07 May 2017

Where do I even start

This past week can suck it, it’s been pure hell.  Friday is supposed to be the best day of the week, it was when the bottom fell out for me. 

Remember my co-worker, the cunt?  Yeah well she turned in her notice and is leaving.  While I am happy that I won’t have to deal with her drama and attitude she does a lot of things that make up a good majority of what my department does.  Graphs, Charts, Stats, Incident Reports and the list goes on and on.  Who do you think gets to pick up the slack?  Those of us left behind like myself.  I am not an Excel whiz and frankly thing a lot of the charts and graphs are bullshit.  Plus we have a large mobile device management rollout that is about to start and she is ducking out just before that ramps up.  Friday I was just beside myself and felt that this was the worst possible thing ever.  Now that reality has set in (much like with death) I realize that this is a golden opportunity to shine.  It means stepping up to the plate and digging in, working harder than I have before but the pay off in the end could be larger than what I expect.  I did glance to see what is out there in the job market and there are a couple of opportunities.  Right now I am not ready to jump ship, I mean it seems like the logical thing to do but it’s actually it’s far better to stay put.  The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.  Besides that things might not be nearly as bad as I envision them to be.  If things get too bad I can always leave or look to see what is available internally.  Everything happens for a reason and I’m not clear on why this happened but I may figure it out in the future.  On call is going to be a lot worse but it means more money for me so I may complain but I will be enjoying raking in the cash. 

Da Bears giving me so much trouble, things have settled down a bit.  I picked up some meds for him.  He does insist on me changing his food after a bit, so I switch with the girls.  I call it a switcher roo.  I came up with the name thinking about Ruthie.  Everyone seems to be a fan of it, even if they are eating and I take the food away.  Hope that keeps on working.  Plus he’s drinking water, which is such a good thing.  We have to keep that bladder flushed out.  Otherwise it’s crystal city and we can’t have that.  He’s trying and fighting, which is the same thing I am doing.  No wonder were paired together.  I’m not giving up on him or any of them until there truly is no hope and no decent outcome or quality of life. 

To reward myself I did a little Amazoning, make it a lot of Amazoning.  I got cologne which the price fell and I got a much larger bottle than last time for less money.  I call that a good buy.  Then there is some new soap (who’d want old soap?).  That all came on Friday along with stuff for Da Bears.  I ordered some lotion that I have been putting off doing mostly because of the cost.  I got a couple of cell phone holders, needed them for a while.  One of my telephones developed a short.  The phone would ring and it would answer by it’s self on speaker, only problem is you didn’t know it.  The person calling could hear me but I couldn’t hear them.  Have you tried to find a corded telephone lately?  It’s damn near impossible.  This was a phone in my bedroom and something that I used to see if there was a message waiting.  So I got a message waiting indicator – it’s just a red light that turns on when there is voice mail waiting.  Finally I got a percussion massager.  I really hope that this is the answer to my muscle aches, because I can’t keep a masseuse on-call and once a week isn’t cutting it right now.  In fact I’ve actually skipped the last 2 weeks.  That only makes things worse.  The rest of the loot I mentioned arrives on Tuesday, something to look forward to.

When I am done here I get to go lawyer shopping, not something that I want to do but I want money for all of the crap I’ve been through with my car.  The manufacturer hasn’t responded to my letter and it’s what I anticipated would happen.  They are calling my bluff, not something that you want to do with me and/or a Virgo. 

I catered to myself even further and went for pizza yesterday.  The cute guy wasn’t working there but a family came in with a nice strapping young man.  He had a nice booty.  Sitting in a bar chair and he was working it.  No one had any idea I was slobbering all over myself inside as he moved about.  I call that a dinner perk.  Plus I got a Cannoli for desert.  Brought home the left over pizza and enjoyed two slices for supper.  Probably will finish it up tomorrow night, Yum!

Gator decided to let me sleep in today, I got up later than I expected.  Went to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast.  Digressing I had to stop yesterday to get Oatmeal at the upscale grocery store.  I went to check out and I’d swear that the guy who hit on me from Cracker Barrel was my cashier.  His name tag matched his apron.  That’s how I got the idea to go there.  Anyway, there was a cute host who was chatting me up.  I did me recon work afterwards found out that he’s still in High School.  No wonder he’s so cute and has a nice bum.  I almost made a move but kind of glad that I didn’t.  He’s got a tattoo and in my state you have to be 18 to get one or have your parents permission.  I’m a poor judge of age so who knows maybe his parents said yes.  I am not looking to commit a crime, but I sure would like to get my rocks off with a guy, plus have a companion. 

Gay Dating that bust of an adventure.  All of my subscriptions will be ending this week.  Then I think I will stick around on Tinder but the rest of the apps will be gone.  Taking a break seems right and with the change at work I know I’ll need to focus more energy on my career than my personal life.  I did put in for PTO in July. 

Finally, I got a notice from Microsoft that they insisted that I upgrade to the latest version of Windows, which is the Creators Update.  So I did.  My desktop which is my main machine had some issues.  First, it kept going to sleep and not responding.  This machine prior to the upgrade was set to be active 24/7 so that when I need it, I can count on it being there for me.  Then I had some programs that needed to be reinstalled.  Long story short all of the bugs are worked out but it’s been awful and not the way that I wanted to spend my evenings and weekends.  Glad it’s over.  I still have 1 laptop to upgrade but it doesn’t get powered on much.  My laptop at the office is updated but I haven’t turned it on Thursday or Friday.  Work was just way too busy. 

Okay, so here’s hoping that this week is nothing and not even remotely close to being as bad as last week was.  I need smooth flowing traffic, fast moving days with no drama, no boring meetings and time wasting conference calls and to be able to soak up as much sleep and have as many orgasms and time with my cats as possible.  I know I have high expectations but might as well dream big, right?  I hope that you have a great week as well.  First Sunday that I haven’t had a nap, there simply was no time.  Hopefully, that means I’ll sleep great!

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