04 January 2014

Memory Lane

I am not sure why but everyone thinks when there is a storm it’s time to make French Toast.  It sounds good but I see no reason to run to the store for Bread, Eggs and Milk.  Traffic here was a nightmare, you’d think it was Christmas and even then it wasn’t that bad.  I made 2 trips to the store.  The first time to leave because there was no parking and the 2nd time to park way out and go in and shop.  Everything was picked over.  There was hardly any bread left.  A long line at the deli and the checkout well that was pandemonium.  Made it out without forgetting a single thing.  Impressed?  I got a shoe polish sponge too bad it’s brown because my shoes are black.  I will be taking it back.  It was only $4 but I will see if they will allow me to get a black one if not then give me the credit and we can call it even.

After the store I went to Steak N Shake.  It’s National Spaghetti Day in case you didn’t know.  I’ve also been craving Spaghetti and stopped in for some Chili 5 way.  It uses Spaghetti noodles, so I figure it counts.  Plus they have their Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake out and we (me and my late partner) both loved that.  That place was busy too, like everyone bought up all of the food from the store so let’s go out to eat.  I had a little girl eyeing me up.  She would look at me and I would smile, so she smiled back.  It was fun.  I kept looking at her family she has a few siblings and good looking father and a hot mother.  I thought to myself gee how lucky are those people.  I wish I had that.  By that I mean a companion.

So unless I desire I don’t have to get out tomorrow.  I have plenty of food here for me and the children to last.  I didn’t say I’d like eating it but I do have food.  Now the question is how much snow are we really going to get?  I have heard from 6 to 15 inches.  The more we get the more it requires me to shovel and I am no Brawny Man.  I have a bad back and hate manual labor, if that gives you an idea.  Plus if you shovel and someone comes on to your property and falls and is injured they can sue you because you didn’t do a good job of clearing everything.  So we never shovel unless it’s mandated to get out of the driveway. 

I did gas up both vehicles today and the line at the gas stations in town was like the grocery store.  So I went to the outskirts of town and got in and out with no problem at all.  The only issue was the pumps weren’t dispensing receipts and I live by paperwork when it comes to my finances.  So I took a photo of the pump when I was done and then I knew the amount to enter into my records. 

Today I felt rather lazy and decided that my trip for pie just wasn’t necessary.  I would rather enjoy a day at home with the kids and soak up the relaxation.  If things aren’t bad tomorrow I may venture out but seriously doubt it.  The pie place isn’t going out of business so there will be plenty of time.  I look forward to making trips up in the spring and summer.  More so the spring because in summer time I get sun burnt just from driving. 

Last night and again tonight I took a stroll down memory lane while I cleaned up my office.  My partner stored some of his records here in the mass of file cabinets we have.  I cleaned things out to make some room.  I’ve got a lifetime supply of folders, just from cleaning.  Plus he has boxes of new folders so no worries there.  Anyway, I saw a lot of his union stuff, his old lease for the place he moved to before we moved in together.  Very old cable bills, where basic serve was $27 back in 1990.  I found receipts from trips we had taken.  Paperwork from a business he opened and wound up closing.  It was all rather interesting.  I got a book all about the IBEW with it’s History and Structure.  I was going to toss it but considering I did battle with them and I know they meant the world to him I am keeping it.  Sort of a memento.  God I miss him.  Anyway as I shredded most of the stuff I could hear him saying why are you throwing that out, I need that or save that.  We have 4 cabinets 3 match and one I brought with me from home.  With the exception of my cabinet from home the others match and all have one thing in common.  The bottom drawer in each is filled with gay magazines.  Some are things like Out but mostly there are Freshmen and some other naked male publications.

Speaking of Men, short Segway … I follow Adam Bouska on Facebook and he photographed this hot model named Sean O'Donnell, look at the photo below.  I think you will agree he’s very nice looking, even if he is a bit young.  Adam isn’t bad looking himself!


