01 December 2012

The Babble Post

Ready for some babble?  Break out the Cookies & Milk because this will be a long post!

Friday… I went in to the office like a normal day.  It was anything but a normal day!  When I got there I discovered the computer that I dropped everything to rebuild wasn’t there.  WTF!  I sent an e-mail and was told …oh she forgot to bring it in.  Dizzy woman.  So I got a machine ready for a person who is in dire straights.  She will have it on Tuesday.  I had a voice mail and responded to that and then e-mail just started pouring in like a river.  I helped out a couple people.  The last person I called said that she didn’t have time and we would have to take care of it next week.  I told her that I was out of town and that didn’t seem to phase her she said oh, honey it can wait until next week.  I explained again I won’t have time and then she wanted to argue.  Okay, so we can take care of it next week.  I just told her what she wanted to hear so I could hang up!  I am not helping her next week, I will be far too consumed with this project and any other crisis that pop up.  Thinking I had covered all of the bases and double checking myself, I had everything taken care of so it’s time to leave.  It’s around 1:30pm.

I am about five miles from home when mister black berry decided to vibrate.  It’s the place I am going to next week.  The administrator has flipped her lid and sent out a message to me, my boss and tons of other people to scream the sky is falling, our hr person has no computer and she won’t be able to make payroll on Monday.  Holy crap, that is not exactly what I needed to hear.  I got the mail and took my sweet time getting home.  Once I got here I sprang into action and called the HR person.  We worked everything out and payroll will be taken care of on Monday.  So crisis averted once again!  I sent out a message to everyone letting them know everything was okay.  It was about 3pm now.  I decided to rest.  I got a 1/2 hours nap and then something woke me up.

My partner kept yelping about being hungry.  So we packed up and went to the shop to check on his vehicle.  They were working on it and I was told it would be ready but it would be closer to 6.  Okay, so we ate at that Italian place.  Turns out they are Greek, American and Italian all on one.  The appetizers and salad were amazing.  They suck at making Spaghetti.  It was a $50 meal that really wasn’t worth it.  However, I can scratch it off my bucket list.  Then we went back to the shop and they told me that they found another hose that was leaking so they went ahead and replaced it.  The bill was $50 higher.  Yeah, okay so I dropped a little bit over 1k on his vehicle.  Not exactly in my plans but it beats investing in a constant supply of Power Steering Fluid and wondering when or if the pump would fail.  The axle wasn’t replaced, I was mistaken it was the ball bearings that needed to be replaced.  The ride is quiet compared to what it used to be.  He needs a 4 wheel alignment really bad.  Plus an oil change.  Merry Christmas!!

Friday night and Saturday… I watched Dateline because there was an update on Ryan Fergusons case and how the judge dismissed his request for a new trial, despite overwhelming evidence that shows he is innocent.  Poor Ryan still in jail for something he didn’t do.  Hopefully, one day he will be free.  I took a technology break and just decided to spend the evening with the kids.  Damn computers make me sick after pounding on them all day long and staring into a screen.  Just needed to have some down time.  I slept in on Saturday and had some left over pie for breakfast.  Once the sugar wore off, I crashed and went back to bed.  Woke up around noon.  We travelled to a place to eat and I got loaded up with chili.  If you need me tomorrow I will be in the bathroom.  Anyway, it was a nice afternoon and good to get away. 

The topic we were discussing is my vacation request.  Friday I put in my request to my boss.  He was busy on e-mail so I figured I would get a quick reply, I could turn in the paperwork and it would be done.  Instead, he provided no response.  Which makes me wonder if once I get this next place up and running, if he has other plans for me.  Like putting me back on the street.  Probably not, but I don’t trust him and doubt that I ever will.  I just hope I am not being used to get WIFI going and then I am going to be dumped.  Not much I can do about it.  One of my friends said oh, he is probably waiting until you get back and tell him everything is working.  All I know is I won’t be there on the 27th, if I have to call in sick I will.  Since we get 2 of the 5 days off for the holiday, I am only asking for 3 days and with all of the hell he has put me through this year I certainly deserve it.  I don’t anticipate a Christmas bonus, since I turned down the company trip.  I think the trip was their form of a bonus for everyone.  Since I didn’t go then it’s my tough luck.  However, as much as I was pestered on Thursday & Friday there was no way I would have had time for fun.  Even when I am “on vacation” I will still have to have this damn phone strapped to my side.  Too bad they don’t allow electronics in the courthouse…I will be out of reach for at least 1 hour. 

