30 April 2015

Sick Kitty

As I suspected LB is sick.  He didn’t meet me at the door when I came home.  I have no idea where he was but he did come to the kitchen.  He puked up bile twice in getting there. 

I gave him some medicine to settle his stomach, it was old but hopefully it works.  I started reading on the internet and just gave up.  I called the vet and I have an appointment for later this evening. 

We are in to the EMERGENCY hours so just to walk in the door is going to cost me a small fortune.  However, I figure better to deal with it while the issue is fresh and hopefully can be treated.  If I wait and take him in tomorrow things could be worse and there may not be treatment available.

He is going tonight simply for my peace of mind.  I want to know that he is on the right path.  I still have a fear of losing him.  I can’t pour money into him like water down the drain.  So my options are limited. 

I learned from BLU that if you get the gut feeling they are going to die or not get better.  It’s far better to give up.  Right now I am still optimistic.  I can’t imagine how long I will be spending at this place but I am going to get ready for tomorrow now.  So that all I have to do when I get home is take my medicine, get undressed and jump in bed.

I hope this turns out okay.  I know I am over reacting a little bit but he’s one of my boys and that’s my responsibility.  I just pray he is going to be okay.  I expect that I will have an update for you tomorrow.  I do not plan on putting him in the hospital, but I know they are going to push me for that.  I have no problem in telling them NO, done it before and I can do it again. 

Crossing my fingers, saying my prayers and hoping that my little boy will be okay. 

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Jude said...

Oh dear, fingers crossed here too, I hope he's okay!