27 May 2017

Rough Week

Said goodbye to my co-worker that left.  That was Thursday.  Friday was a whole new day.  This week has been intense with more cramming for all of my new duties and assignments.  Plus sitting through what I call bullshit meetings.  No boss until Wednesday.  Monday is a holiday so at least next week will only be 4 days.  I already have logged 7 hours of overtime.  While the pressure and intensity of my job is increasing my paycheck should be doing the same thing.  Plus were getting close to pay raise time.  Very interested to see what I am going to get for a raise, I expect the standard 3% plus a bonus.  Waiting to see what reality brings. 

Had my Saturday car appointment.  This went way better than what I thought it would.  The service guy was hot, but was wearing a wedding ring (isn’t that always the case with a good looking guy?).  They got me in and out in about 30 minutes.  I got to sit and watch TV.  I learned all about Butterflies and not the kind that are in your stomach.  So it was educational as well.  I can see myself switching dealerships, it’s further away but it’s more modern and they have more vehicles and more staff.  Not committed to them yet.  Saturdays they only have lube techs working so it’s all oil changes and simple stuff.  Nothing mechanical.  Good to know.  One less thing to suck up my time off.  The owner’s manual says I can go 7,500 but all of the service people I have talked to present and new dealer say 5,000 is a good mark.  The oil change reminder in the car is set for 7,500 so I might run that just to see the alert.  It’s never popped up because I am always early when it comes to an oil change.  I’ll even do it 1,000 miles early if I can.  That strategy has paid off well for me and seems to keep my vehicles in top shape.  They mentioned that my battery was a little low and that I should put it on a trickle charger overnight to build it back up.  That shouldn’t be with a new car.  I think that there is a problem ahead in my future.  Battery, Alternator or Voltage Regulator.  It has to be one of the 3 if not all of them.  I charged it up a little bit this afternoon, but I am not comfortable leaving a charger running overnight. 

Yesterday on my way into work there was a pickup truck pulling a huge trailer.  They signaled for a lane change.  I gave them room, they kept on going so I went to take back the space and damned if they didn’t change lanes.  It a miracle that there wasn’t an accident.  I broke the cardinal rule of driving and I didn’t know my surroundings, which you should know at all times.  I just hit the horn, tapped the brakes and hoped for the best.  Thankfully it all worked out.  I was quite shaken up after that.  I figured that was an omen for how the day was going to go.  It was a rocky day but thankfully nothing bad happened. 

The cats are all going strong.  Marvin keeps crapping in my room.  He’s got diahrea and wants to let me know that something is wrong with him.  I give him medicine but he doesn’t want to take it so we have to fight.  Sometimes he wins and other times I win.  He is getting some fluids this weekend and hopefully he will be back on the straight and narrow.  DaBears is doing his thing and I am playing along.  He nibbles here and there but he is eating.  He’s got the right stuff coming out of him and I have switched up his medicine to help him out.  He craps in stages.  It a little now, rest wait and maybe an hour later a little more.  It comes out, I guess it’s just old age.  All of the cats have a lot of life left in them.  I still try to spend as much time with each of them as I can so that I will have positive memories to look back on.  Plus they help me, I see the world differently when I think about things from their perspective and my work troubles seem to vanish, until I snap back to reality. 

Got invited today to a BBQ tomorrow at my friends house.  I am getting ready to make our reservations for Turkey day.  It’s months away but it will be here in no time.  I stepped out and fetched some Diet Dr. Pepper so we won’t be thirsty.  $6 for 24 cans at Sam’s.  Not a bad price.  Paid more for the same thing last week at the grocery store. 

Today for the first time in a very long time I didn’t go out for any meals.  I am going out for breakfast tomorrow.  Then on to get people and cat food.  Then home until it’s time to leave for the BBQ.  There is so much to do around here but I am emotionally, spiritually and physically drained from the past week.  Lounging is all I have the energy for.  However, there are some essential things that I will do so that things flow smoothly for the week ahead. 

Baywatch the movie is out.  Zack Effron is in it and I have been thirsty waiting to see it.  I could chance things and go now but being on-call as soon as things got good I would get a call and have to leave.  I don’t want to take any chances so I am waiting until next weekend to go see it.  Also have my eye exam next weekend.  The weeks are busy and it seems the weekend is just as busy.  This will be my last Saturday appointment for a while.  July will bring me 2 days of PTO so that I can go back to see my doctor for a checkup. 

So there you have it my crazy week.  I do feel overwhelmed but at the same time I feel some pride in knowing that I have more power and I am more important.  Just not important enough to get an office, but I am working on that. I splurged and got myself 2 new Bluetooth Headsets.  These weren’t cheap.  One is for my personal use and the other is for my personal use at work.  I spend a fair amount of time on the phone, my employer provides this equipment to certain staff members but with my new job I no longer qualify.  My boss has asked but they can’t seem to scrape up $100 to get the deal done, so I did it for them.  Cheap fuckers.  Make you employees comfortable and they will do a much better job.  I have my eyes open to the the outside world and what positions are lying in wait, I haven’t applied for anything just looking for now.  If things get to be too much I’ll pull the trigger and go looking but I really want to stay put, I like where I work, I like most of the work I do, but I can’t keep doing the work of 3 people forever.  Eventually I will snap and I think that is true for any single person.  I mean look they already lost one person, that should tell them something.  Plus I can assure you that she was quite vocal about different issues in her exit interview.  I hope that will breed positive changes to come.

I hope all is sunshine, rainbows and kittens in your world.  I am sure that you like me have your struggles.  For all I know your problems are worse than mine.  I have just been on what seems like the rollercoaster ride from hell and I am looking for that to stop and for good things to happen.  Here’s to making it through another week and for the patience and energy to make it through the week ahead for you and for me.  Take care and be safe!

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