12 August 2017

Goodbye ?

It is scary to think about what is going on between the US and N. Korea.  It’s even scarier to think that this could be my last post because one decided to show the other and they both pushed “the button”.  I hope that it doesn’t come to that and that this will pass without any ramifications for us the innocent people.  The world has been a scary place for a long time but this just ups the ante.

Now on to my regular themed post.  I finished up Binge the book by Tyler Oakley.  It was really good and he kept me entertained the whole way.  I learned a few things along the way and apparently the boy has had his fair share of dick and wasn’t shy talking about it at all, which was kind of a surprise since you never know who is going to read what you publish.  Then again it’s an awesome feeling to be unapologetically you.

I was able to sleep in a little bit today and I also got in a nap which was nice.  I still don’t feel like I am recharged enough, good thing I will be headed to bed again soon. 

Today’s accomplishments were that I was able to compose and mail a few letters for personal issues, mailed a birthday card to a friend and went out to eat.  I had Peppered Turkey, it was sliced and then a custom made BBQ sauce was put on top.  Served with my choice of two sides and I chose Tatter Tots and Mac & Cheese.  Washed all that down with a Diet Dr. Pepper and it was one of the best meals I have consumed in a long time.  I wish I could eat that good every day of the week and at every meal.  My waiter was super nice and very attentive, it was an all around pleasurable experience.  I fueled up the car, picked up a few cans of cat food and made a run through Target.  I was a little disappointed here I was looking for a cheap on-sale torch floor light and they didn’t have anything that was cheap but they did have torch lights.  I found something more in my price range on Amazon, not a shock to me.  I spent plenty of time with the children and gave them all a fresh large dose of TLC.  That is everyone but Ruth, she was in a foul mood and didn’t want to be touched. 

Last night I watched a movie called Balls Out it was on Epix which is running a preview this weekend for Uverse Customers.  I love that network, they have some awesome movies but it’s $8 a month and I don’t know that I would or could ever get my monies worth.  I’ve got Netflix, Amazon, HBO & Showtime.  It’s not like I need to add anymore to my movie choice line up.  I also started watching George Lopez’s recent addition to HBO called The Wall.  It’s really good, I just wish I knew Spanish because then I am sure it would be extra funny. 

On the work front I found out that I have to train my co-worker who loves to chat and go on tangents on the card key system since he has officially been dubbed my back up.  I am also training the new guy on the Departure process and we will eventually move into card keys.  It’s not going to be a fun ride.  One of our larger offices is set to move in a very short time and no one has bothered to think about the card key system, I brought that up and oh my we are in a frenzy now.  Fuck I have no idea how to build out one of these systems.  This will likely be a real shit show, but it’s not my fault. 

Tomorrow’s agenda includes laundry, grocery shopping, eating breakfast out, probably a nap and spending time with the children.  I will hopefully be able to finish the day by taking in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  I always look forward to his review on the weeks events, he is super funny and has really managed to make me laugh a lot. 

Tuesday is Pay Day so I will be paying bills on Monday night, I can’t wait to see how much money I have left over.  This is the check that will have 14 hours of overtime on it and it should be really nice!  I’ve got car insurance coming up and my mortgage will true up so the payment will likely increase.  That along with a vet visit later this month for Big Boy to get his blood checked again.  I will make it but the bigger question is how much will I actually be able to hold on to and save.  I did pay off a credit card and that did wonders for my credit score. 

Speaking of credit cards, I heard back about my annual fee issue and they waived it on the one open account I have.  They wouldn’t re-open the other account, closed means closed forever.  Okay, that seems like a reasonable solution, especially since that card has a $0 balance.  I didn’t get an apology but I did manage to get out of paying an annual fee which was the whole objective.  I didn’t want to have to close my account and maybe I did that out of haste without protesting enough but I added it up and I have more than enough credit extended to me and thankfully I don’t owe much.  I am still able to pay cash for all of my weekend and daily spending, which is very refreshing. 

So there you have it, another exciting post from me.  Now I am headed up stairs to put out my medicine for the week ahead, put the comforter on the bed and then go to bed.  Tomorrow will be here very soon. 

I hope all is well in your world.  Have a great week ahead.  Take care!

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