30 April 2015

Babble on Thursday

Last night I attended a Town Hall meeting with a local Senator.  The Senator used to be an attorney.  As I listened to him talk I noticed how when things were controversial he deflected and double talked to respond but not exactly to answer the question.  I find it fascinating to listen to listen to people dodge questions or even directly answer them when they have a higher degree.  He’s a great speaker and he mostly sided with his constituents and he constantly was providing his contact information.  A different way to spend the evening. 

I got to watch all of my shows last night, very relaxing evening over all.  Had Chicken Salad on Wavy Lays Ranch Potato Chips.  Not exactly a great meal but it was okay.  I did an experiment with the blood glucose meters.  Last night the numbers were closer than they had been but my meter was still on the high side.  I am interested to see how the new meter reads, but I am not in any way anxious to stick myself again.  That hurts and is not fun.  Besides that I don’t like little pricks. 

Yesterday I thought Marv was sick and he isn’t.  This morning I think TAZ (LB) has something.  He is hot and lethargic.  I think he ate breakfast but I can’t honestly say.  I will be watching him closely when I get home.  I really don’t want to deal with the whole not eating business again, don’t have the time the money or the emotional stability.  Hopefully if he is sick, he springs back.  I know he misses Blu very much but I am not ready for him to join him just yet.  Someone yakked by the litter box, I suspect it was LB.  Perhaps he just has an upset stomach.

On the work front I am chasing down a monitor.  I’ve located everything for the latest lease return but 1 monitor.  I really hope that I can find it.  It drives me nuts looking for a needle in a hay stack.  It makes me feel bad but I have had a feeling from the get go that lots of things went missing from here, despite the fact there are security cameras everywhere.  About the only place you can go that is 100% camera proof is the bathroom and even that might be questionable.  Security is like the theme for the building.  You can’t get very far without a key card.  In any case I have a morning meeting that will last an hour and get me off the phones in the morning early.  Massage at lunch time and then it’s all down hill from there.  Looking forward to going home and checking up on my babies.  The boss is away for a couple days, so I am sure everyone will be playing. 

I will have something frozen tonight.  Man can not subsist on Chicken & Ham Salad for every evening meal.  So I will most likely have something Italian.

One of the dating apps told me that someone asked me out.  I looked he’s 26 and were about 2 hours apart.  I don’t know much about him.  I responded and we shall see what happens.  Not sure if this is going anywhere but that is kind of his call and depends upon the response I receive, if any.  I am not all giddy over it, at least not yet.  I won’t let myself go there unless this materializes into an actual date. 

There you have it, Thursday in a nut shell.  Time to run, talk with you peeps later.

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