06 June 2017

Sweet Mother of Mercy, where are you?

It’s been a painful couple of days.  Whatever I pulled, dislocated or otherwise injured in my back has been driving me crazy.  I have lost two days of work.  Been on some damn good pain medicine and had plenty of sleep.  I also have been on muscle relaxers.  This is why I save leftover medicine, it might be expired but it still works for me.  Beats having to run to the doctor or hospital. 

I have been sitting on the heating pad and that has helped.  Last night I took an Epsom Salt Bath.  First time in the bathtub in a long time.  I quickly remembered why I don’t get in, the tub is too small for me.  I mean I fit but my legs have to be propped up.  It’s not a sideways thing but a length thing.  Expansion on both parts for the tub would be nice but honestly I don’t use the bathtub, I am a shower person.

Got a wake up call and it was the eye doctor, they called this afternoon while I was napping with Gator.  My frames were in.  That’s when I decided it was time to get moving.  So I got up, showered, got dressed and went to check on the frames.  Liked them, got measured and ordered them.  Paid for them as well, that was $250.  I wish I was getting what I truly wanted but since I don’t have any information I have to settle.  There will be plenty of Blue and a little bit of silver.  I’d like some black thrown in but that wasn’t an option.  They are Ray Ban’s and I am anxious to get them on my face for good.  They will have Eyezen Protection which is suppose to be better for looking at a computer all day long. 

As for work, I am going back tomorrow.  Some of my fuck ups emerged yesterday and my boss had to work with one of them.  I got another one today.  It’s all simple stuff but it shows that I am under pressure and that is why I make mistakes.  I am detail oriented and careful but sometimes things slip your mind 

I was able to fix a cardkey from home, so that felt good.  Got a door reader problem and I sent an email but never heard back.  Got a new person starting at a location I haven’t worked with before and I have to work with that buildings management to get her a card.  Working with building management goes two ways – it’s good from the start or it’s shit.  In this case these are both shit, so I have to work them harder to get what I want, which is not any fun for me. 

As for my back it’s feeling a little bit better but it still hurts.  If were at the weekend and there is not much more relief then I will be visiting an emergency room, not what I want to do but I have to listen to my body.  I think I only did minor damage but this is a area of the back where I have already got problems, it’s not something I will fiddle with.  I mean a few days of pain is fine, the intense stuff seems to be over with.  I think the more sedentary that I get the worse it’s going to get.  So I have to move around. 

Now enter the barfing cat.  Ruth isn’t feeling well and she has thrown up all over the basement.  Made me wish I had my spot bot.  Turns out I still have it, but the hose is damaged.  I went looking for a new machine then it hit me, just buy a replacement hose.  I did just that and it will be here on Friday.  $15 that is far better than shelling out $100.  Oh Mr. Spot Bot I have missed you so.  Looking forward to being reunited.  I just fill it full of cleaning solutions and water, place it over the stain, plug in the machine and press a button.  It does the rest of the job for me.  Viola, bye bye stain.  Beats lugging out the big machine for a small job. 

Kind of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and of course the day I am going back will be my first day of a very long on-call shift.  Starts tomorrow and goes through the 18th.  I can handle it but I would rather not. 

After the eye doctor, I went to Red Lobster.  It was good even if I didn’t have a drink.  Just ate a regular meal.  Made it back home, I was going to stop and get the mail but my body said enough for one day go home.  I listened.  This is the most time I have spent in front of a computer since Sunday. 

Breaks, relaxing, sleeping and doing most anything else is something that I need to introduce into my routine more often.  it really helps.  I also got a message at work from my co-worker who left.  She wants to know how things are going.  Yeah haven’t quite decided if I am going to respond and if I do respond what to say.  It will all come together.  Tomorrow is also my bosses last day in the office for 2 weeks, kind of looking forward to peace and quiet.  A lot less meetings and getting more stuff done with less interruptions. 

Fun.  Now to enjoy what I have left of an evening.  Tosh.O is back on so that will be nice way to cap off the day.  Hope all is going well for you. 

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