07 August 2017

That time again

Yes, welcome once again to Monday.  Friday it was a million miles away but those miles travel quickly over the course of two days.  It’s been a busy day thus far but things are falling into place and I am actually able to accomplish something and feel as if I am making progress.  It’s a great feeling and I hope that it continues. 

So I learned along with the rest of the world that over the weekend, Aaron Carter came out as BI.  I can relate to the pressure and tension that having secret that your afraid to share with the world.  It is liberating when your able to tell the world who you are.  He’s an attractive guy and I liked him growing up, I’ve got some of his music and listen to it from time to time. His brother Nick was cute as well, even if he is straight. 

I made what I consider to be the mother of all discoveries when browsing a porn news website.  They had footage of what purported to be Charlie Puth’s penis in all of it’s glory.  Now you don’t see his face so who’s to say it’s really him.  Apparently it came out [no pun intended] back in January.  There is also an alleged video that purports one of the men is Charlie and he’s taking it up the rear.  I watched the clip as it is posted on-line.  I think maybe it’s him but it’s quite possible it could be a look alike.  I’d be thrilled if he came out, provided he was actually gay, which I don’t believe is the case.  Nothing changes the fact that he has a great voice and that he looks good.  I was just surprised that anything like that would ever mention his name.  He’s posted ass shots before an wow he’s got a nice one so part of me says why are you so shocked? Good question.

Speaking of cute young guys, I still have my mind focused on the hottie at work.  I just can’t seem to shake it.  He went on a trip to see some friends over the weekend and posted all about it on social media.  It was interesting to watch.  I really want to make another move but there is the thought of getting shot down or dismissed along with the fact that this could open the flood gates at work and I don’t know that I am ready for that. 

I did friend the lady that I used to work with.  She had sent me a request a couple years back and I declined but I explained why I was declining.  Last night I thought the hell with it.  I will just limit what she can see, not that I have anything to hide from her but she is friends with a lot of people that I still work with.  I don’t want them to know my business let alone my sexuality.  So it hit me this morning after she approved my request, I started looking for co-workers and blocking them.  I know there is no way I got everyone but I think I got the majority.  I mean if you figure it out great for you, I just don’t really want to come out at work.  I doubt anyone has the balls to approach me and directly ask me.  I mean why would you?  My sexuality gay, straight, bi or whatever doesn’t change the person that I am, it’s only one tiny part of who I am.  There is so much more to me and to others besides sexuality. 

Feels good to blog at lunch.  I switched up my lunch a little bit and also started buying Okio’s Greek Yogurt.  The Triple 0 is awesome and what I have the most of.  I had Vanilla Toasted Coconut in the regular version and it was awesome.  I am tired of eating the same damn thing so I am switching things up.  This applies to all meals but mostly breakfast and lunch.  I had Apple and Cranberry Oatmeal.  I am not a fan of the Cranberry but I figured it couldn’t hurt me.  Taste is okay, not the worst thing in the world and not the best thing either.  I miss those home cooked meals I used to get and not having to constantly deicide what I want to eat.  Decisions of any kind are annoying to me but it’s decisions about food that really eat at me [no pun intended]. 

My nap yesterday worked against me.  I got hot last night and woke up at 1a.  I was not happy.  I got rid of all of the children in my room which didn’t go over well but they were squirming and making noise, so out you go.  Then I tried to go back to sleep but it was useless.  I turned on the ceiling fan and got the AC fired up, I watched an old Lewis Black stand up act and eventually was able to fall asleep.  It wasn’t the good kind of sleep that I had yesterday morning but it was sleep.  I managed to wake up before the alarm clock sounded [as per usual] and got moving.  It was like nothing was wrong, I felt fine.  Well now that it’s after lunch I am ready for that nap again.  It will be hard to concentrate and stay focused but hopefully this passes soon.  I hate feeling sleepy unless it’s just before bed, then it’s fine.  Here’s hoping I sleep well tonight. 

Time to get back to the fun.  I am working on a dreaded monthly report and I hate every minute of it.  Might as well do as much as I can now.  My goal [self set] is to have it published by the 15th of the month, but it depends and relies on efforts from others to make that happen.  We shall see how it all goes. 

Happy Monday!  Here’s to a good week for all of us.  Take care. 

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