  Take care.

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