19 June 2017

Sick Bears

Last night Bear was straining to go to the bathroom.  You could tell it hurt and he was not happy about it.  I went against my word and broke out the 1 enema that I have left.  I was cautious and gave him a little bit, that didn’t do anything to help him.  So after waiting a bit, I opted to give him a little more.  Nothing but diarrhea.  I felt around on him, not knowing fully what I was doing but I didn’t feel any type of mass.  He got pretty worked up and started vomiting.  He was running all over the house and it was a pee pad nightmare.  Thank goodness I have 2 boxes on standby in the garage.

Thing eventually calmed down, I was able to get to bed at the ripe hour of 11pm which is 1 hour later than normal.  We both slept through the night in the same room.

I woke up early and jumped out of bed.  Eager to get breakfast going for everyone and to see how my buddy was doing.  He was still a bit of a mess.  He didn’t want to eat.  No big deal it’s understandable.  I told him if he wasn’t eating by tonight that we would be going to see the doctor.  I went about my morning routine, all dressed had my lunch in the car.  Passed out medicine and then he puked.  That cinched it for me, time to call it and take him in. 

This was not how I wanted to use my time but I am glad that I have it to use.  I took the day off, but did monitor throughout the day for any emergencies.  I also did some work from home this morning, I’ll bill for that so it wasn’t a full 8 hour day of time off. 

I called for an appointment and got one at 10a.  He has lost even more weight down to 18 pounds.  Last time a month or two ago he was at 25 pounds.  That is pretty significant for him.  It is also a sign that something is wrong and it’s serious.  First they thought it was his kidneys, but I told them I didn’t think so because he goes to the bathroom on a normal schedule.  Still we had to check and I was right, kidney values are in the normal range.  Now it’s time to check the thyroid and get some other lab numbers.  There goes $100.  They had to send the blood work out and I won’t know anything until tomorrow.  Walked out with some more laxative for him and prednisone.  It was like making a car payment, which I kind of planned for.  Just glad that he is still alive because the cost would have been about the same to end our relationship.  If it’s his thyroid then he goes on another medicine and will have to get repeat blood work done, it’s fixable.  If it’s not his thyroid then it’s cancer.  Yeah um how exactly do we know it’s cancer if you don’t have any x-rays, cat scans (no pun intended) or other radiology studies.  The only lump is on his thyroid which is normal if the thyroid is diseased.  The cancer thing is a guessing game approach.  I don’t think he has cancer at least not at this stage of the game. 

Bear has been in hiding for a good part of the day and the rest of the day he has spent in close proximity to daddy.  He is drinking water and now is back to eating a little bit.  I hope it stays down.  I think he is once again on the road to recovery.  I do ask myself how much more life does he have in him?  He’s got 2 more days to live until he celebrates his next birthday and will be the ripe old age of 13.  That is old age for a cat but it’s still young in my book for an indoor only cat.  Normal life is around 15 to 20 years old.  I don’t want them to all start falling like domino’s but I suspect that is what is going to happen.

Marv is dependent upon his brother, he looks after him and they talk and play a bit.  Take away his brother and I suspect that Marv will go next.  Ruth is her mothers shadow and gets under her skin, take away mom and Ruth will be next.  That leaves Gator who is pretty close with me and her mom.  Not exactly sure how she would fair if mom went away and she lost her sister. 

I just keep my fingers crossed, say my prayers and hope for the very best outcome.  I cherish each and every moment I have with all of them because you never know.  I could get killed in a car accident or they could just drop for whatever reason.  Not to be depressing but it’s just a fact, you never know what or who will die and when.  Might as well enjoy all the time you have together. 

I got in a nap or two.  Had lunch at home.  Went out to get the mail and grabbed supper at Cracker Barrel.  Spicy Grilled Catfish, it was really good.  Then came back home.  Only to find a large police presence in the neighborhood.  They had traffic blocked off and the officer waved at me, because of my plates, he thinks I am one of them.  It’s saved my ass more times than not.  I don’t claim to be a cop but if you want to read into it, that is a poor assumption on your part.  You know they say never judge a book by it’s cover.  Anyway, I came home broke out the scanner and from what I can tell it was a major drug bust, that is me reading into what I have heard.  I don’t know anything for certain and it sounds like the person they are looking for is still at large.  It’s not in the media yet but I suspect within a day or two it should be, that is how I will confirm my theory.  They did seize a vehicle, they have 2 juveniles and a gun. 

Personally I am eager to get back to my normal routine aka work.  It will help take my mind off of the constant worry of Bear and I will be more productive.  I am just taking it day by day.  I won’t make any rash decisions unless it’s obvious his life is in danger, he is suffering in pain or his quality of life has diminished such that it’s better to part ways.  My late partner thought fondly of him and when that cat looks me in the eyes, my heart melts like butter.  I am hanging on to him for many reasons, the greatest of which is love. 

I am ready for the emotional rollercoaster to stop but that probably won’t happen until he takes his last breath.  Then I still have 4 more to worry about.  Pets are expensive, I am glad that I have them but my wallet has really suffered.  Shame I can’t find me a money tree, I’d plan 2 of them. 

Here is hoping that the rest of the week gets better!

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