01 April 2013

In bed

My guy volunteers as an Election Judge.  It’s a good way to make some extra money and not have to break your back in the process.  Well he had a training class to go to this morning.  However, he didn’t make it.  His back insisted that he was going to lay flat.  I don’t know more about it, but it sounds like muscle spasms.  I’ve had them and they are painful.  He told me that he wrecked his bedroom but that he is back in bed and resting. 

Now he has this bright idea that he doesn’t want to go anywhere with out his scooter.  Yeah, the only problem with that is it will break my back to load it and he will need help in unloading it and then reloading it.  He really needs a different vehicle and then this would be a viable option.

Thank God for the food our friend brought by yesterday that plus my left over pizza should hopefully tide us by tonight.  I’ve got to stop for Cat Food because the kids have decided they don’t like the breakfast flavor cat food I bought.  So I won’t waste my money in buying more of it, I will just stick to the usual and watch them turn their noses up at that.  I was trying to bring a little variety to the table but apparently they don’t want that.  I’d sure get tired of eating the same thing over and over.  Finicky cats!

I got the official word that the boss man will be back on Wednesday.  Not an April Fools joke.  That sucks, I thought that we were going two weeks of freedom.  I know everyone else is bummed as well.  Sure glad that I scheduled my lunch date for tomorrow.  Wednesday is when Big Boy goes to the vet, I really hope that I can leave on time.  I don’t foresee a problem.

My guy was hooked on the series The Bible as seen on the History Channel.  He really liked it.  So much so that he wants the DVD.  It’s selling for $52 but you can get it on Amazon much cheaper.  At least that was true when I looked before going to bed last night. 

There is not a while lot going on for me today, I’ve had a couple calls and things to do but for the most part it’s a boring day.  I did work on the boss man’s machine.  Applied some Windows Updates, checked a couple of settings.  Then of course I had to reboot, that presented a problem because I was working on his machine via remote control.  When I went to log back on I couldn’t send a CTRL ALT DELETE.  So I had to use a backdoor to get in and then figure out how to get rid of the prompt for CTRL ALT DELETE.  I did that and rebooted and logged in as him.  All looks well and I did my best to cover my tracks.  No one here has any idea that I touched his machine and I don’t plan on saying anything.  He certainly won’t know because he isn’t here.  I like that.  I am just looking out for the well being of his machine.  I hope that he doesn’t have any further problems with his machine.  That would make me really happy. 

No April Fools jokes have been played on me and I don’t plan on playing any.  I am just ready to go home.  I hope the mess that my guy made isn’t too terribly difficult for me to clean up.  I just want a relaxing evening.

I did catch Shameless last night.  It’s getting pretty good and of course next week will be the season finale.  That sucks but then Nurse Jackie will be on and I am looking forward to that.  The worst part about being hooked on a series is waiting for the next episode.  I like the NetFlix approach where you can go from the 1st to the last episode right away.  It’s just more fun for me. 

Monday is on the downhill slide, can’t wait until I hear those words…time for Dirty Pop because I will be in the car.  Take care, be safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Sorry to hear your night didn't go well for either of you when you slept together. :(

Hopefully you've got your boss' machine all fixed now and you won't hear any more about it.

That was nice of your friends to bring food to you!

I hope even though the bossman is back this week things won't be too stressful. Have a good Tuesday!