29 November 2012


Plans for Thursday are to get my car serviced. Just routine maintenance, nothing special. To eat at an Italian place that I have always wanted to stop at. Hopefully, to file for our Civil Union license. Not too much for one day, right?

- Car Service…Check

- Italian Place…Still need to complete

- File for Civil Union…Check

Not only did we file, we set a date.  The 27th of December and a judge will do the honors.  Now all I have to do is get time off from work.  I figure better to try to take the week of Christmas because there are plans for the new system to go live on Jan 1, which is why I am flying all over the US installing WIFI Networks.  I figure I will be pestered more and needed for tech support, plus I am the Security Administrator of the new system so there will be password issues, no doubt!  I hope my boss gives it to me.  I will be putting in the request tomorrow.  Your thinking, wait a minute, you are supposed to be off tomorrow.  Right but I now have 2 machines to configure.  One is important and the other well she is desperate her machine sounds like a jet about to ready for take off.  So it will be a busy day for me tomorrow, I may cut out early and go back on Saturday.

When my guy picked me up from the dealer, he said we need to get some power steering fluid.  I put some in the back for that very reason.  So I added it and that took care of the noise.  I asked at the dealer what it would cost and they said $500 for a new pump.  Crap, okay I said lets get it in.  They were full up today and tomorrow.  However, since we are regulars and we have become friends with one of the guys, he worked it in.  They called late this afternoon and said that not only will he need a new Power Steering Pump but the rear axle needs to be replaced.  It’s critical to keep the thing running.  Damn.  Okay so were doing the whole thing and it’s going to cost me just under $1,000.  He needs an oil change but I will let him take care of that on his own.  Merry Christmas, now I am back in Credit Card Debt.  The good news is the card it’s going on has a 0% offer until mid next year.  So I have the option to slowly pay it off.  I get cash back rewards for every purchase so this should help me rack up a reward which I will ask for a statement credit.  Ugh, I will never get to save any money if crap like this keeps happening.  I am also too nice and want to take care of him, but financially it is killing me!  I also found out that my tires are wearing and I and I will need to replace them in the future.  Yeah, like lets hope that is next year.  Right now I’ve got more than I can handle.

Yesterday on the way home I stopped off at a local pharmacy to look for color glaze for my hair.  I’ve got a bottle in the shower and since I saw a little white, I have been diligent in using this stuff to help polish my look and hopefully hide the white.  They didn’t have it.  So I looked on line.  I don’t remember paying $50 for it last time, but that is what I paid for it this time.  Damn, being vain is expensive! 

I got a mailer from Beauty Brands and they have nail polish on sale.  The nicest color of purple and a good red.  Both are O P I Nail Lacquer.  I’d love to get them but it’s not something I would be comfortable wearing in public.  Secretly I have always wanted to dress up as a woman, just to see how good I could look.  It’s a dream or desire that probably won’t happen.  If I polish my nails now, it’s with top coat and that is like once or twice a year. 

In going through the packet we got from the courthouse today, there was a paper on adoption, one about STD’s – getting tested and having safe sex.  Kind of interesting.  I also found out that you can’t take any electronics into the courthouse, obviously no weapons either.  Like I am going to come in with a knife or grenade in my pocket.  Maybe a long banana that could be used as a weapon, lol!  Yes, banana was a euphemism for large penis. 

Well, it’s getting late and while I don’t have to I am going in at normal time tomorrow so I can hopefully work miracles and get these two machines done.  People nagged me today, even though they knew I wasn’t in the office.  Just imagine what next week will be like trying to work on an install, plus manage the daily problems that people have.  I’m not bored now!!

Thus far I haven’t heard a peep out of the former HR lady I sent the e-mail to last night.  I suspect that she will ignore me.  Further I suspect that she didn’t even bother to read the e-mail.  I will say I rubbed her nose in what she did to me and that caused what friendship we had to pretty much dissolve.  I mean what kind of friend recommends to your boss that he fire you because of something that was beyond your control?  So in a way I can’t blame her if she deleted it.  That old saying what comes around…goes around, yeah it applies here.  Since she is older, I hope that something comes her way soon.  All I can do at this point is pray for her.  I am not going to initiate any further contact, leaving well enough alone is for the best.  Now if she responds or writes me, that’s another story.  However, since nothing came today, I am not holding my breath on a response.  It’s over with, done, finished, cap put and time for me to finally let go.

Speaking of going, good night to one and all.  I will talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

26 days until you two are "officially hitched"!! :-)

I agree with you, you tried once to make contact with the HR lady, the ball is in her court and if she doesn't respond it wasn't meant to be. Frankly, I think you are a person with a big heart just for wishing her the best at this point because a lot of people wouldn't.

I hope your "expenses" stop happening for you.... I know that so often happens just when you're trying to save money.

Have a great weekend!