15 June 2017

Aw, one more day

I am so ready for this week to be done and over.  It’s been a lot of work.  I made the most headway today.  I got out this huge mother of a report that my entire team now has to work on, since we lost a person.  I get to be the one to send it out to executive management.  I am not happy about that because if they have questions, they will come knocking on my door and ain’t no body got time for that.  I still have 2 more days of vacation w/o the boss around.  Although, he will be back in town over the weekend and I am sure Monday he will probably be calling or at least emailing.  I have a load of information for him and can’t wait to pile it all at his feet.  Just what you need when you get back from vacation, more work on top of what is filling up in your inbox. 

Speaking of vacation I decided to get curious and look at my PTO balance.  I have 92 hours, plus 1 floating holiday to burn by the end of the year.  I can carry over 1 week of vacation but anything above that is use it or lose it.  I carried over a week from last year.  When my late partner was a live time off was always used up and there was that year when I was out for a week sick.  So I am really surprised.  I know I have used some PTO but to have such a high balance is comforting and concerning at the same time.  I will make sure that I get my fair share of time off, because I won’t just give up time. 

Everything today was going well until I decided to leave for the day.  Traffic was a mess.  There was an accident and all of the signage said that the left lane was closed, so I merged over to the right lane.  Apparently, no one else got the memo.  It was a complete cluster.  I was in traffic for most of my evening, that would be 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I used the built in navigation in Mr. Car to get directions on a detour and it came through for me.  I had to use the bathroom so I opted to go home first.  I took care of that and then fed the children.  Then it was back out to get gas (it’s really cheap right now) and I haven’t gotten the mail all week, so I stopped and picked that up.  Then back home, gobble down supper.  Take out the trash.  Get undressed and give away some money (paying bills) and then I looked at the clock and said why not make a post, it’s almost time for bed. 

Momma is having a panic attack because I am not upstairs just yet and she knows it’s a work night.  That woman keeps me on my toes, then again they all do.  Hard to believe but they are all going to have birthdays next week.  Momma will be the ripe old age of 14 and the kids will be 13.  I can’t hardly believe these little fuzzy creatures have been apart of my life for 13 years, where did all of that time go?  Man I am getting old.  I look forward to their birthdays next week. 

Bear had some problems going to the bathroom this morning.  I gave him a laxative this morning before I left.  I came home and I see the problem has been worked out.  Yay Bears!  I know he feels better because he has me jumping to get him food and lots of it.  He’s not eating it all, just doing his buffet style sample thing.  I think they all collude while I am away and plot to see who can get on my nerves the most.  Bear is a winner in that area with his sister Gator in second place.  Marv is third.  As for Momma & Ruth, they usually don’t give me any trouble.  They say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. 

On my way to work this morning in my shuffle mix on my iPhone the tune Lick It Up by Kiss came on.  This song makes me so horny.  All I can think about is blowing a guy.  I’ve not had the experience of getting all revved up over a song.  It’s a good song and I like it.  I guess it’s the lyrics mixed with images of porn running through my mind that is getting me all hot and bothered.  Or maybe it’s just the sheer fact that I need Amanda, yep a man to hug and kiss. 

Saturday is going to be a busy day for me.  I have to get up early go to Breakfast, DMV for my plates, Eye Doctor to get my glasses and get them to sign the rebate form so I can get my $$ and by then I will be ready for a nap.  I have to shop for cat litter and cat food.  Plus I am debating on where I want to eat supper at.  I am on the fence between the pizza place or Maggiano’s.  It’s Father’s Day weekend and this daddy doesn’t want to be at a restaurant on Sunday.  Saturday will be a close call but I still have some adventure left in me. 

Ah, time to climb the stairs, prep for Friday, use the massager on my back and feet.  Then pass out medicine for Momma & Bear, then and only then can I relax in the comfort of my recliner until it’s time for bed.  Oh I almost forgot the surprises the kids left for me.  Marvin crapped in the hall and Gator threw up all over my bed.  Nothing says we missed you like those gifts.  Welcome home time to get to work.  But that’s what I have been doing all day is work.  Then it’s homework.  Honestly, is there any way to win? 

I hope your week has gone well and that you have an enjoyable weekend.  Talk with you again soon.  Be well!

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