See what I mean?  Oh the things I would like to do with and to him.  I shouldn’t mention, but I bet you can figure it out.  :)

Okay, back to memory lane…I found pet insurance polices that I had taken out on the children but cancelled because the company wanted to exclude prior conditions – they said momma had swimmers ear.  She had a wax build up in her ear and the vet cleaned it out.  Cats hate water and she doesn’t go swimming, W T F!  Big Boy and his brother Jumper had exclusions for Upper Respiratory Infections, all of the guys in the house got it.  It came in with TAZ, went to #1 son and then on to Big Boy and his Brother.  We almost lost Big Boy and his Brother – both stopped eating and were very near death.  It took a small fortune and a hell of a lot of patience getting them back to normal.  I remember having to start the shower, turn it on hot close the door to build up steam and then taking them in there to let them breathe in the steam.  They thought they were getting baths and it got very old very fast.  The treatments were not only good for them but for me as well.  Both of them had feeding tubes and the one thing that made them eat was valium, one dose and it worked.  The dose wore off and so did their appetite.  The vet didn’t’ want to give them anymore – like it was crack and could be addictive.  So with time we started slow and built up back to normal. 

I got a little excited when I found a letter to the Bureau of Public Debt asking them to re-issue some lost savings bonds.  He had $2,050.00 stolen in bonds.  If my memories works correctly either his son or his ex-wife stole them.  He asked for them to be reissued and/or copies of the endorsement if they were cashed.  I knew he didn’t have them now but thought maybe I would strike pay dirt and looked on the web.  Sure enough there is a website you can visit, key in the SSN# and it will tell you if there are bonds recorded in your name.  I looked but no such luck.  Not sure how that turned out for him, wish I could ask him to refresh my memory. 

I have bags upon bags of shredded documents for the trash man.  Plus other stuff that didn’t’ need to be shredded so they will all know that I have been working overtime on cleaning. 

My brain is telling me that I should clean out the deep freeze.  It’s going to be very cold here.  So cleaning it out and putting the food in the garage should be okay, in keeping it frozen or close to it.  Then on Monday night it’s really going to drop so when I set it out at the curb it will freeze again for sure.  I don’t know if I want to do that, it won’t be tonight.  Perhaps a project for tomorrow, not sure.  Once it is cleaned out I will need to get a garden hose and let it thaw out.  Right now I have no need for it, so I could unplug it and save some money.  Even though it’s probably doesn’t cost that much to keep it going. 

As you can well imagine I have been left with quite the mess.  There is easily enough to do around here to keep me busy for a very long time.  Throwing stuff away in shifts helps not only with the mental but the physical pain.  I feel like I am destroying him but I know that isn’t the case. 

Shifting gears found a new series on Netflix all about people disappearing.  Some people just drop off the face of the earth and are never heard from again.  Others are running from their past.  They say that the actions from the past couple days often have clues about why they leave.  I have a friend who’s mom disappeared and has never been found.  They believe she ran away to Florida or someplace tropical.  No body but they found her car and belongings.  It’s something my grandparents helped his family with.  I wasn’t born yet but it sounds like a horrible story from the bits and pieces I have heard.  For the family I can’t imagine the heartbreak and heartache.  However, I personally would like to start over and disappear sometimes.  The problem with doing that is you will always be looking over your shoulder and wondering when you will get caught.  I mean a grown adult can do as they please and running away isn’t against the law.  However, when you stop paying your bills, have to live off of cash it all just sounds incredibly frustrating.  Not exactly worth it when you add it all up. 

I am going to watch some TV with the kids and see if I can’t watch it snow at the same time.  It’s 10:30 and the snow is due to start around 11pm at least that is the last I heard.  Everyone is calling me saying upstairs, which means they think it’s time for food.

Oh yeah two quick things.  First, I saw photos on FB from Lance Bass at the Brittany concert.  She dressed him up like a cat with a leather harness and spanked his ass - - he looked so hot!  That was a few days ago.  There is video of it on the net if your interested.  Second, I made a cat toy today.  I took a fishing pole, tied a ball with a bell in it on the end and drove Mr. Blu nuts, because he was aggravating everyone else.  Big Boy got in on the fun as well.  I call it my cat fish toy. 

Stay Warm and I will talk with you peeps again soon!

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Jude said...

I remember going through all the belongings and paperwork when my hubby passed away too, although he didn't have as much as it sounds like your guy did.

It's -34F with the wind chill here this morning!

Stay warm!