All I know is like the last trip, I will be glad when this is all over with.  Next week at this time I probably will be worn out but much happier!

Back to Saturday, I went out for cat food and then came home.  Here I am working on guess what…Laundry of all things and blogging.  Wow, what an exciting life I lead!

My face is driving me crazy, it itches so bad.  I haven’t shaved since Sunday and I am having serious doubts that I will be able to make it to tomorrow.  I like shaving once a week, in fact the whole idea of not shaving at all and growing a beard is appealing BUT I can never ever get past the itching stage.  Right now is mild, compared to if I let it go.  Next week I would be looking for a drug store pretty quick!  Not a problem I want to take with me.  I have plans to veg out in front of the TV after I tidy up the house a bit and do some more laundry.  Plus I need something to eat and drink, my body is asking polite now.  I’m thinking water and ice cream or maybe root beer & ice cream.  Either way ice cream is in the picture. 

I did my research and the weather next week will be pretty much like it is here at home.  Starts out cold and then warms up to 50 or 60.  It’s like being in CA or FL this time of year.  Normally we are cold and it never gets above 40.  Strange weather. 

Plans for Sunday… I have to pack, print my boarding passes and prepare myself for going back on the road again.  I hate saying goodbye to home, my partner & the kids.  However, it’s only a week and they have survived before.  Plus it’s the last trip of the year.  Hopefully I don’t go back on the road until Spring at least, but time will tell.

Now on to something that has been eating away at me.  Over the past week I have watched several gay themed movies.  One of which was about a boy who’s parents tried to convert him to being straight.  Some people apparently still think that being gay is a mental defect.  When the truth of the matter is you have no choice in the matter.  It would be sort of like picking your parents.  From the teenage years and on ward, we start making decisions.  I have never heard of someone who wanted to be gay or wished they were gay. 

Gay people are just that, people.  The only thing different about us is the fact that we are attracted to the same sex.  As long as we are happy, I think the rest of the world should support us.  Times are changing but we still have a very long way to go.

Trying to de-homosexualize a gay person is like trying to get a Zebra to change his stripes.  It’s not going to happen!  Not because we don’t want it but because it is truly impossible.  Yes, I know there are people who claim they have been “cured” but they are just repressing their sexual desires.

I worked with a guy who was gay.  He was a minister, married and had two kids.  He has a rocking body and I was so attracted to him.  I could pick up that he was gay so I asked him about it.  He just told me that the bible says it’s wrong and he really enjoyed making sweet love to his wife.  Yes, he looked at guys and was still attracted to them but he decided that wasn’t for him.  Today he is still married but I honestly don’t think he is happy.  We don’t keep in touch and drifted far apart after I left that job.  There are other people just like him who choose to live as “straight” people when they are really gay.  If that makes them happy, then so be it.

What everyone fails to realize is that we are humans just like them.  No better, no worse.  Gay people come in all shapes and sizes.  We have the same general interests as you – some of us like sports, hunting, computers, cars, books, etc.  We are employed and unemployed.  Some of us have homes, others of us are homeless.  Being gay is not a disease, a mental defect, a lifestyle or even for that matter a choice.  It’s how we were born.

For most gay people, we struggle but eventually come to terms with our sexuality and who we are.  If we can come to terms with it, then why can’t the rest of the world?  Growing up gay isn’t easy.  You have taunting, teasing, and even in some cases get into fights when people figure it out or even suspect.  If your lucky enough to hide it, then you have to listen to fag jokes, which isn’t easy either. 

