10 May 2017

Is it the weekend yet?

This week has been by far the most stressful week I have seen in a very long time.  It’s been 100mph all day Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night I started catching the wrath for moving so fast.  No secret when you work fast, even if you know what your doing, you are more apt to make a mistake.  It didn’t help that I had constant interruption and had to shift focus.  I am not sweating any of it, I gave it my best shot but I am only 1 person.  Today I vowed that I will move slower and thus things will be more accurate.

I did get a letter from the auto manufacture and they expressed interest in settling.  However, they directed me to a call center and no one there knew a damn thing.  I finally got the true and correct information on how to contact General Counsel and have reached out to them.  I will be calling again tomorrow to see if I can’t get transferred there or at least get a telephone number.  Going through the first line of support no matter what the issue, is always difficult they have instructions and scripts to follow.  I get it but I am eager to put this behind me.

Speaking of behind, that leads me to Big Boy.  The laxative the vet gave stressed him out but it works.  I have stopped just to see if his body will adjust and pick up.  I don’t want to get him hooked on medicine and need it just to go to the bathroom.  Of course he hasn’t gone since I stopped, but I am hopeful that I will come home to presents.  He is back to being picky on eating again, when the med was working he was less picky.  He’s got me concerned and I am scared that I am going to lose him.  I keep telling him not to die on me, what I used to say to my now late partner.  I will never be ready to part ways with my Big Boy but if I can get a couple more years out of him that will be happiness in and of it’s self. 

Momma and Marv slept with me last night.  Someone went to the bathroom on the floor and I stepped in it in the middle of the night.  I thought it was food or puke but nope, neither of those.  Still stepping in something in the middle of the night will bring you wide awake and quick.  I was not very happy.  When I went back to bed I slept alone despite the desperate plea from Marvin. 

Got my massager last night and it’s pretty good.  Nothing like two hands but it’s pretty close.  I will be using it again tonight.  The Lawn guy stopped by yesterday and trimmed the bushes.  They did a horrible job and I am paying way too much.  At least it’s done so that should keep complaints from piling up at my door.  It’s bad enough that the home owners association dues are at the end of the month, we or I have never paid and don’t plan on starting now.  They always threaten to put a lien on the house, yeah you do that.  The chances of me moving are slim to none, at least while all of the animals are alive.  Once they go then I may make the mad dash but it’s doubtful. 

Lunch came early today, now it’s about over and time to run to another fun meeting.  Were planning for how we are going to get by with a staff reduction.  It’s a complete shit show but I will do the best I can, if that isn’t good enough well so sorry.

I was thinking this morning how ready I was for the weekend.  Nothing really planned, I need to get a hair cut but outside of that, nothing is going on.  Perfect time to catch up on sleep.  I have been running short with getting to bed late, interruptions in the middle of the night, it seems no matter what I do I am facing morning much quicker than I am ready to.  My body is telling me must rest but my brain is like must work.  So I need a happy medium and then I think I’ll be okay.  I have plans for getting my real massage tomorrow.

Take care and know that I am anything but bored or relaxed.  I hope that your doing well.  Here’s to the middle of the week! 

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