02 May 2017

Empty but full of Drama

Da Bears had some problems last night when he tried to go to the bathroom.  Lots of straining but little production.  I knew he wasn’t done and he needed some help.  So I gave him that help and I can assure you that he is empty now.  What a mess.  He needed a bath and at 10p that was the last thing I wanted to do.  I got him to sleep with me and that calmed him down.  He seemed much better this morning, like a new lease on life.  I hope that his body can fix the issue that is causing him problems.  I really want my buddy back, but this was just another affirmation that were getting closer than I want to the end.

I caught myself last night looking at some mock stationary that I made up.  I merged my partners name with my name, then listed everyone out on the page.  It looks like were a law firm and/or a CPA Firm.  Underneath our names I put the tag line, the original cat house.  I made this up years ago to be humorous.  I counted and there were 10 names with all of the cats, including #1 son.  I thought to myself who would have ever thought that I would be the last survivor and that everyone is going to pass before me.  I mean that is what I anticipate but if I happen to drop dead today, that wouldn’t be a true statement.  But logically speaking I will have to mourn each of their passing and when you think of it like that, it’s like trying to swallow an elephant.  Pretty large task.  I suppose that is why they dwindle off slowly, one here and one there.  Sort of like Old McDonald’s Farm but there is no ei ei oh.  I am a pessimist by nature and just can’t shake the feeling that my Big Boy will be checking out sooner than I want him to.  He’s a tough guy and been through a lot.  He wasn’t terribly happy with me last night, that is until we were resting in my room. 

If you thought that was the dramatic part, your wrong.  I met someone online or so it seemed.  It was nice but the more things have played out I believe I have been targeted by an imposter.  I am waiting for the demands for money to be sent and then I will have my confirmation.  I won’t send a damn dime to some stranger that I have never met in real life.  I am trying to be optimistic and say that this person is real but I read a lot of dating scam articles and this has all the markings of one.  Typically if your not in my area or have plans to return to my area then I don’t waste my time.  I am not looking for long distance, I need a guy to be here so that I can feel, touch and talk to him in person.  I am purposefully being vague bout what I have been through.  I am glad that I have the foresight to be on guard and aware.  I could call it quits but on the off chance this person is real I don’t want to hurt them, I know what that feels like and don’t want to do it to someone else on purpose.  Some people can be really good at having you buy in to their story and then when you least expect it, everything unravels or they trip up and expose themselves.  I mean if your getting money out of people I understand why you would want to lie to them, but if your just catfishing them for the hell of it, I don’t get that at all.  I’ve been crushed a lot on these sites, it hurts worse to reach out too someone that you find appealing and they ignore you.  Why do adults act like children? 

On a different note one of my favorite broadcasters was Tom Snyder.  He has since passed away. I really liked his voice and sense of humor.  I decided to check out You Tube and sure enough there are archived interviews.  Yesterday at lunch I watched his interview with Charles Manson.  Manson is still alive today, he’s in his 80’s if you can believe that.  Anyway, the interview was tough to follow because Manson deflected, and talked gibberish..  He got upset for no reason and really talked strange.  Of course he never said he murdered anyone.  It’s interesting to hear some of these interviews that I never took place.  I started Don Rickles but have yet to finish it.  It’s content like this that makes me happy that we have the internet and the resource that can archive so much content.  If you want to see it, chances are it’s on-line somewhere, the hard part is finding it. 

Tuesday has been really busy.  Back to the salt mine.  Just wanted to touch base.  Hope all is well in your world. 

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