03 May 2017

Rip it off like a band-aid

Last night the more I thought about the phony guy I have been communicating with, the more I thought why are you fueling this and carrying on like nothing is wrong.  You know that it’s going to end in disaster, might as well speed it up.  So I reported him on the dating app, that of course hides both of us from each other.  Then I closed out my account on the site, paid membership or not, I am done.  I looked at a lot of the guys that are interested in me and I see lots of military guys with similar profiles.  Time to run. 

This morning I woke up to an email from him, saying how being gay is a sexual choice and he wants to suck on my toes.  Yes I said toes, not the body part that I would be looking to have suction applied to.  Anyway I could tell this was probably a cut and paste type thing.  He asked for photos of me, told me that I was a good honest man that we were building a relationship and that we could each have downtime to be with family & friends.  Yeah, uh okay.  Your overseas and you think because we have exchanged a few messages that now were in a relationship.  Boy are you delusional.  I killed the email account that I had setup for this purpose.  It stings a little bit but he is like a worm and the longer I let this go on the deeper he would be in my head.  Real or not, it smelled highly that it was fake – I used my flight instinct and now it’s on with my life. 

Back to my 99 problems, but he isn’t one of them.  Speaking of problems the Bears spent the bulk of the night under the couch, wasn’t interested in sleeping with me.  I did get some time with him on the couch.  No movement from him at all – I mean either #1 or #2, bone dry.  Scary but not unusual for 1 day with him.  He must have a very strong and large bladder.  He played his food game with me this morning.  I told Marv last night that his brother probably wasn’t going to be around much longer.  He woke me up at 2am to let him out so he could spend time with him.  How nice, wish his timing was better.

Today I wrote the vet that we usually deal with.  I never got a response from her.  I came home and saw that he took care of business while I was gone.  He seemed refreshed and boy did he chow down.  He played the game but I played one right back and he was a very good boy.  I’m headed up to spend time with him and hopefully enjoy our evening. 

We got hit by the Google Docs spam campaign today that someone brilliantly came up with.  That took up my entire afternoon, jumping from a conference bridge to call a user.  Don’t click that, don’t forward that and don’t reply to that.  Did anyone listen?  A lot of people did but a lot of people didn’t and made this far worse than what it needed to be.  It was a cluster in and of it’s self but it’s done.  It was a rush and fun at the time but now I am exhausted from the crash of the adrenaline leaving my body.  Let’s hope that I get to sleep much earlier tonight and now that a few things are under control maybe I will sleep deeper so that I can awake refreshed tomorrow. 

Traffic has been a real bitch this entire week.  That’s not going to get better anytime soon.  We have flooding to deal with and everyone is trying to find a new way to work.  Thankfully I am not affected except that I get to sit in traffic jams on the way to and on the way home from work.  Not how I want to spend my time.  I’d rather be with my kids and relaxing. 

Presto, change o that is where I am headed.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care. 

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