I could go on and on about this, but feel I have made my point.  Eventually equality for all will be as common place as the sun, but until it is we will just have to keep fighting the good fight. 

As for gay marriage, there are only a few states in the Union that allow for true marriage.  Most and my state included provide Civil Unions.  I don’t understand why we can’t call it marriage.  It angers me and makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen.  In most cases you are afforded all of the same legal rights as a traditional married couple but you are singled out by the government calling it a Civil Union.  Once we are “united” it will be recognized as long as we are in our state.  However, both of us travel to a neighboring state for medical care and over there it’s not recognized.  So you have to have Power of Attorney for Property & Healthcare as well as forming things like a Living Revocable Trust to protect your assets.  It’s just absolute madness at the extra steps we have to take to make sure that we are 100% covered from a legal standpoint.  These are steps that a traditional married couple need not take.  In summary it’s just not fair!

The one thing that I thought was nice, when we registered we are both afforded the opportunity to change our last name to make it the same as a married couple would.  Personally, I would like to change mine but then I think of all of the complications I would have to go through.  You have to tell your bank, get a new drivers license, a new social security card, tell your employer, inform all of your creditors and the list goes on and on.  So while it’s appealing neither one of us will be changing our names because we think in the long run it would cause far more problems than it would solve.  It’s also uncommon for men to change their last names.  I have worked with people who did change their last name or they adopted their husbands name so they had a hyphenated last name.  Like John Smith – Jones.  Yeah, that’s not classy to me and it begs some people to inquire why do you have two last names?  Not to mention you still have to go through all of the legal mumbo jumbo with the name changing process.

On a different note, I did have something else to babble about but since I am getting old my mind is going.  I just have way too much going on and I know it’s a stress thing, rather than an age thing.  However, lucky for you I thought of another subject.

What I like about travel.  I enjoy the fact that I have to make decisions for myself like where I am going to stay, what I am going to eat and the part I like about that is there is no one else to get approval from.  I enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoy being able to see new places and experience things like flying and having a hotel room all to myself.  I also enjoy the fact there is no one watching my every move from a work standpoint.  I mean I know I am being watched but it’s just that obvious, so I can relax and be a bit more comfortable in my own skin.

What I don’t like about travel is the fact that I know the boys aren’t getting their medication.  The fact that it’s harder on my partner because he has to do things like dishes and take out the trash, as well as try to keep up with the children.  He fully appreciates what I do when he has to walk a mile or two in my shoes.  I don’t like the fact that I don’t get to see the kids.  I can see my partner via Face Time or Skype.  We can talk via phone or computer.  He understands that it’s only temporary.  The kids don’t.  After about a day they all start looking for me, where is he, where did he go and when or is he coming back.  I also don’t enjoy packing, going through security, having to check my bag and flying coach. 

So it’s a love/hate thing but I will get through it.  I was really uncomfortable with the idea at first but hey I needed a job.  Now that I have done it couple times, I discover that it’s kind of enjoyable.  I just wish I could come home at night!

So how were those Milk & Cookies?  I told you that you would need them!  Now it’s off to launder and clean.  Not sure how much time I will have but I will at least make time to let you know that I made it and am okay.  If you don’t see a post like that, then you should probably worry! Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I'm glad that you ended up enjoying the travel part of your job, even though I understand the reasons that it's hard to be away. Hopefully you won't have to be gone for long each time.

I could go on a lengthy rant of my own about the crap my gay friends have to go through.... let's just say that you already know how I feel about it, it's very dear to my heart. It's so unfair!! I don't care what ANYONE says, if you are united even by "civil union" to me you are MARRIED.

I would like to think that the whole world will change their views on this in my lifetime but I don't see it happening, unfortunately. Which makes me so upset!

I hope this trip will be uneventful but pleasant for you my friend. Safe Travels! xox