27 April 2015

Whack A Mole

The morning started long before I ever set foot in the office.  I had a message on Saturday to see someone as soon as I got in.  Then I got another message for a different person on Sunday.  I pulled into the garage and my phone just started going nutz.  I looked at it and yet another person in distress.  So it was just a matter of jumping from fire to fire for the first hour and a half.  I am really tired.  I got situated at my desk got all of the requests in that I needed to log and presto time to jump up again.  It’s just been a busy day and I suspect that will be the theme for the day.  I am not exactly pleased by that but it’s part of the job. 

Now I am fighting with our inventory guy.  Dealing with him is like dealing with a 2 year old.  You tell him what the problem is and then he asks why or he will come back with a challenging response.  Here’s the story I am out of equipment and I need more.  Pretty simple.  Nope not to him he sends me a list that shows I have all of this equipment but it’s reserved for loaner use.  So now what Einstein?  I got sick of it and sent an e-mail to my boss.  I am tired of dealing with him.  It’s been like that from day 1.  I thought we could make a go of things but he is proving to be resistant.  I have enough to deal with in the day to day scheme of things, so I will let my boss sort it out. 

I think I have figured out what might be the source of my foot problem.  Sugar.  Yeah my foot was killing me from all of the walking I did last week.  I soaked it and that has helped a ton.  However, yesterday I noticed that my sugar level was really up there and there were Ketones were detected in my blood.  It means that there isn’t enough Insulin in the body so the body is using fat for energy.  Not a good sign at all.  I took an extra pill of my Diabetes medicine to help bring down the sugar.  That worked but it was slow.  I stuck myself more times than ever in one day.  Normally I don’t check my sugar, it’s just a once and a while thing.  However, I now see that things are spiraling out of control.  I am setting myself up for failure or at least bigger health issues.  So time to cut back on the sugar.  That will not be an easy task as I love my sweets.  However, having them in smaller portions and in moderation I am hopeful will be a good compromise.  I need to whip my ass into shape and cutting back on sweets can only help.  My one toe still hurts but I think that I have it figured out.  If I don’t cut back on the sweets then I am either headed for additional medication or worse yet something inject able that I will have to do myself.  That is no fun and not something that I even want to entertain.  So this will be trial and error but I really feel like I am on to something. 

Yesterday evening Insty just couldn’t get enough Daddy time.  She was all over me.  I got her out of my room at bed time and then I stayed up for a little bit watching TV.  She started scratching at the door.  So I opened it and let her back in, she slept with me and her 2 brothers last night.  Much to my surprise she behaved herself. I woke up to find her in my bed this morning.  Marvin was at the foot of the bed. 

I got the house all cleaned up.  I even threw out some cardboard boxes that were accumulating in my late partners office.  I started saving them in the hopes of boxing thing up but I don’t foresee that happening soon, so might as well get rid of them.  I have thought about turning his old office into a spare office.  Meaning a place where I could do some work if need be.  It would be handy like when I am on-call or those times that I just didn’t want to go back downstairs.  I quickly talked myself out of that.  Not exactly certain what I want to do.  It would be a good guest bedroom but I don’t get guests.  It’s just a whole lot of house that I have and it’s kind of too much for 1 person.  Where do I go with all of the crap.  I think it’s time to start making a list of things, figuring out what I can get for them and start selling.  Tools – Toolboxes – Lumber and so many other things that I just can’t see me using.  Then maybe I will have extra money and it would help take a load off of the expense for a roof.  I see the Roof as the next major purchase, unless Murphy rears his ugly head. 

So that is all I know at this point in time.  Things have slowed down a little bit now that we are into the lunch hour.  I can only hope they stay nice and calm for the remainder of the day.  I plan on soaking my foot again tonight and continuing on watching Glee.  There is just something about music it just does it for me.  It can be your best friend, it can calm your fears, it can help you express yourself, it can just pass time and if you let it and play along it can make you think that your a star.  As in a singer.  Now I know I am not that good but hey everyone sounds great in the bathtub.  Just don’t tell that to Momma, she hates my singing and begs me to stop when I start.  That is unless I sing her song which is Pretty Woman and it’s been modified just for her.  She knows that is her song and when someone is singing it that they are talking about her.  I’ve got the CD and put it on once and a while just to watch her.  She gets all kinds of happy.  Now if there was a song I could play that would make her stop chewing on herself I would play that non-stop. 

She Drives Me Crazy by the INXS comes to mind because it really bothers me that she chews on herself.  They say it’s a flea allergy but she doesn’t have flea’s.  Put flea medicine on her and nothing happens.  Give her an antihistamine and she passes out but when she wakes up the chewing starts again.  Put her on steroids and that helps a little bit, but she is difficult to give medicine to.  Now I see why I have so much trouble with Marvin.  I am very thankful that Ruth isn’t on anything otherwise I would be screwed. 

Okay so that is all I know for now.  On to a quick lunch and then back to putting out fires.  I’ve got a couple of new people starting and trying to get their stuff ready.  Thinking about supper and it’s either going to be Chicken Salad Sandwich or a Ham Salad Sandwich.  I went a little crazy at the store and craved something different.  I have plenty of it to last for the week, mainly lunch time.  Tomorrow I am supposed to go out with a couple of the girls from work.  That hopefully will be fun and entertaining.  Certainly it will be a break from work. 

Happy Monday, hope yours is going well.  Talk with you peeps later.

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