05 August 2017

The Internet has the Fix

Chances are if you have a problem, there is a solution available on-line.  Of course it depends upon the problem as to whether or not it is practical to seek advice from the internet.  One of my problems is with my glasses.  They just keep slipping no matter how many adjustments I make and even getting a new pair I thought would help but sadly it didn’t.  There were a few fixes and if your female you can get away with using somethings that guys just can’t.  The two solutions I found were #1 buy a product called Nerd Wax.  It was invented by a guy who’s glasses kept slipping.  Kind of an interesting story.  It’s an all natural solution but it requires applying a coating to your glasses each and every day, there is maintenance with removing the old wax.  It just seemed so not what I was looking for simple.  #2 was use shrink wrap.  Now this was simple and what I was looking for.  You can get this stuff at a hardware store.  Thankfully for me I have a toolbox full of it due to my late partner.  You cut it to length and then apply, hit it with a heat gun and presto it shrinks before your eyes.  You just need to cover the part of your glasses that fits behind your ears.  I tried it and it really helps, however it’s not fool proof and my glasses have slipped a little bit.  It has helped and now thanks to this solution I have two pairs of glasses that I can wear.  Kind of nice.  If neither of these sounds appealing to you, there are gadgets sold on Amazon that you can buy that fit on the arms of your glasses to prevent them from slipping, which is my next temptation.

I am absolutely exhausted and all I really want to do is sleep.  I slept in, had breakfast out and did a few chores.  Then I passed out again for a couple hours.  Working for a living is hard, it’s worse as you age and when your juggling multiple tasks that require complete concentration.  It’s the concentration part that is exhausting and what zaps my energy quickly.  So I have 2 days to rest up and then I am back at it again.  What fun.  More bullshit meetings, more problems and of course more work.  Retirement sounds really nice, but considering my age I’ve got many more years of work to endure.  I still like my job but I am growing fonder of a vacation and by that I mean a complete disconnect from work where I worry about me and my world and not what is going on in the office.  Going away to a tropical destination sounds nice, hell going to the mall instead of going to work sounds nice too.

Had dinner out tonight with my friend.  Pretty good meal and I ate way more than I planned on.  I ordered a salad to fill me up so that I wouldn’t order desert but they had an equivalent to peach cobbler and I couldn’t pass it up.  Food and Guys are my week nesses. 

I saw a posting today that said, I am done with dating sites.  I am going after Pizza Delivery Guys because they have a job, they have a car and they have pizza.  Right but usually their cars are crappy because most of them are fresh into the job market.  Some are hot and some are not.  The pizza part well that doesn’t sound half bad.  I bet their cars smell like a slice of heaven. 

I am still watching from social media my cute, hot, gay co-worker that I have a crush on out living his life and having fun.  The next big move will be to friend him on Facebook but I am not sure if I want to go down that path.  I want him to know who I am and I want to be friends with him, hell I have no qualm's about telling him that I have a crush on him.  I’d just like him in my life.  I guess I am way too desperate.  The best advice I have been given is to get out and mingle, I don’t mind doing that but I would rather not do it alone.  Going to gay bars doesn’t appeal to me but it might yield better results than I have encountered thus far. 

Tonight I went in and looked at Crate & Barrel.  My friend wanted new place mats.  I couldn’t believe all of the stuff they had and of course I could take the store home with me but where would I put all of those things.  It’s an expensive place to shop and now I see why a lot of people really like it.  We just looked and neither one of us bought a damn thing. 

Time to climb the stairs, deal with the kids, put out my medicine and watch TV until I pass out.  I have to make a trip to the cat food store tomorrow, since I didn’t get there today.  Plus I have to get human food so it will be a slightly expensive day, glad I am fortunate enough tot have the cash to pay for it.  Speaking of which I did rob my savings account and I paid off a credit card in full, which feels awesome.  I don’t like the lower balance in my savings account but a promotional 0% rate was about to expire and there was no need to put off the inevitable. 

Finally, I finished up Elizabeth Warren’s audio book it was really good.  I have moved on to Binge by Tyler Oakley.  It’s very interesting thus far.  I save it to listen to during lunch while I am at work.  It’s something to look forward to since most of the Vloggers on You Tube have dried up.  I would much rather watch a video, it’s more enjoyable. 

Take care and we’ll talk again soon. 

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