21 May 2017

The week ahead

One thing I know for sure, the week ahead is going to be a difficult one.  My co-worker’s last day is on Thursday.  Friday will be easy but the days ahead after that will be quite the challenge.  I am going to try to get every nugget of knowledge out of her before she walks out the door.  Once she walks out the door I have no plans for keeping in touch, she of course doesn’t know that.  I never promised her anything but she is encouraging me to stay in touch. 

Friday was a bit of a mess.  I called a meeting between my co-worker and my boss, just trying to get some clarity about the new hire and departure process.  A lot more of the work that she did is coming my way.  These are things that she just managed to work in over the years.  It took her a few years to ramp up, but I get no time at all.  She had serious concerns about that and vocalized them that caused an argument between her and my boss to erupt.  So the call ended pretty quickly.  He doesn’t get that I am going to be overwhelmed and likely burnt out quick.  I have voiced my concerns but the only thing I hear back is to be confident.  Yeah I am confident in that this is way too much to put on one person.  All I can do is try and if I make it great and if I fail well I tried to tell them. 

Next week I will be on-call.  I hope that it’s quiet after hours.  Saturday I am going to a new car dealer for an oil change.  I booked the appointment last night on-line.  Kind of neat, no talking with a human, being put on hold or transferred.  I like it!  I’ll be taking my laptop with me just in case something comes up but my hope is that it’s all quiet.  It will be a holiday weekend and that means that no one will want to work on Friday, that includes me.  My boss is smart and taking the day off, kind of wish I would have thought of that. 

I am all too eager to get my settlement money.  I have been making a mental list of things I would like.  Of course I have gone overboard but once I started putting things down on paper I woke up really quick.  I can get a bunch of things that will make me happy in the short term or I can save my money and build a nest egg.  I’m doing both.  There are of course more pens that I want, I need none of them but hey it’s my money.  I want to get a new water fountain for the kids and a couple of scratching posts, they are long over due for these.  I love wedding cake cookies so I will be buying some of them.  There are a couple of bottles of cologne that I want as well.  I’ve thought about upgrading my radar detector by getting a new model.  The actual upgrade is $100 less but it would mean I would be without a detector.  The way I drive I can’t afford that.  I like to know when the law is lurking around the corner.  That little machine has saved me more than once.  Of course there is new technology out and my unit doesn’t pick up all of the new stuff.  Plus they like to use Laser.  There is no defense against that, once that beam hits your car you are done.  There is no advanced warning for that.  So I want to start buying but better to wait until I have the money in hand.  I know for a fact it’s coming but it’s just a smarter move.

Today I reached out to an old boss of mine that I have a huge crush on.  Just asked for some dating advice.  What I got back what pretty much you have to take a chance, it’s a risk and it may result in a reward or it may result in getting hurt.  You don’t know until you try.  Great, so nothing I didn’t know already.  He got a divorce and is already seeing someone.  Why is it that my straight friends have no problems finding someone, but me it’s the most difficult task on planet earth? 

My Big Boy is back to normal for the most part.  I still worry about him and I call him Oscar that lives under the couch.  He isn’t too hip to that.  But he loves to hide and sleep.  I will be going up in a bit and I will have him sitting next to me while we enjoy some TV, not sure what I will watch because there isn’t a damn thing good on.  I owe him some of my time, he’s been neglected and I don’t want him to think that I stopped loving him because that is not the case.  There is only one of me but there are 5 cats and I have to spread myself amongst them, having a job and taking care of the house, plus finding time for me – yeah it’s a really challenge but somehow I manage.  Marv has diarrhea and he keeps crapping in my room, I am ready to hurt him.  I started him on medicine for it and hopefully things will calm down.  He isn’t too him to the medicine.  Gator and Momma are fine.  Ruth well something is still chewing on her.  I’ll be trimming her claws soon and it will be time for more flea medicine.  I’ve tried all I know but something really has a hold on her.  I don’t like it at all. 

Went for pizza yesterday.  Saw the cute guy, had some flourless chocolate cake.  It was really rich and something that I didn’t need.  I enjoyed the drive to get away, it’s shorter than going for pie.  Just a half hour away and it’s all interstate, so worth it.  Plus my car likes it too.  I am rocking 39 miles to the gallon – seems like the more I drive the better the MPG.  It’s peppier and were getting along just fine.  I washed it today and it really sparkles.  Then I came home and heard that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  Of course it is, that’s my luck. 

Need to backup the iPhone and sync it up with iTunes.  I am upgrading my laptop to the Creators Edition of Windows 10.  I need it next week so better that it’s patched and up to date.  There are some other tweaks I want to make to it, but not sure that time will permit that tonight.  I have to have my Bear time, that is an absolute because I promised it to him.

I hope that all is well in your world.  Leave me a comment and tell me how it’s going.  I’ll be back with another update as soon as time permits.  Work is really keeping me busy.  Oh almost forgot I passed my dental check up with flying colors.  Going back in 6 months when it’s closer to Turkey Time.  Which means I need to make reservations for Thanksgiving because it will be here before you know it. 

Take care and be well.  Talk with you all again soon.

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