18 June 2017

Sunday review

Hard to believe but Sunday is here already.  2 days go by really fast!  I went to bed late so that means I got up later than I wanted to.  I had decided that Cracker Barrel was the restaurant of choice, but there parking lot was filled.  You could easily tell that today was Father’s Day.  So I went to my old standby Steak N Shake.  Boy I was happy I made that as my 2nd choice.  They have hired new cooks and they are all very attractive.  Today’s feature had blond hair and a nice tight butt.  Oh I wanted to ask him out but the more I looked the more I said he is probably too young for me.  So I just admired from a far while I gulped down my food. 

Made it to the grocery store and managed to spend way more than I wanted.  I thought I would try something new for supper and got Stuffed Peppers by Stouffer’s.  They were really good, the sauce has a bit too much salt for my taste buds but still it was enjoyable.  So I don’t have acid reflux or burp the night away I took an antacid pill, hopefully that calms things down and it will be a non issue for me. 

I found out that there were 2 additional colors added to the pride flag.  I saw some rumblings of this last week but today I actually saw the final product.  I know a lot of people like more colors, but I think the flag was fine as is.  I am one of the people who isn’t happy about it, but it doesn’t ruin my day.  Black & Brown are not colors of the rainbow, I’ve never seen a rainbow and said oh wow it’s got Black & Brown.  I get why those colors were added but still come on, the flag wasn’t broken and it didn’t need to be messed with but that is my opinion. 

I got laundry done, got paged for a work issue but it was very minor and took all of 5 minutes to deal with.  Then I opted to start writing my second book.  I am going through each year of high school and logging my experiences, the missed opportunities and activities  I passed up.  It’s more like a book about regret.  My purpose is to hopefully motivate any readers that are in High School or about to enter High School to enjoy the experience.  Right now it’s in very rough format and I am still on the fence about actually going through with publishing it, but hey writing it is enjoyable and the first step.  You can’t publish something that you haven’t written. 

I got in a nap, even if it was late in the day.  Spent time with Bear and watching him is what made me sleepy and that is when I left him on the couch and I decided to sleep on the love seat.  He was comfortable and enjoying himself, I on the other hand was not comfortable and didn’t enjoy myself.  I would dose off only to wake up or be woken up by Momma or Gator.  Bear would make a couple of noises but for the most part he was silent. 

Switched out my Uverse boxes.  I’ve got 2 wireless receivers and opted to swap them a while back.  I undid that today because it’s been a pain.  When I turn on the TV the box should come on.  That wasn’t the case in my room, I moved the box higher because I thought it wasn’t getting a signal from the remote but it’s just a crappy box.  So I went back to the original that worked.  I switched because the original box would lose signal when I was watching TV.  It happened even after I swapped so I elected to change the Wireless Gateway, I had a spare and that seems to have quelled the problem.  Way more useless information in this paragraph that you probably wanted to know. 

I talked myself into going out for a haircut.  I went super short on the sides a 1A and then the usual 2 on the top.  It looks good.  I think I might have messed up the back but I like to shave my neck afterwards.  Something about being clean and smooth.  That is how I like my guys and that is how I primarily like to be.  It just makes me feel more human.  I also topped off the tank in the car. 

There was some extra time so I changed out the bed clothes.  I even washed my pillows, so they will be nice and extra fluffy.  Looking forward to sleeping in a nice clean bed.  Hopefully no one gets sick and pukes to ruin it. 

There is a documentary about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on HBO.  It’s very interesting and if you have a chance I highly recommend watching it before the month is over and their content changes. 

Well time to climb the stairs watch a little TV until it’s time to get ready for bed and call it a night.  Morning will come way too early and there will be much to do tomorrow.  At least I won’t be on-call and for that I am thankful.  I should have a break for 2 weeks, which I always look forward to.  Even though the on-call shift looks nice on my paycheck it’s something that I would rather not participate in.  I am very thankful that we don’t get bothered that much.  It’s nothing like when I was on the front line, those folks get pummeled on the weekends.  I do not miss that one bit. 

So me, my car with a full tank of gas and my new glasses will tackle tomorrow and see what it brings.  I am hopeful for some free time and less stress but it’s not what I will plan for, I don’t want to be disappointed. 

I hope that it’s a great week ahead for all.  Take care!

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