17 June 2017

Cannoli Cake

I managed to accomplish everything on my to do list and each task went off with out a hitch.  I like the color of my new glasses but now that I have then I am not terribly happy with how big the lens are.  Still they do look good on me.  I am actually wearing them now.  I have been wearing them for most of the day.  The extra active Transition Lens are awesome and work when I am behind the wheel.  Unless I feel like it, I don’t have to change to sunglasses.  Kind of nice but I do like my sunglasses.

I purchased an audio book and am listening to it.  Quite interesting.  It’s Connor Franta’s 2nd book called Note To Self.  He is a very wise young man.  Not to mention young, cute and wealthy.  Too bad he lives in CA.  Still once I am done with this book I would love to sit down and write him a letter.  I can’t seem to find a fan mail address for him.  That used to be all the rage and now we have social media.  As I listen to him I feel inspired to write that 2nd book of mine. I could have gotten the book for free but opted to pay for it, rather than cancel a subscription trial in 30 days.  It was just by far easier and a much more direct route to get what I wanted.

Friday’s mail brought me some very good news.  Since I am a “safe driver” I am eligible to renew my drivers license without going to the DMV.  I was worried about maybe not being able to pass the eye test without my glasses, but I really don’t want that restriction on my license, it’s just a reminder that I am old.  So now I have nothing to worry about.  My eye issue is distance and my prescription is very mild.  I voiced my concerns to the eye doctor and he tested me and I passed with flying colors, no glasses.  This morning I mailed off the form and my check, now I just have to wait a few weeks and my new license will arrive in the mail.  Then I will be good for another 4 years.  That term will pass so quickly, but maybe then we will have a much better President in office and not the dunce we have now. 

My buddy called and asked about getting together for supper, I was tied up and couldn’t get to the phone.  I am glad he left a message.  I made reservations and then returned his call.  We met up at Maggiano’s aka the usual place.  I got to have White Chocolate Cannoli Cake and it was good.  Not as good as I had planned but it was good.  I have 1/2 a slice in the fridge to have with the pasta I took home.  That could be dinner tomorrow or possibly on Monday.

I was able to spend time with Bear.  I have recently started getting a Bear hug from him.  I pick him up on his back.  He wraps his paws around my neck and holds on.  Then I love on him and that motor gets going, those paws relax and I look deep in to his eyes and tell him how much I love him.  There is no doubt in my mind that he understands and feels the very same way about me.  He longs for my affection and the little time that we do get to spend with each other.  Those moments are cherished and special for both of us. 

Speaking of Bear I went cat food shopping.  Marv has this thing for sponge balls.  Him and I play together all the time.  I saw what he was playing with and how dirty they had gotten, plus they are old.  So I sprung for some new ones today.  Oddly enough there was one that was soft but not sponge type and it was covered in a bright pink fabric.  He was going nuts with that one.  Carrying it around the house and showing everyone, look at what daddy got me.  There were other toys in the package and I have scattered them around the house, they were primarily for Marv but anyone of them is welcome to them.  I have seen not one cat use either of the 2 new scratching posts that I bought.  I am very upset and displeased over that, I am pondering if I want to give one of them away.  About the time I do that they will take up an interest in the one that is left and rip it to shreds.  Just my luck.   

I also got in my nap, it wasn’t nearly as long as I would have liked but it was a nap nevertheless.  I have binge watched and finished The Ranch.  It was enjoyable even if there wasn’t any Ashton Kutcher nudity.  I wish they wouldn’t end with a cliff hanger, but they have to set some bait to bring you back or else why bother to come back.

On the way out of work Friday night, I caught up with a co-worker who was talking about the 3rd and how we were going to be the only occupants in the building.  All of the other tenants are closed.  They are even doing repairs in the parking garage and it’s closed on the 3rd.  We are apparently scrambling to make other arrangements because our office is open.  However, I am not going to wait and see, I submitted a PTO request today for the 3rd and explained the situation.  I don’t suspect I will have any problem and going to work for 1 day, then being off a day and then going back for 3 more, that is just nuts.  Having 4 days off in a row and working 3, now that makes sense and it quite appealing.  Plus I suspect there won’t be that many people in the office on that day.  Wouldn’t surprise me if they close our office due to inability to access the garage.  If they do then I don’t have to use my time, but I’d rather submit the request to be on the safe side. 

It’s been a very typical Saturday here.  Gas prices are even cheaper now than when I filled up on Thursday.  I will be topping off the tank tomorrow.  I always start each week with a full tank.  By the end of the week it’s time to refill again.  Speaking of the car, I did have 1 issue earlier this week where it wouldn’t pair with my phone.  I had to do a master reset.  It’s been fine ever since.  Sure would be nice if they could work out the bugs before they released the software.  I understand a computer needs to be rebooted, but that happens by cycling the engine on and off.  I have a thought going of getting a different vehicle but there is no serious interest quite yet.  If I make a move it will probably be in the fall.  Plus I am still waiting for my settlement check, which is anticipated to be here late this month or very early next month.

Well it’s getting late so time to go listen to the natives be restless and tell me that I am going to bed late.  Nothing like stating the obvious.  Before this post I composed a Father’s Day post.  It will be live at 1a central time.  I think you will enjoy it. 

Oh before I forget, the lawn guy came by and cut the grass again.  They were just here last week.  Looks like even though he says it’s bi-weekly he is still cutting it weekly.  Hey I don’t care so long as I only get charged for 2 cuts, I will be a happy camper.  I don’t know anyone who would turn down something for free, even though he doesn’t intend to give away his service, he’s clearly not well organized and is doing just that.  I won’t complain unless the bill is wrong!  Have a great week ahead and we will talk again soon.  Be well. 

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