04 June 2017

Fucked Up & In pain

Last night was a late night, which caused me to sleep in.  When I woke up I just started rushing because I knew what I wanted to accomplish.  Once I was out the door, I had to stop at the post office.  They delivered some cologne yesterday, it wasn’t at my front door so I figured I would check the PO Box just to be sure and to my amazement it was actually there. 

Then it was on to Cracker Barrel.  Saw Cody the cute twink with the nice ass.  I wore one of my pride shirts and he looked at it.  Don’t know that it made a difference.  I got seated quickly and my food was out fast.  They were packed so I am not exactly sure how this happened.  Last week the manager just gave me priority seating, never mind the wait list you come with me.  Uh, okay you got it. 

Made it to the grocery store, in and out $50 which isn’t bad for the week.  Most of the stuff I needed was for lunch, I got some treats for myself and breakfast food.  Then on to the cat food store, another $50.  Then to top off the tank $6 and what I thought was the final stop the car wash $17.  Got home unpacked and as I was doing so I dropped something, I went for it in a lurch knee-jerk reaction and threw out my lower back.  Fuck it hurts and it’s getting worse instead of better. 

It didn’t help that I cleaned the bathtub, that just aggravated things.  I rested up with some ice.  Watched the first part of Full Metal Jacket where Private Pyle blows his head off.  I love hearing the Drill Sargent, I am a huge fan of the Marines.  I don’t have the physical strength but if I did that is the branch of the service that I would join.  It’s tough mentally and physically.  The mental part is nothing for me, the physical part is where I would just break down and it would probably kill me or close to it.  Like Private Pyle, I love my Jelly Donuts. 

Slept for a bit.  Woke up still in pain.  Started moving to get laundry done, house cleaned, inside of my car cleaned.  Then I worked on a drippy faucet.  Had to go back out and get washers and springs.  It’s a Delta.  Couldn’t find a pipe wrench in this house to save my life.  Used large handled plyers.  I did some minor damage but hey it’s all back together and it works fine.  I was a little worried.  There is nothing wrong with my tub faucet but while I had everything turned off I should have torn it apart and replaced the washers and springs.  The biggest part of this was labor but the parts were $3.  Not bad at all.  Tub faucet will have to wait until it starts leaking. 

Decided that I am keeping the pens.  Logged my transactions and then did some calculations.  I am doing some debt consolidation via a credit card that is offering me 0% for 12 months.  I can save $100 per month by doing this so why not.  Wrote myself a check and deposited it.  I will be sure it’s paid off in 12 months because they charge a hell of an interest rate.  I will lump in my glasses when I buy them, that’s less cash I will have to part with.  A little bit of this is me freaking out.  I think when I get my next check from work I will see that this wasn’t entirely necessary but I would rather be prepared.  I’ve got 2 credit cards that I pay off each month, both of which are larger than normal, so that is the freak out part. 

Had some left over pizza, a shower used some new Shampoo & Conditioner from Paul Mitchel.  It’s called Neon, but it is sugar based.  Smells damn good.  So good that I want to eat it instead of use it on my hair, but I am guessing that wouldn’t fair too well. 

Fed the children.  Bear wants quality time with daddy but I have to pass tonight, my back is killing me and I don’t want to pick him up.  I am going to get some TLC from the massager and then find the heating pad and get it out.  I have already taken a Muscle Relaxer and a Narcotic Pain Killer.  I should be PTFO sooner than I want, but so long as I stay asleep once I am out all should be well in the morning.  If not then I will re-evaluate if I go in or stay home.  I’ve got too much to do to stay home so I would have to be in serious pain.  I can always go in and if it’s too bad leave and come home.  Earlier I was a bit nauseated from the pain, but that has passed. 

I am living a little too large but the rewards are sure nice.  Shame I can’t do thinks like that for myself all the time.  I am really serious about building a nest egg.  Just watch it grow and grow and grow.  A little interest here and a little interest there.  Seems like pennies today but over the long haul it will add up and pay off.  No lottery tickets for me this week. 

I heard back from the lawn guy, he says it’s all my fault because I didn’t tell him sooner.  However, he’s not insisting that I pay.  WTF it’s not my job to police you.  He said that he just discovered the contract was bi-weekly.  Mother fucker, our arrangement has always been bi-weekly.  You must be on crack or your just a dumb fuck, maybe both.  Anyway he says I am on bi-weekly now.  Yeah I guess so, nothing like giving away free service to motivate you to square things up. 

As for work, yes they are going to replace the person that left.  There are interviews going on now.  Hopefully in 2 to 3 weeks they will be making an offer to someone.  They aren’t getting into specifics of duties but they are going to be required to do new hires and departures.  Guess who gets to train them, that would be me.  There is more exhaustion for me.  Great.  I just hope whom ever is chosen that accepts the offer is a person of high caliber who can teach me a thing or two and someone who will stay for the long haul. 

Right now I am going to hit up that massager.  I hope to be able to stay up to take in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  If not it will be waiting for me tomorrow just like more left over pizza.  Cheers!

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