29 May 2017

Talk Therapy

Yesterday at my friends BBQ, I met a lady who was in her 70’s.  She said that her husband had been dead 9 years.  That was my queue to ask questions.  We talked for a while, but what I took away was, it’s time to live your life.  Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the world or anything else.  You are all you have and you are responsible for your happiness.  She’s been on vacations all around the world all alone.  She doesn’t want another man and it sounds like she is quite well off.

I got to yammer on about my life story and she was all too kind to sit back and take it in.  Why can’t I find a man who is so accommodating and younger or maybe a year older than me?  Women seem to be my best friends, I guess it’s my girly side that relates to them.

I got home late, the kids were not happy.  They got a late supper and I got a phone call from my friend who lost his wife.  Turns out he found out why her first marriage ended it’s because she was having an affair.  It didn’t happen 1 time, there were 3 different time periods.  I would have never taken her for a cheater.  Now he’s heart broken and thinks that she was screwing around on him.  He tries not to think the worst but it’s only natural that his mind wonders.  I listened to him and accommodated him but what I really wanted to say was, she is dead does it really matter?  It’s done, it’s over and it’s time to move on.  Yes I know that the wound is still fresh but damn, he’s all over the chart.  He stopped his anti-depressant without seeking medical advice.  He knows he is out of control but he doesn’t want the sexual side effects.  Hello, go back to the doctor and ask for something else.  That’s far too simple he wants a homeopathic remedy.  Yes I am not kidding.  He needs prescription medication, I know all about side effects but you have to decide if you want to be able to orgasm or if you want to be happy.  I mean I was lucky enough to be able to do both with the combo I am on, but that doesn’t mean it will work for him.  I’d frankly like off of my meds but I am too afraid to see what life would be like without the pills. 

Today I was able to sleep in, stay home all day and the farthest that I went it to the garage.  I watched a movie with the kids.  Took a nap with the kids.  We had lunch and I cleaned the house.  Laundry is all done.  My lunch is ready for tomorrow (too bad I am not ready for tomorrow) and it’s been a nice relaxing, low key kind of a day.  I went shopping on Amazon and spend money from my settlement that I have yet to get.  I put it all on a credit card that there are no interest charges until September.  I should have the money by then and can pay it off.  I really racked up quite the bill.  Most of the stuff is for me but the cats get a couple of scratching posts and a new water fountain out of it, so it’s like Christmas came early.  There are other things that I want, but do not need.  Right now I think I am done with large purchases.  I am adamant about saving a decent amount of the money.  Rainy days come all too often and usually when your ill prepared. 

Speaking of spending money I go for my eye exam on Saturday.  I am going to try to find new glasses to match that of a porn star that I was searching so hard for last year.  I am going to a different provider for the glasses but to my regular place for the eye exam.  I confirmed with my insurance that it won’t be a problem.  I will wind up with a bill of a few hundred dollars if I am successful but it will be worth it to me if I can get what I want.  I have to gather photos of the frames and edit them so that you don’t see his whole body or the sexual act he is in.  I’ll be doing that after I am done here and then it will be time to go shave and shower.  Relax a bit before bedtime and then finally off to slumber land. 

I had the best dream last night I was reunited with Taz, we had a great time together.  I was really talking a lot about him yesterday and I suspect that is why I had the dream. 

Went out on the edge yesterday and got a couple lottery tickets.  Who knows maybe my numbers will come up.  I don’t need the grand prize but winning a nice chunk of change would be nice.  Enough to retire early would be grand but hell if I could be 100% debt free that would be nice!  I am sure if I was loaded it wouldn’t take long to find a guy who would be interested in me.  Granted it would be for all the wrong reasons. 

So having an extra day in the weekend was sure nice.  Now it’s back to the land of bedlam.  I did have to work some with being on-call but that will look very handsome on my check next month.  This month’s check that comes in a few days should be nice as well.  I should have the details tomorrow morning. 

No question about it, back to work will be back to the land of stress.  It’s going to be another jumping week but thankfully it’s only 4 days. 

Here’s hoping that the week ahead will be great for all of us!

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