13 August 2017

Satisfying Sunday

I was a very busy boy today.  Waking up around 7:45a and trying to go back to sleep but decided to get up and get moving.  Fed the children, got dressed and headed to Cracker Barrel for a great breakfast.  I had Momma’s Blueberry Pancake Breakfast with an extra egg scrambled, Colby cheese in the eggs, Sausage, a side of Hash brown Casserole and washed it all down with two Diet Dr. Pepper’s.  Delicious!  Not cheap but good. 

Next stop was the grocery store where I breezed through the store at my usual fast pace.  I am not a shopping kind of guy per se I like to get what I need and get out.  I have better things to do with my time than camp out at a store.  The lady running the register always has computer questions for me, she thinks I am just the smartest thing ever.  She got to talking to me and forgot to ring up 1 of the 3 12 packs of soda I got, then on top of that I had a digital coupon I forgot about (thankfully it was applied automatically as soon as I entered my phone number) that saved me $15.  I was really surprised when I saw the total it was far less than I expected.  I wasn’t going to argue, I paid and we kept on chatting.  Her issue was with Cable Internet.  From as best as I can tell sounds like she needs to have a new drop run, hers has surfaced in her yard and probably has been slightly damaged by the lawn mower.  She had a technician out but he couldn’t find anything wrong.  Sometimes they don’t send the brightest people out or the person they send out isn’t that focused on customer service. 

I came home and unloaded the groceries.  Started the dishes, got laundry started and then worked on cleaning the car.  It’s all nice and shiny now inside and out.  I drove it through the car wash and just figured out that the drivers side window has a leak.  Lord have mercy me and this car are going to be the death of each other.  I just started to appreciate it’s beauty, stylishness and really fall in love.  Then a problem crops up.  It’s nothing major just aggravating. 

Next stop was the hair cut store.  They were allegedly slammed because back to school is Tuesday.  Yeah there was me and one other person in the store for customers.  They were turning walk-ins away and even people who checked in on the mobile app.  I just checked in and showed up, they know better than to fuck with me.  I had a great experience as usual.  They are like family to me and even though it’s a chain, the people there appear to be genuine and care about everyone, which is what keeps on bringing me back.

By now I am home for the day.  No naps were had, but I did some relaxing.  Spent time with the kids.  Big Boy kneaded my arm and hand, he is such a love bug.  I lit two candles knowing full well they would aggravate my allergies, but I enjoy the smell.  Got the bathtub cleaned, cleaned the house, cleaned myself and cleaned all of my clothes.  So were all set for another week of fun, yippie. 

Supper was Thanksgiving … Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Stuffing.  It was Marie Calendar’s and sold as a Meal for Two.  Yes, there was enough for two and I will be having the rest of it tomorrow night along with what is left from the 3 week old chocolate cake that I have eaten.  This was awesome for a TV Dinner.  I thought as I was eating if you threw in some green beans and corn that would be good.  Then make a couple rolls and presto the only thing missing would be the Pumpkin Pie. 

I have discovered some music that I never knew existed.  In Pandora I type in the station Ray Stevens.  He is a well known comedian who is also a singer and writes funny songs.  Well that brought up some other interesting Tunes and there is some standup comedy mixed in.  Things mostly have a Country Flair but it’s really good.

No posts on social media from my crush.  I had a great idea to send him a Starbucks Gift Card but when I looked at the grocery store they only had one denomination and that as $50.  I was thinking $10 or $20 at most.  I mean just in case it didn’t grab his attention or he just said thanks and moved on.  I wouldn’t want to feel like I was out a bunch of money.  So I guess I will admire from a far even though my emotions are telling me to go for it.  That could back fire so better safe than sorry, at least for the moment.

I have Amazoned again.  Big Boy needed some pee pads.  He is still using them even though he is capable of using the litter box, he likes the setup I have for him and well as long as he’s going I won’t complain.  I got some leather wipes for the car and my jacket which I will be breaking out sooner than I want.  Picked up a privacy roller stamp, looks like a good idea and will save my shredder.  Then I got a vent mount magnet to hold my cell phone, thinking of using the Waze Traffic App.  Finally some Mucinex for my allergies.  The money just flew out and I used my reward point from my credit card so that took off a whopping $10. 

Looking forward to hearing Mr. John Oliver tonight, spending some time with my kids, hopefully watching some quality porn and having a good nights sleep.  I’ll be on-call next week plus there is the fact I am training Heckle & Jeckle, let’s just hope I don’t lose any sanity this week. 

I downloaded a couple dating apps again.  1 didn’t work so it got deleted.  The other one I invested time in and knew that a subscription would be required.  I wasn’t prepared to shell out $50 for 1 month.  Fuck that.  It went by the way side as well.  Dating apps and I have a love/hate relationship.  A friend of mine remarked the other day that everyone is looking for someone, but there is absolutely no one to find.  I explained that the hookup or hit it and quit it was the by far most popular thing going on today.  While we all can’t be like Brian Kinney (from Queer As Folk) the thought it very tempting.  Seriously it doesn’t matter if your gay or straight, the number of people that I think want to settle down into a relationship is a very small number which is why I am still ‘on the market’.  Here’s hoping a buyer comes my way very soon!

That’s all I got folks.  Hope your Sunday was enjoyable and that you were able to spend it with those that you care and love.  My next dilemma is figuring out what book I want to listen to next on Audible.  If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments. 

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