11 June 2017

6 more weeks

In six weeks I will get to repeat the dreaded task that I had to do today.  Trim Ruth’s claws.  This went all kinds of wrong.  First, the clippers didn’t want to work.  I had to let her go and fix them.  Second, capturing her again first she lost her bladder then her bowels went next.  Had to release her to clean things up.  Third, this is supposed to be the charm, right?  Yep, got her trapped in the kitchen and finally the task got completed.  I gave her a kiss and she almost bit me in the face.  I got to brush her and put on flea medicine.  Clearly she is not a fan of this, the attention she seeks is on her terms and when she wants it.  Thank God for the Welding Gloves or this would have been a trip to the hospital.  She bit me a couple of times.  You just feel pressure and it is uncomfortable but she can’t puncture the gloves, claws as well.  These gloves are impervious to everything.  I pray they hold up as long if not longer than she is alive.  They have only had one use and they are orange like this font.  When she sees you with them on, she knows it’s game on. 

We have made up and all is forgiven.  She knows I was trying to help her now but in the moment she thinks I am the enemy and she will do anything within her power to get away from me.  She has a sweet disposition but it’s hard to imagine that when all I talk about is her trying to kill me when I go to trim her claws. 

She is the one cat that I haven’t been able to walk up to and give a belly rub to.  I have touched her belly but it’s only brief.  I know she loves me, she just has a funny way of showing it. 

My back was doing much better until this up and down deal of working with Ruth.  I bought some Icy Hot Extra Strength Rub at the store.  It sucks and I hate it.  Ben Gay is the heavy hitter in my book.  I used to say Bio Freeze but even it doesn’t affect me like Ben Gay does.  Maybe that is because I am gay and I would like a guy named Ben.  All I can say is I hope that I continue to heal and I don’t have to take anymore pills.

Made it to breakfast.  It was extra good chili this morning, lots of Beans and Beef.  My Royale was good too, I had an extra slice of tomato on it.  Fries were ah okay as fries go.  I had a mini strawberry cheesecake milkshake, not bad.  Then it was on to the grocery store.  I was in and out, dropped more than I wanted to but that is always the case.  Then on to get fuel for the car at Sam’s Club.  Their pumps are computer controlled on a timer that is based in AR.  Yesterday when I was at the pet food store they said their AC was controlled in TX.  Kind of interesting all of the automation in the world.  Then again I control several of our offices key card systems from my desk and can even do it from home.

Noticed that there was some Ivy starting to grow.  It has choked out a lot of the bushes.  It’s like wildfire and spreads fast.  I was searching for some Roundup but didn’t have any.  That will be a trip to the hardware store and with the way I felt, I decided it could wait. 

Well time to go relax with the children, prep for Monday and hope that the week is calm.  It’s been a busy day for on-call but thankfully they are simple things and don’t require too much of my time.  I hope that it’s all quiet for the rest of the night.  I am ready for some me time.  Although I did manage to squeeze in a short nap today, was kind of nice. 

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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